A Merry Chase

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Where: Corinthian Casino

When: August 25, 2012

What: Bailey and Raleigh catch sight of a familiar face and give chase.

It's a busy day as ever at the Corinthian. People are drink, gambling, and making fools of themselves. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. Bailey is working at the chapel, as she has been for the last couple weeks. After all, if you're getting your limp on, you prefer to be in a sitting position, rather than a serving position.

Sitting at her reception desk, she calls out for the next couple. "Amy Randals and Francis Jackson, the groom's and bride's rooms are now available for your use. Your ceremony shall take place in ten minutes."

It's a busy day as ever at the Corinthian. People are drink, gambling, and making fools of themselves. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. Bailey, though she works at the Corinthian, is actually not at the casino to work today. She is on a day off. But, knowing the bartenders, sometimes she can get herself a little discount on drinks at the bar… sometimes.

Sipping on a long island iced tea, she people watches, looking over each and every person that walks by. And, perhaps, now and then, for the hell of it, tries to figure out how easy it might be to pick their pockets. A gal's gotta let her imagination wander a little bit, right?

With some extra tourist customers, Raleigh has been able to get some extra spending cash which she's decided to spend at the Blackjack tables. She's been here for a few hours, straddling the line between losing money and breaking even the entire time. She has her free drinks from the waitresses that cater to the gamblers. As she looses the third hand in a row, she decides to cash out. She stands from the table and moves towards the bar on her way towards the restaurant to grab some grub since she skipped breakfast.

Seeing what seems to be a familiar face, Bailey hops off her stool and starts to make her way toward Raleigh. "Well, the tattooed woman finally makes her way into the casino." She smirks. "Hopeing to cash in on my promis or something?" Apparently she hadn't seen the woman gambling. "Having fun yet?" She grins widely.

Raleigh pauses as she sees Bailey and smiles. "Hey. Well, actually, I was spending what little extra cash I have and make some extra money, but that plan isn't working out too well, but the promise does sound like a good idea." She says with a soft chuckle. She nods her head slightly at her last question. "Yeah. I am and on my way to get some food. Would you like to join me? Would be better than eating alone."

Bailey sees him, Raleigh too though both have only had fleeting meetings with the man and for different reasons.

Tall, dark haired, lank in body, he's passing through the corner of the bar, pausing to look at the two women before moving on. It's the man from the chapel - For Bailey. For Raleigh, it's the guy from the bus who dropped the letter in her lap.

"I could go for some grub. Haven't eaten in a bit." Bailey nods. "As much as I love spending time in the casino, I gotta say, it hurts to see how badly some people lose. Don't get me wrong, it pays my wages, but still…" She shakes her head. "Some of these people could probably loose a couple hundred out of their wallets and not even think twice about it." Not that she would think of doing that any more! "So," She starts, though gets quickly distracted by the dark haired man. "Wait a minute…isn't that…excuse me for a moment." She says as she starts at a quick pace toward the familiar man.

Raleigh smiles and nods her head as the invitation is accepted. "Excellent! Now I won't feel like such a tool by eating alone." She offers an understanding smile at the mention of people losing. "Thankfully, I only lost like ten bucks, so it's not too bad. Could have been worse." She says before she stops to let Bailey speak, but she stops and excuses herself. This causes an eyebrow to raise and to have Raleigh follow the direction Bailey heads off in and she spots the man. She recognizes him after a few seconds before she chases after Bailey towards the man.

It's not easy to keep up to him, the man having no problem easing through the people that populate the hotel. Knowing it seems, just where to slip between, when to stop so he doesn't run into people. Out of the bar he goes, out into the main area, heading for the Casino floor proper.

Bailey starts running, actually pushing through people, in order to get caught up to the man. She almost calls out, but shuts her mouth, for fear that it might actually scare him off rather than allow her to catch up with him. "God damn it!" She mutters. "I better not lose him this time, or God help me I'm gonna punch something or someone!"

Raleigh moves after Bailey, trying to keep up with her as she tries to keep up with the man. Tries to make it through the pedestrians that Bailey pushes aside, offering them an apology as she passes by them. "Sorry. Pardon me. Excuse me. Sorry. Sorry." She tries to keep up with pace to Bailey, not wanting to loose her in the crowd or somehow end up lost in the massive casino.

There's murmurs of outrage at Bailey's actions from those she pushes through, a few choice words as well from them. But no matter what the two women do, they can't seem to catch up to him. Always a few steps ahead of them. It's around a corner he goes, dipping into a hallway and past a door that's marked staff only, a door that closes shut before Bailey and Raleigh can get to it and keep it from closing.

Ignoring the words spoken, Bailey continues to push through people, even causing one to spill a bit of his drink onto his shirt. Even still, she doesn't look back or apologize. It's not until she's almost around the corner does she actually stumble slightly and grab her bad leg. "God fucking…damn it!" She groans. "Fuckin' leg!" She limps around the corner, only looking behind her to ensure that Raleigh is close behind.

Seeing the door that the man went, Bailey sighs and starts patting down her pockets. "Passkey… passkey… where's the damn passkey?" She checks out her back pockets, finding it in one of them. Once she knows that Raleigh is next to her, she swipes it and opens up the door.

Raleigh continues to apologize for Bailey and herself as she chases after her friend and the mysterious man. Thankfully, she doesn't loose sight of Bailey and manages to keep up with her thanks to the limp. As she reaches the door the man went through, she looks at Bailey. "Is it okay for me to go in there?" She asks, not wanting to get Bailey into any trouble with her employers for an unauthorized person to be in a restricted area.

Waving the other woman into the area beyond the door, Bailey nods. "Yeah, yeah. There'll be no problem. Just c'mon! Either you're coming or your not!" She may be seeming a bit short on patience right now, but she has her reasons. Probably. "Let's just catch up with this guy, okay?!"

In the time taken to dig out the passkey, to open the door, when they manage to get through….

The guy is nowhere in sight.

Raleigh nods her head as she looks to Bailey and then follows her into the service area, looking up and down the corridor looking for which way the guy went. "Do you see him?" She asks Bailey as she doesn't see him, but then looks for any signs of which direction he went. She lets out a soft sigh as she thinks that they may have lost him again.

"I don't see him!" Bailey says, though she holds up a finger to up mouth. "Damnit, too many people walking. You check some of these rooms, I'm gonna check the next corridor!" She starts hobbling down the hall to check to see if she can find him. "Where are you? I need to talk to you…" She murmurs.

Raleigh sighs once more as she looks around, not seeing any signs of the mystery man. "Fuck." She says as she realizes that he's probably long gone. She looks back to Bailey as she speaks and nods her head once before she moves on down the corridor, opposite of where Bailey heads off to, checking the various rooms that she comes across to see if the mystery man is hiding within.

"Fuckin' hell. How the hell does he do that?!" Bailey slams her fist against the wall. Leaning in, she rests her forehead against the wall. "A girl really can't get a break, can she? First this mystery guy kills a guy on my watch, then I get shot in the leg by some random dude with an invisible guy for some thumb drive, and then this guy disappears again. What the hell has my life become?" She murmurs.

Raleigh checks several more rooms before she realizes that she's not going to find him and sighs. "Son of a fucking crack whore." She mutters to herself before she makes her way back to Bailey, hoping not to get stopped by casino security along the way. "Sorry, Bails. I couldn't find him." She says, apparently missing her little rant. She frowns as she sees her with her head against the wall. "Take it you didn't find him either?"

"Sometimes, Raleigh, I think crime's easier than living lagitimitely." Bailey frowns a little, pushing herself up and looking to Raleigh. "I didn't find him. It's like…he just turned invisible or something. Well…maybe not that. But he must be quick." She rolls her shoulders a little bit. "I wonder if I can check the security cams about this guy. I've seen him before. Seems a little suspicious to me."

Raleigh frowns herself at the news that the guy got away. "Who is this guy? This is the second time I've seen him." She sighs and rubs the back of her neck. "You think security would let us check out the footage? You probably, but not me most likely since I don't even work here." She says with a shrug before she looks up and down the hallway again. "Which way is security?"

Bailey rubs her eyes. "This is the second time I've seen him too. First time, he killed a guy right here in the casino." She sighs. "I dunno. Maybe security would, maybe they wouldn't." She takes a deep breath in and waves in a general direction. "Down that way, I think." Clearing her throat, she looks around. "What do you think the deal is with this guy? I mean, seriously?"

Raleigh moves off in the direction that was indicated by Bailey for the location of the security office. "The first time I saw him was on a bus with Zan when he gave us the passes. Well, just dropped them in our laps actually. Then he got off at the next stop." She says as she walks, slipping her thumbs into her pants pockets. "I have no idea. Maybe he works for the government agency that sponsored us. It's the only thing that I can think of."

Moving to walk down the hall as well, Bailey shakes her head. "Maybe he dropped my stuff off too, but still, I'd rather give 'im a nice slap, or maybe a good kick in the balls, and then get him explaining himself. Casinos don't exactly like people dying on their property." She scoffs. "Hey, you think you could do a sketch of that guy's face, by any chance? Just curious…"

Raleigh moves along side Bailey, keeping up with her and her gimpy leg. "We'd have to catch him first before you could do that and that's not an easy task to do apparently." She glances down any hallways branching off or any open doors, trying to get a peek inside since this is probably the only time she'll get the chance without being in handcuffs. She thinks for a moment about the sketching idea before she nods. "Yeah. I probably could, but it'd probably won't be exact. I don't think I got too good a look at him, but I think I could do good enough to recognize him."

"Really hard to do." Bailey agrees. Turning a corner, she says, "There's some people I'd like to show a sketch of him to, if you can make one. It might not come to anything, but I'd like to see if I can get anyone to recognize him." She stops in front of a doorway marked 'Security' and looks to Raleigh. "I guess I'll do the talking here, huh?" She pauses for a moment before knocking firmly on the door.

Raleigh nods her head as she follows along. "Yeah, I'll see if I can do something while you're talking to the security people and, hopefully, reviewing the footage. I'm sure they've got paper and something to draw with." She says before she looks up at the door leading into Security. "Yeah. You talk, I'll draw." She says, offering a warm smile.

The way to security is easy to fine, easily to see when they come up on it, what with the glass walls that partition it off from the rest of the hall and the back workings of the Corinthian. A keypass system that admits people only, and beyond, multiple screens. Not that they can see all of it. Most of the glass area is filled with a front desk and then chairs, meant to hold people before they're escorted back. This is not a place that many people want to go.

It's a minute or two before the door is actually opened, and neither woman is welcomed in by the guy in a button up and slacks, who looks to the two at the door. While Raleigh draws, attempting to get the likeness of the man they were following, Bailey is trying to actually wiggle her way out of some Serious trouble when in her attempt to ask to see the security logs, they find out that Raleigh… isn't really supposed to be there.

Eventually though, the pair are brushed off and told that they'll see what they can find out for Raleigh and both, are escorted back out to the main casino floor.

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