A Night In

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Where: Desert Gate : Rylie's Townhome

When: June 7, 2012; Evening

What: With dinner, video games, and some previously destroyed films as entertainment.

Plans of some form were made in the final minutes before the work day ended. Though Zan was a bit vague on the details besides the obvious escape from his house. Timing as it was had him gone before his dad returned from the office and there in time to meet Rylie at the gate.

And there at the gate he does wait. His backpack hangs off his shoulders, the bottom of it sagging with some weight. One hand is jammed into a pocket while the other holds open a book. Not leisure reading, by the cover or size, looks like something school related.

The familiar yellow convertible slows as it comes toward the gate. And seeing Zan there, stops before it actually reaches the entrance. Rylie lifts her sunglasses up to look over at him with a grin. "Hey, sailor. Going my way?"

It's an invite, of course, and she reaches up to her driver's side visor to hit the button that opens the gates in front of them. "That looks heavy," she observes, her smile tilting crooked.

Already looking up at the sound of a vehicle's approach, Zan grins when the car comes into view. He dog ears the page he'd been studying and closes the cover before lifting a smile to Rylie. "Might be," he replies, stepping up to the passenger side.

His pack comes off as he climbs in, and a casual lean in her direction has him pressing a kiss to her cheek. "Brought my laptop," he explains as he straightens, with some conspiracy to his tone. The pack is settled between his feet and the book shoved in alongside it. "Wanted to show you some new work on old material."

Rylie leans into that kiss, her smile softening some as she drives them on through. "Oh, yeah? Well, I'd love a look at it." She drives through the parking area a little too fast, and zips into her spot equally so, but smoothly, at least.

She hops out, grabbing her own things before nodding him in the direction of her front door. Once they're inside, she dumps her things on a table and kicks her shoes off. "Make yourself comfortable!" She leaves him in the downstairs living room while she takes the stairs two at a time. Probably to get out of her work clothes.

After collecting his things, Zan climbs out of the car as well, and follows Rylie into the house. His shoes are left at the door and he lingers just a moment to watch her disappear upstairs. Then he claims a spot on the couch and pulls out his laptop.

The top to the computer is lifted as he puts his pack aside. It's possible there's more books within than just the one he'd shoved inside earlier. A finger swipes across the trackpad to awaken it while he digs into his pocket with his other hand, producing a memory card that's pushed into the reader on one side of the machine.

It isn't too long before Rylie can be heard thumping down the stairs again, in far more relaxed attire. She's still pulling her hair out of the neck of her t-shirt as she comes down, which might mean she was in a hurry. But she hops over the back of the couch to sit next to him, legs folding under her as she settles in. "Alright. What're we watching today?" She grins there, leaning toward him for a better view of the screen.

An arm finds its way around Rylie's waist to pull her a little closer as Zan turns the screen so it can be viewed more easily. "I did some clean up," he explains, opening one the files listed for playing. "It's still not professional, but it looks better." And indeed it does, for footage that was supposed to have been destroyed. And it seems to be just clips, some of the more interesting clips that were captured on camera.

Rylie smiles as she's pulled in closer, and she ends up leaning her head against his shoulder as he sets the clips to play. There's a laugh when it starts, though, and she looks up at him. "So this is where you're keeping it all now?" Amused, perhaps. But she looks back to watch it again. "It does look a lot better. Going to be hard to tell it's you through that glow. But I guess that's a good thing, in the end."

"I couldn't just get rid of it," Zan admits, grinning and without any sense of shame for his defiance. His head tilts slightly, cheek resting against her head. "I enhanced some of the colors, fixed the grain. It could almost be out of a sci-fi film." And it seems to play out like a highlights reel, with little in sequence and each segment averaging ten or so seconds.

"I wouldn't have been able to, either." Which probably means her assuring the mayor it would be gotten rid of was placating, rather than truthful. "It could be. I don't think any one else in your class is this good at special effects," she says, teasing a little.

"Nah," Zan agrees with a grin, however lacking conceit. "They're probably better." He lets the clip run for a moment or so longer before closing it and opening another. Though far less exciting than flying, there's realism and a bohemian quality to the next segment. Like the first, it's pieced together with clips of random people and sights throughout town. A definite hodgepodge, though it does flow well. "Thinking I might try writing a short film."

Rylie slides an arm around him to watch, quiet for a bit. at least until he speaks up again. "Oh yeah? What about? Seems like a decent way to get some practice in, if you ask me." She lifts her head to look over at him, her chin still resting on his shoulder. "Will I get to read the first draft?" she asks, eyebrows lifting.

"I don't know yet," Zan murmurs, his gaze still on the screen. "I've got ideas, but I think maybe I'll just start writing and see where I end up. Unless you've got a request." His head turns toward her and he smiles. "Of course. Just be gentle when you tell me how bad it is."

"Not yet, but I reserve the right for a request later," Rylie says with a laugh. When he looks her way, she leans in just enough to kiss him. "I promise, I'll be gentle. Probably," she says with a crooked smile. "You hungry or anything?"

Zan lingers over the kiss just briefly, and a smirk forms at her probably. "I haven't quite reached starving artist level yet. But if you're hungry we can do that." He's not one to turn down food. Usually. "You have something in mind, or feel like having something fixed up for you while we hang out here and you heroically destroy me at video games?"

"Well, we all have to have goals, dont' we?" Rylie's grin widens there, and she glances toward the kitchen. "There's plenty here, if you feel like a night in. I wouldn't mind destroying you at video games for a few hours. In exchange for sustenance, of course."

"Sounds like a fair trade," Zan states. He closes his laptop and sets it beside his pack. But before he gets up, he turns back to Rylie like he might have something more to say. But instead he just smiles at her and presses another kiss to her lips, the arm around her waist tightening for a moment. Then, after breaking away slowly, he starts for the kitchen.

Rylie melts into that kiss, and against him as she draws it out a bit longer. And when it breaks, she lets out a little sigh before watching him walk toward the kitchen. "Sure, kiss and run," she says with a laugh. But she gets up to pick out a few video games while he forages.

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