A Sudden Little Jerk

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Where: Some tall building in Las Vegas.

When: April 25, 2012

What: It gets a little hairy in an elevator ride.

One by one, all the people in the elevator had stepped on to it. Going up, to the various levels in the office tower that housed a great many professionals. There was something for everyone in this location and in the early afternoon. Fake wood line the carriage that makes up the interior of the elevator except for one wall where it's glass. But that's because this elevator runs adjacent to the exterior and makes for a beautiful view of Las Vegas as you head up up up to the top floors. Just passing the fifth floor, there was a sound. Unalarming really.

Till it had bypassed the sixth floor. Someone had wanted that floor, had pressed that button, but it had bypassed it and was going up.

And up.

Sasha is actually here today to look into the possibility of renting one of the office spaces to make a sort of dance studio, or at least make a wish list by looking. She has a folder in her hand and then looks up at the readout…"We didn't stop." she says softly, had she wanted the 6th floor or was she just commenting on the fact that someone had and it hadn't stopped.
Terri stands to the back corner in a way, able to see those in front of her, and just outside the glass as they rise. Not really paying attention, since she wished one of the upper floors, it's not till Sasha comments that she turns to peer towards the bank of buttons with the number readout above, "Hmm?"

A shoulder near the elevator buttons and back to the wall perpendicular to the doors, Zan looks up at the markers showing what floor the carriage is passing at Sasha's comment. He himself says nothing of it, glancing toward the control panel before shrugging. Strange, and maybe someone should mention it to maintenance. For now, not his problem.

Is it any surprise that Isabelle is standing way back in the elevator? Yes, next to the glass window. She's got a big, 70's-style shoulder bag that she's currently digging through, while a manila envelope is lodged under her other arm. It's all very unwieldy, but that doesn't stop her search - it does, however, distract her from noticing that the elevator hasn't stopped where it's supposed to!

"I noticed that," Paul adds, nodding to Sasha. He doesn't look overly concerned about it, but does take out his cell phone to check the time. There's a slim brown briefcase in his other hand, his fingers maintaining a loose hold as the bottom is resting against a handrail attached to the wall.

Sasha shakes her head a bit and pushes the open button, trying to see if maybe she can get it to stop on one of the floors. She glances around for a moment and with the others in here, she is getting just a tad nervous, fidgetty.

Curious for a moment, Terri soon settles back down, watching the floors zip by as they sometimes do in the elevators here in Vegas. Her stop isn't till later, so she turns and glances outside, watching as the ground gets further away.

Zan slides sideways a little, giving room to Sasha's button pushing. He glances up again as the floors continue to climb, a small crease forming in his brow. "Think maybe we should try the emergency stop button," he muses aloud.

Past the next, and the next. This elevator stops for no man. This elevator waits for no man. as a certain blind prophet in O Brother WHere Art Thou might say. Zipping along at a sedate pace. Till Zan offers his thoughts on hitting the emergency stop.

It stops. A sudden little jerk that leaves everyone jarred but not enough to make them fall. And it stays there.

Sasha jumps after it stops like that, "Did anyone do that?" she stammers? She is looking around. She is just a little uptight, or maybe she just had too much expresso this morning and is hyper. She shakes her head, trying the open button again and looking up for roof access too.

Paul shrugs. "I don't /think/ so. Did they? Computer might just be glitching." Elevators all run on computers these days, don't they? While Sasha works on the buttons, he checks to see just how high they've gotten.

Terri swings her head around, a voice finally pricking her attention. To Zan, she says aside, "Fancy meeting you here." And then the elevator stops suddenly with it's slight jar that leaves her frowning as well. "It'll be fine. No need to panic." So says the cop with a friendly smile to those that might be getting jittery. "Push the button for the doors."

Instinctively, Isabelle reaches out to hold on to the rails to steady herself, /finally/ looking up from her fruitless bag-search. Her free hand lifts to push her glasses up the bridge of her nose, as she tries to peer at the panel. What happened? Which floor are they on, anyway? Since she's standing in the back, Izzy needs to lean to the side a bit to try to see.

The 12th floor is where they've stopped. The doors have stopped too, no amount of pushing of the open doors button seems to be working.

After another few seconds, the Elevator gives another shuddery jerk, and a downwards movement, but stops.

Zan drops a hand to rest against the wall when the elevator comes to an abrupt stop. Twice. He grins a little, nervous, as if it were a not entirely funny joke. His gaze slides over to Terri and he nods. "Detective," he offers politely.
Sasha gasps as it lurches like that, "Oh my god." she stammers and backs up against one of the walls. She is glancing all over and looks like she might just try to climp up and find a way out of the top of the elevator.

Terri frowns further as the elevator drops a touch, and digs out her phone. She at least knows the number to the office she was going to and dials it quick enough, "Hello, yes, this is Detective Willett. I'm in the elevator and it's stuck. Could you call down to the lobby and get maintenance working on it? There's…" She does a quick head count and gives the receptionist the information. "Might wanna hurry, we got some antsy people in here." The last is said a little quieter into the phone. Here's hoping that maintenance isn't out on lunch or something!

Paul sighs, shaking his head. It's such a nice-looking elevator car, it /seemed/ to be in good repair and all… Setting the briefcase down at his feet, he takes the phone and starts slogging through a text message.

Sasha looks at the panel for a moment and all the buttons and seems to be considering something, rubbing the fingers of one of her hands together till she shakes her head and slowly just back away, as if trying to get as far from the panel as possible.

With that second jerk, Isabelle grips the rail a bit tighter, with a slightly panicked look on her face. The shoulder bag? It's hugged to her chest like a lifesaver. She blinks and looks around the rest of the people in the elevator, and notices at least one passenger seems to want to climb /up/. "The, uh, access hatch in elevators are generall locked from the outside." She points out helpfully. "Despite what the movies show."

A faintly worried look is given the floor display again. Then with a sigh, Zan relieves the wall of his death grip against a flat surface, if only to fold his arms across his chest. A look upward is given to the hatch, and then one to the door. But as for ideas, he's out of anything that hasn't been seen on television.

On the other side of terri's phone, reception seems to crackle, and she can't be sure really, just how much of what she said went through. The same for paul's phone, and anyone elses for that matter. Elevators being what they are, signals are notoriously scarce at time.

And then the elevator dings. The sound it makes when a door is supposed to open. But doesn't.

Instead, the elevator is going down.

Down fast.

"I think that go.." Terri begins to say to those in the car with her before the ding signals and it suddenly begins to drop again. This time, there's no stopping. As it gains momentum, she glances around, the says louder, "Everyone try and lay out flat on the floor. Overlap legs if you need too!" Sometimes, odd training comes into play! She'll urge people down before doing so again, especially if the elevator doesn't seem to be about to stop any time soon!

Sasha screams as it starts to drop again. She swears after she calms down from screaming and shakes her, "Great going to hurt worse than…." she mumbles but not loud enough that the last part is heard. She wonders if frying the elevator might do any good but then it could make things worse so she does what the Lady said after all someone said she was a detective. She moves to lay down.

Okay, this is bad. Could be terrible awful no good very bad, depending on whether the emergency safety whatsits turn out to also be busted. Dropping phone and briefcase alike, Paul closes his eyes for a second - willing himself to calmness, then projecting his feelings outward - before following Terri's directions. A few seconds too late, it occurs to him that he might have just made things worse instead of better… but what's done is done, now.

When the elevator lurches downwards, Isabelle gasps. When it picks up speed, she lets out a small startled scream. She's still gripping the railing as the elevator seems to go into freefall, blinking as the floor lights flash quickly down the building. Now that Terri and Sasha have lowered themselves to the floor, Isabelle can see (and recognize) Paul. "I… I have no time to explain, but, uh… everyone close their eyes!" Reluctantly, she stumbles away from her wall towards Paul, grabbing his arm with one hand - and since Zan is right next to him, the young man's arm is likewise grabbed. "Close your eyes, and jump forward when I tell you to!"

Zan is half way into a crouch when his arm is grasped. He looks at the hand then up at its owner, torn between laughing at her and pulling away or following instruction. "Jump? Jump where? There's… We're in an elevator!" Ah, but he's likely to jump, or be dragged along all the same.

Yeah, that whole calming down thing? Really not working well. Paul is too frazzled to ask Isabelle what the heck she's talking about, much less pull his hand away; he grabs on and prepares to do as he's told. Maybe it'll reduce how much of the impact they take? Or maybe laying down would have done that? He doesn't know!

"Just jump!" Isabelle shouts, wasting no more time to explain. Because really, there's no more time! She grabs both men tightly by the arms, and jumps forward with whatever momentum she manages to build up. Furrowing her brows and clenching her teeth, Izzy wills herself to shift out of phase, extending that same phase shift to the two people she's clutching, right before they would slam face-first into the elevator doors!

one minute there's 5 people in the elevator, the next, there's only two, pressed to the ground in a vain attempt to lessen any damage from a falling elevator. Something clicks, squeals brakes kick in and the elevator shudders, jarring Sasha and Terri as it comes to another abrupt halt.

The doors ding.

The doors slide open.

THe elevator out of sync with the floors by half a foot, and two bewildered people standing outside the elevator looking at it with wide eyes. Pauls ability imposed panic that briefly took hold in everyone, starting to filter off of those in the elevator. For Zan, Isabelle, still building up, wherever it is that the trio are.

It's actually a bit tricky jumping out of a rapidly dropping elevator like that, as Isabelle and her two victims emerge from the elevator just as it's between floors - so the trio actually ends up phase-shifting back to normal and falling in a heap on the floor below. Her bag and manila envelope both spill to the carpeted hallway, between a urologist's office and a real estate lawyer's. Good thing her glasses haven't fallen off, because she's already scrambling back to her feet - and probably to jump back in, not yet realizing the elevator has stopped. Dammit!

Terri just stares as the three phase out and disappear from sight within the elevator. Brain takes a moment to say 'WTF' before the elevator is coming to a rather abrupt stop, leaving her Sasha on the ground of the car. When the doors slide open, she glances to the other woman, "We should get out. Quick." Seeing the people outside staring in, she blinks, "Might want to take the stairs."

It's been a series of mounting shocks. The plummet, the scrambling around, the jumping /forward/ - not what Paul thought she had in mind - and then the landing. After a few seconds, he shakes his head and turns around. "How'd you know the doors would open—" Except, of course, they didn't. Not here, at least; surely they couldn't have closed again so quickly. What?

Arguments and reactions are left behind when Zan is half pulled and half jumping after the madwoman. Who knows, maybe it'll lessen the damage done when the elevator actually stops by running face first into those sealed doors. He's panicked enough to actually believe it's true in spite of cringing in that instant before he should hit the door and twisting in second thought. Maybe jumping isn't a good idea. But too late, he's sprawling with Isabelle and Paul on the floor, whichever floor it is, until a beat later he turns over and crabs backward.

"What the hell was that," is nearly screamed from the mayor's boy. Zan's voice cracks with the still rising panic, eyes going from Paul to Isabelle, collectively blaming the both of them. "What'd… where…" And such like questions sputter, never fully forming a complete sentence.

Isabelle is still scrambling back to her feet, and prepared to jump right back in, but then she notices the floor lights have stopped. *Blink*. Oh, that is just /great/. She awkwardly adjusts her glasses, and turns back to the two men on the floor. "You guys okay?" She asks tentatively, then crouches down to collect her dropped items.

Sasha is not hesitating in getting out of the elevator, scrambling out and away from the mechanical horror that it's become. The older man who was standing outside the elevator and looking, offers a hand to Terri and Sasha in turn to help them out, realizing that clearly something was wrong. Soon enough, it's empty, devoid of others.

And just in time. It dings. Doors close, and down it goes. At a sedate and proper pace. As if nothing happened.

Terri wastes no time either, making sure Sasha gets out before she does, thanking the older man who lends a hand. Feeling the doors close behind her back, she turns and frowns as the thing seems to go back to working properly. "Maintenance needs to check that thing out.." Of course, she's left glancing about to see if the three others are here, frowning still more when she finds they aren't. Clue the 'something fishy' expression.

Paul scratches his head, looking himself up and down. "I /think/ so." His knees are scraped up - and a palm pressed against his knee comes away with a spotting of crimson - but there are no broken bones, at least. "Have to get my briefcase back. And my phone—" He checks his pockets: no, he really did lose it on the floor back there.

/Back there/.

"I think," he says to Isabelle, "I need to go buy us a drink." Is Zan coming? He could use a round too, no doubt.

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