A Tiger Out Of My Thong

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Where: Corinthian Casino - Backstage

When: April 18, 2012

What: Aaron Benedict goes snooping around Agatha's rehearsal.

New routines, new dancers, new costumes. It always happens in the city. A change up needed so that those who come to see the shows, will come again and not be bored at seeing the same old thing. Doesn't matter what show it is, always happens. Aaron Benedict has already been hard at work most of the day, the big act for the Corinthian with his illusion act that runs a few nights a week in the main Theater. In black slacks, suspenders, white button up shirt and bowtie dangling at a jaunty angle, he's finished his afternoon show just as Agatha's soon going to be dealing with breaking in some new hires brought in for her show.

Which might explain why Aaron is wandering around backstage showing a magic trick to one of the new girls. A classic trick, coin from behind the ear, producing a flurry of giggles from the young and more than a little blonde dancer. It's not uncommon to see him around, enjoying watching the other acts that the Corithian brings in on either a permanent or temporary basis. Agatha's much more permanent. He takes the coin, running it end over end over the backs of his fingers, and a few other tricks all in the name something.

There's always someone hanging around backstage; this many attractive young women in scandalous costumes are bound to attract gawkers. Typically they're stagehands or other performers simply hanging around, and nothing to bother security over, but even so they can at times get underfoot. Especially when they're distracting the dancers from what they're -supposed- to be doing, case in point.

Agatha sighs a little, fingers pressed to her right temple. Why did they have to give her all these Bambis? Don't they know she has a show to put on? Not that she can complain about it. Aside from a lack of give-a-damn in the management, she doesn't have the -time- to raise a fuss about it because she's too damn busy getting a fresh batch of dancers ready for a show in three days.

"Sandy!" she shouts at the blonde, past the other dancers rushing about like bees in their hive. No, that's not it, dammit, what was her name? "Samm- Sa- Sadie!" Making her way through the bustle, careful not to get caught on any part of the other girls' costumes. "Come on, girl, finish getting dressed! We start at the top in five!" Ms. Roberts shoos the girl on, making sure she hurries, then wheels on Aaron with her fists on her hips and an eyebrow cocked.

"You don't look like one of mine; tits are too small. You got a reason to be holding up my girls?"

Upper management expects lower management to keep wheels greased and running. So when Sadie is called out, she's off, scurrying to get to where her uniform is so that she can get ready. Which leaves Aaron with a gold coin and tucking it into her pocket, turning around to face Agatha head on a snap of his fingers and a crestfallen look. "That would be why I didn't get that job. Shit. Knew I shoulda got the D's, but the doctor, he assured me you would all prefer's the A's"

A cocky smile spreads across his face. "Agatha, I presume. Sorry, she asked me to do a trick or two, I thought, what the harm." Aaron Benedict, main act at the Corinthian, not hard too recognize him from his picture on banners discreetly located here and there. Illusionist.
Agatha's brow stays raised, but the set of her lips shifts subtly from distaste to something like grudging amusement. Not that she intends to let him know. "Oh, well, she -asked- you to distract her!" the dancer quips, a touch flippantly, and not without a pointed glance over her shoulder at Sadie. "I guess that makes it okay, then. Yeah, that's me."

She turns away from the man for a moment, clapping hands together over her head and shouting over the walla to be heard. "C'mon, girls! Hustle! We're on stage in three minutes!" Then she turns and walks past Aaron, headed for the nearest stage entrance. "And you're Mr. Benedict, right? Big shot magician. What brings you all the way down here to my little corner of the world?" Sure, they share a stage, but there's a significant degree of separation.

"Killing time, till my next show and wanted to see what the new meat that your stage manager had given you was like. See if you got the good batch or I did" Aaron shakes his head "Believe it or not, you got the good batch." Another shake of Aaron's head though he's letting his eyes linger on the women in their sequins and feathers. "Was thinking of watching your rehearsal too. See who my competition might be, should people tired of me and prefer you"

The dancer glances back at Aaron with another wry quirk of her brow. "-These- are the good ones?" Really, she knows that they'll work out just fine (well, most of them), but she's gotta be a little tough on them to get them there. "Well, I don't think you have too much to worry about," she comments, stepping out onto the stage. "I wouldn't go so far as to call myself your competition. Not unless I can figure out how to pull a tiger out of my thong or something. Sure, sex sells and all, but it doesn't have the same sensationalist flare as… what you do," she waves a hand vaguely.

The click-clack of her stiletto heels on the lacquered stage floor echoes strangely in the near-empty theatre as she heads down to speak with the musicians in the orchestra box. There are a few quiet words exchanged, then she gestures for Aaron to follow. "Come on. If you wanna watch, you can come sit up front with me."

Aaron reaches up, tugging on the one end of his bowtie till it slithers out from under his collar with a smile. Tiger out of your thong. Yes, that would certainly put me out of business. But I doubt you'll be producing one anytime soon. I think I'll pass on watching the unfinished product though. I look forward to getting a ticket to your show though. When I'm not busy. I really did just actually want to come by and see who they'd hired for you and to tell you keep it up. It's a good show"

With a smirk, Agatha stops and tips the brim of her hat at Aaron as the girls are gathering at the entrances behind the curtains. "Well, thanks for the vote of confidence, Mr. Benedict. I'll make sure to look for you in the audience. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to wave my magic wand and turn these strippers into performers, and you're on my stage." She turns sharply on her heel, tossing the layers of her ruffled skirt, and stalks down the stairs at the corner of the stage. Even if she's not performing tonight, there are appearances to maintain. "Okay, folks! Starting at the top, and I hope you all remember your places!"

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