Heroes is set in a world where some people have been gifted or curse with powers and abilities that humans are just not supposed to have. Reading minds, inhuman strength, healing the sick… it's stuff from movies and comic books, it's not supposed to be real life. And yet…

Here at Heroes: Sin City, we encourage people to be creative with their ability write ups. Not that you can't app a tried-and-true power (strength, x-ray vision, whatever), but we appreciate new and interesting takes on the old standards. And even rarer ideas can benefit from an interesting twist.

Things to keep in mind. This is a low powered game, so remember to keep moderation in mind. No one is going to be all powerful. With that in mind, remember that every power should have a flaw or a drawback of some kind. Maybe there's some catch you have to fulfill before it'll work (like Issac Mendez needing to be on drugs to use his power). Maybe it eats away at your energy or only works when you're asleep. Also, every power needs limitations, and those should be included in your write up. This is a set o parameters that explain to us and any potential GMs how powerful the character is and that the side effects are to pushing the limits of the power. Whatever the drawbacks and side effects may be, detail them out.

And it may seem odd, but believably is necessary, too. Basically all this means is that you have to be able to explain how your ability works. If you can't make it make sense on paper, then we aren't going to approve it. On the other side of the coin, you don't need to explain the science behind any given power, just explain what it is, how you want to use it and the limitations and drawbacks there of.

A character can have one power and one power only. They can apply that power in various ways (and their personal applications of their basic power should be in the write up), but at the center there's one power. If you're a telekinetic, then you can't also have laser blasting fingertips.

And remember the core tenant. Make sure it makes sense.

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