Ability/Skill Upgrades

There is no XP system to upgrade ones ability and or skillsets in Sin City given that this is not a statted game. But that does not mean that we will not allow you to improve certain aspects of it or request new skills after you have applied and have been playing on the grid for a bit. We believe in working on this in game, using it as character development and as a vehicle for RP. Upgrades and new skills are not something that will be handed out with every request, as we expect that you would account for it when you originally apply.

So what do you have to do to get a new skill or get a power upgrade?

You ask, nicely.

Okay, well there's other stuff too. First, you +request your hopes and dreams. What did you want to do with your ability? Is there some new 'stunt' with it that you want to add on or just increase the radius/duration/strength of it? Is there a particular skill that you are wanting to add that you couldn't or didn't during application or that's come up/coming up during RP? Please include the rough timeline that you expect to take with your uprade/skill addition and be realistic. You want to add a language to your skills? That's going to take time, months, before you can put even a rudimentary skill language up there. If you are approved, we expect to see logs - Whether they go up, or if you choose to keep your logs private, provide us with evidence that you have been working on your ability or your skill upgrade. When the agreed upon amount of time has passed, you can upgrade your wiki page to reflect that.

Please, be precise and detailed as a lack of information could be the difference between an approval or being turned down. Skill additions and upgrades are going to be more commonly approved, depending on what you are asking for as opposed to power upgrades. Please do not be upset if you are turned down, we will always state the reason why and whether it's just a matter of not enough time having been passed or another equally as valid reason. Feel free to +request two or three proposed power upgrades, it's more options for you and for us, if we are not particularly feeling one or the other. But know that we will only approve one of them, possibly two if they're really good.

There is a limit however of two upgrade requests per 'Advanced' character. There is no limit on Skill requests.

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