An Error In Judgement

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Where: Warehouse in Industrial Area

When: June 27th, 2012

What: Kai comes to a painful and harsh realization that 'Amy' wasn't telling the truth when he helped her.

The world is a horrible place right now as consciousness returns to Kai's world. The pounding of his head, mouth dry and feeling like it's filled with cotton. Things feeling off, sluggish. The last that the magician for the Corinthian remembers, is the bar.

But as eyes crack open, this is decidedly not a bar or could be construed as one. It's dim, a card table nearby with a poker game that was halted. Two suited individuals removing themselves from it, and one removing his jacket even as another is approaching, an arm in a sling, suit of much higher quality than his companion and a cigarette being lit.

"You're awake" Spoken with much delight. "How do you feel?"

This…is not the first time in his life that Kai Goldberg has been in a position like this. He's crossed mobsters and thugs, pit bosses and card sharks. It may not be an unprecedented situation, but that doesn't make it any better. His head lolls forward, he opens his eyes. He winces and tugs at his arms. Tug. Tug again. What the hell? He slumps down in the chair as far as the bonds will allow.

"How do you think I feel?" he murmurs, eyes barely opening. "You know, you coulda just asked me if I liked bondage games."

"I apologize, how inconsiderate of me to have not inquired" Gordon turns and looks to his companion. "How could you not have asked. Really Paolo. He doesn't like being restrained"

Gordon turns back to Kai, taking another puff. "Or is it that you don't like being restrained in things you can't get out of. I saw your act you know. My mother took me to it once. Id idn't much care for it at first, but your arts of escaping were very interesting." Paolo brings a seat over and with a nod, gordon eases down into it.

"You know what else is inconsiderate? Breaking into buildings and stealing documents that don't belong to you" The cigarette is lodged into the corner of one mouth and his right hand lashes out in a fist, cold cocking Kai in the jaw.

"I have no idea what you're talking ab…" Kai's head snaps. He sputters and lolls his head forward. He's still dopey from whatever was in the mickey, so he's having issues…seeing. "Ow. Jesus. Look, what documents? I've been out of the game for months. Trying to go straight. Get back on the stage. Et cetera." He winces as the twist-ties cut into his wrists. He tries, to no avail, to work his little trick on the ties. Damnit. Plastic.

It's fantastic.

Gordon clucks his tongue and gestures for his companion to come forward. "Jog his thoughts" First blow belonged to Gordon, but from here in it's Paolo and he's not so gentle. A fist to Kai's ribs and not pulled, followed by another to the his stomach. And another before he steps back and Gordon looks expectantly.

"Aw, goddamnit." Kai crumples with each hit. The bonds dig into his wrist. "I didn't steal any documents! I don't go in for the espionage crap. Too much work. Too hard to turn around. When did this supposedly happen, huh? How do you figure it was me? I have enemies in this town. It might have been a frame-up."

Gordon glance to Paolo who returns to the table, digging around a duffle bag, producing a small portable DVD player, primed for this exact protest. "Do you have a twin?" It's held far enough away, and on the screen when the button is hit, there is the image of kai.

And Amelia. You know, that woman, and that job.

"You do not do corporate espionage? because that looks like it to me"

It takes a second of blinking and wincing before Kai can focus on the screen. When he spots Amelia, or Amy, he curses colourfully. "That bitch. That goddamn…" he hisses between his teeth. "Look. She played me. She made like she was locked out of her house. I knew her from awhile back, or I thought I did. That's what I get for trying to be a decent human being." And he's not going to be one now, because apparently he's willing to sell her out. "She used me to break into that house. I have no idea what was on those papers, and I don't know where she is now. You guys seem well-connected. Does this job seem like my style?" Not especially. Kai's MO usually involves stealing things he can sell or pawn, not information. He's not savvy enough to know what info is worthwhile.

"I don't want to hear excuses. excuses are weak and you're a weak man. You're good at this, but you, are a weak man. I can see the taste for drugs in you. I've seen the report presented to me about you."

Gordon leans back even as the DVD player is clapped shut, puffing away on his smoke.

'What do you propose to do then? What do you think that I should do?"

"Find her, find Amy. She's the one you're after. Beating me around won't solve anything. I don't know what was on those papers." Kai sounds a little pathetic, but then again, he kind of is. A low-level con, a washed-up magician, a Vegas boy from an unstable family. "You can threaten me all you want. It's not gonna get you what you're looking for. I'm a pawn, here!"

"That sounds like a good proposition. Find her. You got yourself into this mess, and it's not my fault that you failed to do your homework with regards to who you were working with and the legitimacy of the job. So you have three weeks. Find her, or find the documents that you stole for her."

Gordon stands, leaning over with the the remnants of his cigarette, putting it out on Kai's forearm.

"And no, threatening you doesn't seem to work. But your mother. She's near and dear to you, not to mention your mentor" Gordon steps back, tapping his own temple. "Find it, or we'll find them, and we'll see how well you take to them being threatened. You wouldn't like your mother in this position now would you?"

"I didn't think it was a job! I thought I was just helping someone locked out of their goddamned house. She had the combination to the safe. I didn't touch that. I'd say you have your own security breach to worry about." Kai kicks out at the burning. He glares, /glares/ at his captor. "You know what's far more effective than threatening me and my family, making it messy for you should you have to follow through? Offering to pay me. I work better with a carrot than a stick. And you know that if you touch my mother, you'll have the mob on your ass." Posturing? Maybe. But it's certainly plausible that a woman who runs one of the more big-named casino bars in the city would have some pretty solid connections.

Kai manages to catch Gordon in the knee and paolo advances, almost lashing out with another punch, but Gordon stops him.

"You jump ahead. I was going to sweeten the pot with money if you had succeeded in getting our papers back. Do not bother yourself with the hows or why she came to possess the combinations that she did. That's not your problem, that's mine and it's already been dealt with"

Hes turning away, going back to the table, finishing his drink. " And I'm not worried, about whomever might come after me should something befall your mother." He looks over to Kai. "I'm Gordon Crain"

There's a flip of his not caught in a sling hand and Paolo leans over to snip off the zip ties and turn Kai loose. "Find her, or find the papers. Three weeks. If you can't succeed, then it will be a very bad day for me, and an even worse one for you, your mother, and your mentor. Do we have an understanding?"

Kai winces when the ties are undone. He yanks them free and rubs his wrists, then stands. He doesn't say a single word, and he is suddenly wearing a very good poker face. He stills only for a moment, then turns to walk-limp for the door.
No one stops him.

They just let him go, out into the industrial run down area of Vegas far from the glint and glamor of the more respectable - as if - parts of Vegas. Gordon just watches him go even as Paolo dares to voice his concerns. "Will he do it?"

Gordon's own poker face is in play and as Kai disappears from sight he nods. "He will. For the money. Always for the money. Get someone on him. Maybe we'll find her through him. Get someone on the other two as well. If he rabbits, I want them dead"

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