Bags & Tags

Bags and tags. The lifeblood of the company who's purpose is to record and keep tabs on advanced individuals in the world. Part of this process is what is known as the bag and tag. This is done to study and keep track of known or suspected advanced individuals and determine whether they are safe to remain in the general population or whether they are a risk to humanity and should be removed and isolated.

Bag and Tag assignments should go down as follows but be prepared for unexpected events to happen, as these are advanced individuals who you are dealing with and their abilities may at times, be astounding and powerful.

1. The subject is identified. Either they are a known quantity or they are a suspected advanced individual.
2. A pair of agents are assigned to trail, and observe the subject in question, should they be a suspected advanced.
3. Once they have been identified as an advanced or it is requested that they be brought in to see how far along they are, agents will apprehend these individuals discreetly. They will be brought to Primatech Paper, discreetly, and secured in an observation room.
4. This is the last that agents will see and deal with those who have been bagged and tagged, unless otherwise directed to question and participate in testing with the individuals.
5. Occasionally, an individual who has been bagged and tagged, will join up with the company, as their ability has been deemed useful. Training will be provided.
6. Individuals who have been bagged and tagged, then released all have the double hashmark on the back of their necks. None leave the facility without it.

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