Bang Bang

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Where: North Las Vegas

When: October 15, 2012; Evening

What: Can't this city go a night without shots being fired?

The evenings in Vegas are starting to get a little cooler, more so than they normally do given that it's a desert. But, they are, and it's not uncommon to differentiate the locals from the tourists of more colder climes with their use of sweaters and other things while the tourists tout 'how warm it is'. But off strip, there's very few if any tourists to contend with and the clubs and other businesses that only start to show life this time of the night, are open and getting ready for their rush.

"I'm telling you," Ian says to Nobara. He and the slightly older man wander along the sidewalk, a meandering pace that covers ground but belies any set destination. He's dressed not for the cooling weather, but for comfort of a desert night with loose fitting jeans and a t-shirt. "She's nuts. Completely. And the epitome of why relationships are bad, no matter what sort, right down to the bare bones of it. Things just get completely disproportional. It's inevitable."

In a red dress and equally shoes and beige lipstick, Bailey adjusts the strap of her black purse, tucking the purse under her arm. It's about time that she got a night off. And she is going to use it to party and relax, something she's not done a lot of lately. Walking down the street, she keeps her eyes open for a club that interests her. And hopefully with a bouncer who thinks she's hot enough to let her in for free.

Despite the other shops starting to open up and getting ready for business, Raleigh is currently locking the doors to her shop though the lights are still on inside and the sign on the door stating that she intends to be back shortly. She just wants to get a bite to eat before the rush begins. In spite of the cooler temperatures, she's dressed as if the desert heat was still present. After she locks up her shop, she starts to walk down the sidewalk, passing by the various clubs that surround her shop, offering smiles and waves to the bouncers outside that she's managed to met since she's moved in.

And Ricky? She JUST finished her shift. She hasn't actually even taken the cab back. So it's with some glee that she's got her purse out and digging through it as she wanders down the sidewalk. Still, passing down that sidewalk is enough to spot Bailey in that red dress. Considering she hasn't SEEN the woman in anything like that before… Well… "Huh… Is that…?" She begins walking towards the woman.

Moving from place to place does wonders for keeping one warm over a desert night. Ian has been fortunate enough that his new partner hasn't found the time to create a full-blown stir with his activities- though he does nothing to quash hearsay for the new guy's sake. Word gets around. So perhaps it is unsurprising to see the tight leather pants and the bits of shiny silver on his shirt underneath a jacket.

"Disproportional only happens when one party takes things too seriously. Nutty people are born out of too many feels." Yeah, that's about accurate. Nobara stays alongside Ian as they walk. "Inevitable is a strong word, but you're right. Just gotta learn how to manage them. You're giving up too easy, man."


It comes from an alleyway. The distinct sound of gunshots that have some people looking over then walking away and others, ducking into buildings from fear of catching a stray piece of metal.

"Inevitable isn't strong enough," Ian mutters, half to himself. "What do you suggest? Go back and—" He cuts off at the gun's report and thrusts an arm out to keep Nobara from stepping forward. Sure, the other guy possibly has more experience and doesn't need the younger of the two to react in such a way. But if they're to be partners…

He scans the crowd to find the source of disturbance, then nods toward break between business. Ian shoots Nobara a glance then gestures toward the point he's taking, just at the mouth of the alley with what bit of wall is offered for cover.

"Oh balls. Can't this city go a night without shots being fired?" Despite Bailey's obvious distaste for shots being fired, curiousity overrides her will to run. She just has to see what's going on…despite being in heels. As of yet, she hasn't noticed anyone else that she recognizes.

Oh. Was that a gunshot? She's a cab driver so… it's not like it's the first time she's ever heard one. In fact, the sound makes her leg twinge reflexively for some reason. Something… but no… Like that, whatever think she was trying to remember was gone like it never existed. She must've had a LOT to drink that weekend. She actuall crouches and sort of crabwalks toward the the alley,"God. I'm so fucking stupid…" She flips open her phone to begin dialling 911.

Raleigh stops in her tracks at the sound of the gunshot that emanates from the alley that she draws towards. She quickly ducks down to hide from any additional shots that may ring out. She looks around for a moment, wondering where they were from and who or what was being shot at. She slowly creeps towards the corner of the alley to peek down it to see if she can see if it's safe to come out.

Don't get too into it. Nobara's eyes dart around when the shot goes off, and when he feels the forearm keeping him back, there's a puzzled look before one hand lifts to lower Ian's arm. He nods once in response, however, waiting for Ian to move before he does. There's no weapon being pulled, at least not right now — Nobara is a bit busy looking over his shoulder for onlookers. He can see Raleigh first, and the primary thing he does is wave a hand at the air in a dismissive gesture, sharp and noticeable. Get back.

"Chase?" What is it? Who, perhaps.


Raleigh can feel hairs split, but no actual damage beyond that to her. Yet. But her brief look into the alley shows men, with guns. Or at least one man. The other is hiding behind a dumpster further down, firing off a shot towards the visible one. People are now staring to take off en mass, at the sound of the second gunshot. Nope, no sticking around.

"Get back," Ian hisses at Raleigh, coming in to undertone the residual ringing from the second fire. As he gets closer and sinks into a crouch at the corner of the alley, he reaches a hand behind to grab his own firearm, holster concealed beneath his shirt and against his lower back. Without looking back to his partner, one finger and then a second shows.

A beat passes then Ian looks back at Nobara. That hand that held the count of bodies motions for the older agent to cover him just as he starts easing around the corner and into the mouth of the alley, still staying crouched and keeping his firearm low.

Finding herself coming up on the very same alley, as the second shot rings out, Bailey rolls her eyes. Great. The brother from another mother. "Psst!" She tries to get his attention as she pulls a switch blade out of her purse. A switch blade that Ian would probably be familiar with. She presses her back against the wall before attempting to peek around the corner to see what's going on.

Raleigh dodges back behind the wall after that close call. "Oh shit. That was fucking close." She says to no one in particular, her hand placed over her heart to feel it beating hard. Her eyes finally look around the area towards the others nearby, a look of genuine fear showing on her face.

Ricky finally corners the edge of the alley, looking like she's about to cry. She probably is. But with some many people crowding the edge, she can't look around it, so she actually just leans over into it for a brief peek before rolling back,"Yeah… 911…" This is her on the phone now,"Someone's got a gun, they're fired, like, two shots… We might need an ambulance… Place is really crowded…"

Feckin' girls. Nobara practically finds himself mobbed, all things considered. Thankfully they don't seem as interested in him. Ian starts easing into the alley, and Nobara edges after, hand on the holster under his arm. They may have been out and about, but they were sort of on-the-clock, too. it never technically ends, no, but there are times Nobara doesn't carry. They have lessened since things got- turned around.

The Asian man keeps to the mouth of the alley behind where Ian moves, ready to draw only if he needs to actually create cover.

Bam Off it goes again, but this time, none of the scooby gang with their noses or bodies poking/creeping/looking around the corner are hit. It's the man, in the shiny suit who is, giving a bit of a spin and then falling to the ground with a bullet in the middle of his head.

Someone familiar to Bailey, one of the men who work for her big boss. Linderman. Down the alley, there's the clatter of a gun and knocked over trash cans that indicate a fleeing gunman.

Ian's gun hand twitches, nearly lifting that muzzle upward when another round goes off. Defensive reaction to such proximity to the exchange of gunfire. He pauses not far inside the alley, his gaze darts from the man falling to the man running. And a second is spared to Nobara as the younger agent angles a look toward the older. His head tips upward in a nod, small but significant, and the gun is slipped back into its holster.

But just a second, enough for the wordless communication to pass. As Ian straightens he starts after the runner, keeping close to the wall but running flat out in pursuit.

"God damnit!" Bailey runs toward the shot man, not taking into account the others who are there. Kneeling beside him, she sighs. "Damnit! Why does this keep happening to me?!" She growls, looking in the direction of the runnin, deciding to follow Ian in following whoever it is running away from the shooting.

Raleigh starts to pick herself up off the ground once the shooting seems to stop and the others start into the alley. She doesn't recognize Bailey since she's all dressed up and fancy looking at the moment. She doesn't immediately start into the alley, instead taking a moment to look down the alley towards the body before she steps out and slowly starts down the alley towards the body, ready to duck for cover should shots ring out again.

Ricky looks suddenly up to see Nobara at this point. Then Bailey. And some other people,"Why is, like, everyone I know in this town here. Hey buddy, you got that thing of yours under control? Think you can do something about this crap?" Still, when others come out, she approaches,"You might need to put pressure on his wound… The ambulance is on the way." She closes her cellphone,"Jeezam… what if the shooter is still here… You guys shouldn't touch anything right?"

Nobara has been around the block with more than one partner, so to speak, and has learned when things are about to go down. He keeps one hand on the firearm under his jacket, moving onward into the alley to survey the path and when he gets closer- the man that had fallen. Bailey gets there first, and Nobara is hesitant to stay there- this was not actually business they had to attend to, but seeing as Ian thought otherwise, Nobara has to back him up.

"No time for that. I can't stay back here. I have to get him." This is the only real response Ricky gets, for the time being- Nobara's shortness is more out of a need to be precise, than rude. "Not the shooter, mind you." Nobara moves off after Bailey and Ian now, keeping himself ready to draw should the need arise.

He also does not want to be around when the police get there, regardless.

Bailey, Ian and eventually Nobara come round the corner, met with the sound of squealing wheels and a dark older vehicle peeling off. No shooter in sight, but a gun tossed to the side that leaves very little guess as to who it belongs to. Back at the body that lays on the ground and no real chance to put pressure on the wound so to speak due to the fact that very few come back from a head wound and lack of pulse in combination. But the individual on the phone trying to talk calmly to Ricky, is assuring the taxi driver that an ambulance is forthcoming.

Raleigh moves over to the body that was left in the alley, though she's pretty sure the guy is dead, she reaches for his wrist to check for a pulse. If there's one, then maybe she can try to do something, but if not at least she knows that there's nothing she can do. Either way, she stays with the body since Bailey, Ian and Nobara go after the shooter and Ricky is on the phone.

Ricky frowns a little bit,"I'm not… I'm not sure you should hurry. He… he looks dead." Well. This is upsetting, anyway. She calls out to Nobara,"Go do what you have to. My cab is just down the street." She's too busy bending over the man with the gunshot wound looking… well, understandably upset,"Balls."

It isn't the discarded gun that has Ian's interest, nor the arrival of Bailey and Nobara. He doesn't stop at the corner but continues running after the car. He can follow it for a short distance, after all. As he runs, he takes quick account of the vehicle, color and make, and even takes a stab at memorizing the plates.

Stopping after the vehicle squeels off, Bailey stares at the ground at the gun. "Fuckin' hell. Well, that's not how I planned my evening going." She shakes her head and looks about. "Now I'll need about twenty shots just to forget this ever happened!"

"You should get out of here before someone gives you a free single." Nobara's approach from just behind the others makes itself known by the footfalls and words. He seems indifferent to Bailey's presence there, though there is certainly some animosity behind his voice.

"Ian. It's not our problem now. Let the police handle it. We need to go. Now."

It will indeed be the police's problem, unless Ian wants to make it his. As it is, he can get most of the information her was looking for in his few moments of seemingly fruitless running. Whether it will be useful in a few hours, who knows. But already there's the sound of sirens in the very near distance, the promise of police at least.

Ricky sighs and massages the bridge of her nose, closing the phone after giving the 911 people the information,"Who wants to go get shitfaced and pretend this day never happened?" She particularly focuses on Bailey and Nobara as she says this,"Come on. I'll go get my cab. Free ride to the bar. You still pay for your own drinks, though." Because she needs to not think about the blood, or how she hasn't eaten dinner today, or any number of other gross things.

Making her way out of the alley, Bailey nods to Ricky. "Let's get the fuck out of here before cops arrive and start asking questions and accuse us of shit." She mutters.

Reining it in, Ian allows the car to get further and further away while he slows to a walk. Not like he had much of a choice anyway, running won't keep him close enough to the vehicle to make anything else out. Breathing heavily, he turns to start back to the alley where he'd left Nobara and Bailey, eyes to the ground to pick out the faint traces of tread and step in the dust that films the street.

His gaze comes up as he nears his partner and he nearly double takes at Bailey's appearance. "What the hell are you doing here," he asks, blunt as you can get.

Raleigh looks up towards the sound of the sirens and starts to stand up. She moves to rest against a nearby wall as she waits for the police to arrive so that she can answer questions that they're going to want to ask. She glances towards Ricky as she speaks and the others as they return, remaining silent for the most part.

Ricky goes walking in the direction of her cab. She doesn't really check to see if anyone's following. Because she mostly just wants to drink both the image of the blood AND the hunger away. Now if she could only figure out how to get drunk… Maybe she'll try dumping it in the humidifier this time when she gets home… "Gonna get cruuuuunk."

Bailey glances at Ian. "What the hell's it matter to you? Why don't you go run tell daddy I was witness to a murder and that I was rude to you…oh wait, he don't care about you as much as he cares about." She makes an exaggerated sad face. She raises an eyebrow to Ian. "And put your gun away…literally." She smirks before heading out to get drunk with Ricky. And whoever else might join them.

"Kismet." Nobara offers, turning back to Ricky once Ian returns and prompts his own irritation. "No cab. We need to get out-out. You know where I parked, Ian." He does not seem to want to dilly-dally, truthfully. One of his moments of wanting to stay free. Can't blame him, both of the agents are armed.

"Meet me there, if you feel like playing around here." A vague look to Bailey, before Nobara starts to slink off down the alleyway, like a fox in the dark. Ian can attend, or not.

"Yeah," Ian responds to Nobara, the word, single answer slightly distracted. He frowns after Bailey, two empty hands held upward just a little. "It matters to me. What if you'd gotten hurt? And why the hell would I run and tell Ben anything? Think he'd listen to me if I made that call, "Sorry, Dad, your favorite child is face down in a gutter because her own stupidity got her shot in the face." He shakes his head, insulted, and turns to follow Nobara at a distance.

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