Bits Of Oddities

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Where: Primatech Paper

When: October 5, 2012

What: Nobara pays a visit to the new guy, and eats his Red Vines.

Rumor has it, the new guy is in his office again. Though it isn't much of a rumor if it's actually true. Ian Chase, eschewing the more business attire of sport coat and tie in favor of a plain dusty blue t-shirt tucked into a pair of charcoal gray slacks belted around his waist, is in office. Behind his desk once again, though today not burdened by mountains of paperwork that supposedly made him part of the official capacity within these obscured walls.

He is official, finally, with forms filled out and turned in. Now it's just a matter of waiting for an assignment. Waiting spent shooting the target taped to the wall beside the door.

With a Red Vine clenched in his teeth and an orange plastic gun held in his hand, Ian takes careful aim at the trio of interlaying circles directly across from him. One suction dart round already clings to the lightly laminated surface, a fraction shy of center. And another shot is lined up and subsequently fired with a spring-action click.

There is a knock at the door by the time that Ian that new shot lined up- Nobara doesn't like waiting, though, and opens the door regardless of if its occupant is ready or not. He's dressed in a similarly down way, with a thin sportcoat overtop of a t-shirt, jeans, and chucks. The dart hits him squarely in the chest and drops onto the floor, where it seems to prefer sticking.

"Well then. Guess I'm dead. Perfect cherry on my day." Nobara puts one hand on his hip, taking quick stock of the young man inside the office he's intruded on.

"Christ, is this some sort of mirrorland?"

"And that is why you should knock before entering someone's office," Ian quips back. Helpfully. He sets the toy gun aside and pulls the Red Vine free of his teeth, sans a bite, then looks up at Nobara.

"Huh," comes as a rather non-definitive reaction as he leans back in his chair until it tilts far enough to threaten toppling. "You must be Minawa-the-Younger," Ian goes on as he tears off another bite of cherry flavored licorice, "Red Vine?" The candy is produced, taken from a drawer and set on the desk.

"I knocked. Enough." Nobara shrugs one shoulder, sneering a little at the mention of 'the-Younger'. It segues into a dry little laugh, and Nobara sidles over to perch on the front of the desk. "I am. God only knows where you got that from. And you must be mister Chase. Aptly named." He will have a vine, thank you. The older agent reaches one hand to the side to pick up a piece of the candy. This isn't so bad, so far.

"I'd say you don't seem the type to be here, but I'm here- so-"

"God and man," Ian supplies, "but between you and me, The Boss informed me of you." You know, the agent here in charge of all agents. A single brow ticks upward at the statement tacked after his own name. "Aptly named, how so?"

A grin rounds out at the older agent's observations, and humbly, the younger offers a shrug. "We all have our reasons for being here, some more obvious than others."

"Chase. Chasing. The chase." That way. Nobara chews on the candy thoughtfully, watching him. "The boss, eh? Said good things I hope? Hah, yeah, I'm here cause I couldn't keep my explosions to myself. Premature expulsions were a problem." He seems a bit sour to mention it though, even jokingly as he is.

"How long you been with us?"

"Just dropped your name," Ian answers. "Said we'd be working together some after Marshal takes me out into the field." He takes another Red Vine and picks up the toy gun again. Another dart is fished out of the same drawer that harbored the candy and fitted into the slot in the muzzle. "Here? Few days, give or take. Or here, generally?"

Aim is taken again on the target and the dart is fired off to stick on center. "A year or two? Give or take. I was brought in after I graduated college." He sets the gun aside again, then looks up at Nobara. "You?"

"Oh really?" The thought of not being able to work with Tilly after a point is saddening, though Nobara has to remind himself of the rule- he has been an exception in these times, as the other half of the equation have been less numerous than those with abilities. "Ah, I was in my sophomore year when I manifested. Pops brought me into things after that. At least, into things like this. I'd met people here and there, but to little-kid me they just worked at the paper company with him." So it's been a while, technically speaking.

"So you're going to be my 'them'?" One of us, one of them. Nobara leans back onto one hand, smirking past his shoulder.

"Must've been exciting to see where Dad really worked." Ian's tone lingers toward sarcasm, a touch of adolescent vibe regarding parents and their meddling ways. "Can't say the same about manifesting. My experience was a little more… men in black. One minute I'm a college graduate getting set to start one career, and the next I'm being dragged into some alternative, secretive world."

The younger agent smirks and shrugs over the following question. "No idea. Shaw's shuffling me around to see who I work with best."

"Take consolation that you're not the first it's happened to." Nobara laughs. "Did you study anything related? Or was it happenstance?" The man perched on the edge of the desk shifts more on top of the ledge, posture remaining straight. "What kind of people did you work with before? Where were you stationed? Texas? New York?" Curiouser and curiouser, it seems.

"As long as you don't mind a bit of oddity here and there, working with me… what all did he tell you? Or did you get a dossier on lil'old me?"

"You could say it was happenstance," Ian allows, slight sarcasm blanketing more touchy subject. "The man that impregnated my mom gave me a little example. That and my internship, schooling. Eagle Scout. I worked in the cyber crimes department for the police in D.C for the last year. Now I work for the school district here."

He waves off the idea of oddities. "Shaw? Just that I'd be working with you a little bit, and everyone else who's… advanced. To see where I fit best."

"Good. He didn't ruin the idea before you even met me. I suppose that'd be self-defeating on his end…" Nobara helps himself to a second string of red candy. Because he needs sugar, right? "Eagle scout? Hmmmm." The sound comes off as a bit too thought out. "And a computer guy? Get many girls that way?" Hey, this is an important sort of question. It really is.

"You don't have a girlfriend, do you? Would suck to get relocated here and not be able to- sample the local flavor." Or something like that.

"How does this relate to working with you," Ian asks, whatever apprehension he'd had a moment ago turning into amusement. "Not sure it's really any of your business, but yes, and no. And no, I'm not looking for anyone right now. Hardly settled into this little patch of dirt, last thing I need is the complications of a relationship." It rings of truth, though he's almost flippant about it.

"It doesn't. I'm just being curious now. You're the new guy. If you think it's fair, you can ask something. If there's anything you wanted to know before we start working together." The other man stands up off the desk now, wandering over to fetch the plastic darts from the target, and back towards Ian. He holds his hand out for the plastic gun. Sharing is caring.

"Those are messy out this way anyhow."

The toy gun is handed over as a smirk draws up Ian's expression. "Right, new guy. Not much to me besides that." And what he's already told, and whatever else happens to be in his file. "The darts tend to drift a little, down and to the right."

Without his usual projectiles, Nob will have to rely far more on his pistol, that's for sure. He seems to take this quite seriously, in any case. He even treks to the rear of the office, rather than the desk, before he takes the little gun up to fire it. True, the mechanism does go a little down and right, but he makes up for it- the dart plinks to about the same place as Ian's centermost was. See? Not all fun and games.

"So when I find out a deep, dark secret of yours, what happens then?"

"I kill you," Ian answers without missing a beat. And he could be serious or simply joking. The faint upward turn of his lips could be read either way. "Not a bad shot. How are you under pressure, when it matters most?" Not that he's had any trials by fire, but it's a good question to ask. Especially when one is the new guy.

"You can try." The response is similarly wry, smile included, as Nobara reloads a second dart. He's been doing this longer, the- ah- aiming thing. Then again, he is also pretty good at aiming without the force of a real bullet. He fires again, a little left of the first.

"I do alright. I do better with my ability, but sad to say, it's on the fritz or something. So lucky you, not going to be seeing any bombs from me until shit gets the way it's supposed to be…" There is a bit of bitterness there. At the unknown. "At the moment I just kind of… light up. It's really quite sad. But I'm sure there are recordings of the real thing if you feel you need to see it. To get comfortable. I have no idea how many of us you've worked closely with so far. I'm not your average bear."

The response earns a grin, amusement easily notable within Ian's features. He sobers fairly quickly, though. "Joking aside, what do you mean by light up? What happened to you?" He pauses, briefly, then adds, "Haven't worked with too many of you directly. Training, mostly. Closest personal encounter was with my supposed father."

There is a noise- a rising buzz- and Nobara holds a hand out, palm up. It flickers and warps suddenly, with a shining light. It's a warm light- faintly tinted in some manner of purple, should he look too long. Perhaps that is just his retinas. In any case- Nobara shakes out the light from his hand, rattling his free limb with a morose look on his face.

"That happens from my skin, now. I don't know why. It's not what I did last week. I have no idea if something did this, or if I wore something else out… My true ability is to create bombs of a plasma-like substance. They explode with concussive force of various strengths. In other words, I make flashy fuschia grenades."

Eyebrows lift upward at the sound and Ian lowers his gaze to the outstretched hand. He even leans back slightly, as if apprehensive, though his expression toward the show is pretty neutral. "And now you're a glow stick," he states rather matter-of-factly. "That's pretty unusual, and way outside my field of expertise."

"Exactly. I've told anyone that needs to be told, but I think for now I'm on my own." Nobara puffs his cheeks and takes the last dart to shoot it. It goes a little high. "Sucks to be me. At least I didn't mutate or something like in a comic book. Would have interfered with my dress shopping something fierce." The older agent rolls both shoulders in a short shrug, fetching the darts and setting the pieces back on the desk.

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