Boys, Men

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Where: The Drunken Semaphore

When: August 5th, 2012; Late Night

What: Bailey and Michiyo both need a drink for different reasons, and Finn is there to pass them out; there is some haranguing between the latter pair, over watching and waiting for a phone call that won't come any faster.

Sunday nights, especially in the summer, aren't the busiest at the Semaphore. Many of the clientele, mostly college students, head home if they haven't already for the summer, or to the river or to any number of places that offer a bit of respite from the hot Vegas climes. Still, it's a bar, and its allure in the shape of hops and foam make it a popular enough place any day of the week. The moderate crowd is split between billiards tables and watching the Olympics on the various flat screens, though a few here and there just chat over a plate of Irish nachoes or other pub grub.

Behind the counter is a lone bartender — busier nights might boast two — in the form of Jamie Finnegan. He seems in good enough spirits as he juggles the duties of pouring, cleaning, and chatting up the patrons. A cut above one brow is newly healing, though, and every now and then he glances at the iPhone that's never far from his grasp.

It's a good day for a quick trip to a bar to grab a cool, refreshing drink. At least that might be the thought of some. That's certainly the thought that Bailey had. The latino woman saunters up to the bar, today wearing bluejeans and a white sleeveless shirt. Once at said bar, she does a complete 180 degree turn, resting her elbows against the ledge and gazing out at the various patrons at the bar this evening. He brown eyes flitting from one table to the next, one individual to the next. What she's looking for, who knows. Maybe nothing, or maybe someone. For now, it remains a mystery.

That phone is probably not going to ring when he wants it to- at least, not about what he hopes it will. Thankfully, a distraction looms on the horizon, and it's wearing sequins. Or perhaps that is not so much thankful- we'll see.

Nobara- Michiyo- slides right up along the bar when Finnegan is chatting up someone down the line, there when he looks back for new customers. The hair wavy and tacked up, and that rose-colored sequin top is half hidden under a black lace bolero. Though the tight skirt makes up for it, lacy around the bottom and slit at one side. Heels click on the front of the bar, metallic taps on the wood.

"Soooo~ do I get a discount?" Leaning on the bar, chin on hand, pouting his way past tasteful makeup at Finnegan, all thick lashes and pretty lips.

Finnegan arches a brow at Nobara as he clears a glass from a departed patron. "I don't even get a discount," he says a little gruffly. A pass of his bartending rag over the counter in front of both Nobara and Bailey, wiping any condensation or beer left there from the last barflies.

"What can I get you, ladies?" he asks, including the latina in his address since she's shown up in the past couple of minutes. While he waits, he glances at the iPhone again. Really, Jamison, that's why they invented ringtones.

"What has the world come to when a lady ain't able to get a discount?" Bailey asks, turning herself about, a sly grin on her face. "Let me see…what can you get me." She pauses, an almost contemplative look on her face. "Get me a shot of Jack with a Tom Collins as a chaser and a slice of lime on the side." She chirps up, almost as if she'd had the order all prepared in her mind before she even got to the bar.

"Well, now, what's keeping me here?" The other agent stirs on the stool, crossing his legs with the expertise of a woman. "Maybe you need a new place, hon. And some insecticide for those ants in your pants." Michiyo purses glossy lips for a moment, putting both elbows on the edge of the bar. At least there are no crazy nails- just dark red ones, and a chain bracelet. This is certainly not- ah- full tilt, so to speak.

"White Russian for me. I'm in a Jeff Bridges mood."

"Let's not be contemplating what I have in my pants, now, ladies," Finn says with a wink, and he goes to mix the drinks. He's no flare bartender, but he's efficient and doesn't skimp on the important parts — namely the alcohol. The drinks are slid in front of the two. "Making me earn my keep, not just pulling on those knobs, huh?" he asks teasingly as he does just that to refill one of the college boy's drinks.

"Haven't seen either of you in here before," he says. "Just looking for a different sort of place, hm? Or looking for something else?"

"Aww. But finding out what's in a person's pants can be oh, so fun." Bailey offers a little wink of her own, waiting for the drinks to arrive. Once she gets her orders, she smiles. "Well, that was nice and quick, wasn't it, hun?" She grins. "Of course we're makin' ya work! You can't be slacking off, can you?" She shrugs. "Always looking for a new and better place, hun."

"Aw, no, I'm fine with that too." The pants. Sass comes with the business, at the moment. Nobara plays knuckles on the countertop, idly fidgeting until there is a drink in one of them. "That sounds accurate. And I need something to occupy my time, hm? This'll do, so long as I don't get college boys under my nails." Or something of that nature.

"Also doing some checking up, if you get my drift." On you, Finny.

"I can slack off as long as I'm not cut off, sweetheart," says Finn to Bailey, picking up a bill and making quick change for someone, nodding when he gets much of it back in tip.

Grayish eyes slide back over to Nobara. "I think you'd find boys more to your liking elsewhere, personally. This crowd's the type that wears lucky socks they've never washed to watch their favorite team in. And they drink Coors Light." Not a fan, clearly.

He nods back to Bailey. "You in college?"

"Well, I suppose as long as you're slacking off over here, I ain't gonna complain." Bailey smirks, before taking her shot. She nearly slams the shot glass down, taking a little bite of the lime. "One way or the other, I think this is gonna turn out to be a good night." She glances to Nobara. "College boys ain't quite your type, huh? I can understand that. I find most of them are just that…boys. Ain't often a man amongst them." She grins.

A glance back to Finn, she shakes her head. "Nah. Not in college, personally. I just like a good drink."

"I have favorite teams too." Nobara lets out a bright little laugh. "Just not always sports teams." Exactly so. He tilts his head towards Bailey then, smiling like a fox. "Boys are a dime a dozen. Men amongst boys, yadda yadda." He takes a few sips of his drink, rattling the ice around in the glass with a circle of his wrist.

"And anyway, how do you know what's to my liking, Finn? You've never asked." A little bit of a jab, a little bit of a flirt, a little bit of that prodding humor he always seems to have.

The iPhone gets another glance before it's shoved in his pocket along with the tip. Someone hollers a goodbye to him, and Finn looks toward the door, giving a two fingered salute to the group leaving.

"Oh, do you, now? Why's that?" he asks Bailey, tapping her glass to see if she wants a second, then looking over at Nobara's to check the levels on his Russian. A quick sweep of the room tells him no one else is in immediate need of his attentions. Slow Sundays are not so bad.

"I just think you'd like something a bit more refined, is all, doll," he tells the other agent.

Being quick to finish off the second drink she ordered, Bailey says, "A gal's got her reasons." She grins, twisting her now empty glass around on the counter. "I'm gonna go for something a lil different this time around. Do you know how to make an Amor de Cosmos?" A spanish accent comes out as she says the name of the drink.

The latina offers a smirt to Nobara. "A gal could throw out all the cliched phrases she wants about men and boys, but it's more true than not, I've found." She offers with a smirk.

Well, that's surprisingly flattering. Michiyo folds her hands there on the counter, around the glass and its condensing water. A tut of tongue, and a coy glance away, loose locks of black hair falling back behind one shoulder. "Refined? You do know me. But I can get as down and out as anyone, if I have the …incentive. I'm not all class, trust me."

"Ah, well, they have their uses. Like creating the temptress in my stool, for instance. And saving my ass from trouble."

"Una bebida hermosa y dulce," says Finn in an accent just as Virginian as his English, "como usted." He grins again and goes to mix the drink, while glancing over the job at Nobara.

The bartender raises his brows at both. "Glad to know that you have some uses for us lower life forms, after all. And am I cliche?" He glances from Nobara to Bailey. "Don't answer that. You'll bruise my poor fragile little boy's ego." The drink is slid in front of Bailey and he slides over to another patron to refill some beers.

"Ah, el hombre habla espanol. Usted solo fuimos encima de una muesca. Es usted muy amable." Bailey does seem pleasently surprised, although her accent is much more true to the language than Finn's is. "Muchos gracias." She responds once the drink arrives. Her attention is drawn to the other person she has been talking to. "You have a point there." She grins.

Finishing off his own first drink, Nobara slides it over and gestures vaguely towards the tap.

"Give me a bit of water, will you?" Just to wash things down. He utters something after that, vaguely intelligible, and actually an expletive about Spanish in muffled Japanese. It's not his strongest language. He knows enough to not get lost in Mexico. "You're cliche in that charming way that only southern-type boys can be." Don't answer? Too bad! You already asked. It isn't so bad, at least.

"Well shucks, and the compliments just come rollin' in," Finn says with a laugh, getting the glass of water for Nobara. The accent might come on a bit more thick, given the southern boy comment.

A pair of men come up for a pitcher of beer, and Finnegan tries to get them to buy the higher priced brew, to no avail. Another win for Coors, it seems. He smirks at his two nearest patrons as they walk away. "No accounting for taste. I think beer's about the only thing I'm refined about," he tells Nobara. "That okay? I haven't made it since bartending school," he says to Bailey.

Taking a little sip of her drink, Bailey smiles. She seems to be amused by the two men who order a pitcher of Coors. "I can't figure out people who don't go for better tasting beer. When I wanna kick back at home and drink a beer, I ain't looking for no Coors, I'll say that much." And she's not just saying that to be agreeable with the nice bartender, either!

The latina snorts a laugh at the comment about being cliche. "Compliments are the world's way of telling you what you're doing right." She shrugs casually. "And yeah, the drink's perfect!"

"Hey now, I said you were charming!" That's good, right? Don't be facetious, baby! "Compliments are compliments, take'em like a man." Nobara watches the pair who come up to refill the pitcher, making sure to subtly show himself off at all angles, if just to make someone move off kilter. Is all good.

"I enjoy a good microbrew, now and again. Not that beer is a habit. I'm more of a wine man. Mixed drinks." A quirk of eyebrow, and a sip of water.

The bar's starting to lose some steam, so it's easier to chat while Finnegan cleans empty glasses from a group that just filtered out.

"Never been much good at taking or giving them, myself. But you ladies sure know how to brighten a lonely barkeep's night," he says with a smirk, and another surreptitious peek at the iPhone in his pocket. "You girls work today or is it just a lazy Sunday?" he asks, as he moves dirty glasses to the proper place for later cleaning.

"Beer's not for everyone…" Bailey starts to say, though she gives the women near to her a look as 'man' is dropped in there, about wine. While she shouldn't be too surprised, there are drag queens in this city, it just caught her off guard. Her attention slowly turns back to Finn. "It seems you're doing a good job at dishing out a few compliments tonight." She laughs, taking a few more sips of her drink. "Nah, no work for me today. Just a quiet day away from the business of a casino."

"Good god, stop checking your phone. You're making me nervous just looking at you." Nobara scoffs loudly, enough that it is likely now everyone else will be looking to see if Finn takes out his phone again. "You whip it out one more time, I'll bop you in the nose." Even vaguely knowing the man behind Michiyo, it is not an unfounded concept. The wording is a little naughty, to boot. Anyone not privy to the conversation is, of course, only privy to innuendo.

"No work, day off. You should have had the day off too. But I suppose we wouldn't have found you here, hm?" As for Bailey's look- he does know what he said, and any reaction to it is lost amidst fussing with skirt. Ho ho hum~. He's old hat with this.

"I'm going to have a few drinks, confuse a few frat boys, and call it a night."

Finnegan looks up at the loud reprimand, and there's a quick flash of anger around the eyes, but then he forces a smile. "There's something I don't want to miss. My apologies," he says, the tone still warm with that southern drawl, despite the look a moment before. "And I need to work. Vegas is one expensive bitch."

"What casino's that, princess?" he asks Bailey, before reaching for a tip left and murmuring a good night to the patron leaving. "Later, bro."

"Phones, phones, phones. They're everywhere these days, not that I mind. I got one hidden away in my own pockets." Bailey nods to Finn, giving him a little 'don't worry about it' look. At least she doesn't seem to mind his checking. She pulls out a few bills, plus a tip, for Finn and looks at both people. "Well, I know what I'm doing for the rest of the night. I'm gonna try to get some boys to 'pretend' they're horrible at pool in order to let me win. What they don't know is…it ain't gonna help them get lucky at the end of the night." She chuckles. "Can ya blame a gal for wanting to have a lil fun?" She doesn't let them answer before picking up her drink and heading over to one of the pool tables, hips swaying gently.

Getting a rise out of Finn was a bit of work, sure, but worth it. Dark eyes grow a look of cat-in-the-cream contentment, hands folding on the counter again. The smile Finn gets is not forced at all, smooth and at home on those glossy lips. It is all too clear between the two of them, that Nobara got just what he wanted. Why, precisely? He's not going to just give it away.

"I know how that can be. I don't think you'll miss anything, darlin'." Perhaps it was simply to make a point. The queen turns a cheek to watch Bailey saunter away, mouth curving appreciatively before looking back to yonder Virginian bartender. Michiyo speaks softly now, rather gentle, smile lingering. "It'll all come 'round on it's own time… if you worry too much, you'll get yourself sick over it. You'll be the first field he calls."

Anything else is cut short by a long draw of cool water, leaving the thought to hover there.

"Make 'em buy you the drinks while you're at it," Finnegan advises Bailey, before reaching for the money and moving to the till. He glances over at Nobara and gives the slightest shake of his head. It's not a reprimand for the fact Nobara spoke of their other work, but something else.

The till is closed and the tip pocketed. "Well, go play with the frat boys then, just don't lose me any customers, ya hear?" It's rhetorical. Finnegan turns to another patron to refill a pint glass, and doesn't hurry back to talk to his colleague as quickly as he had before.

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