Catch Of The Day

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Where: Construction Site

When: June 25, 2012

What: Two company agents combine forces to secure a proper display for the Fourth.

"No man lasts this long."

A question that many people don't want to hear off the lips of a woman. But normally, such words aren't punctuated with a boom that makes the ground beneath the feet of the company agents shudder and causes the blonde to roll her eyes. Pinned behind some low walls, feet planted on the ground, Tilly risks a peek over the cement then pulls her head back down. "incoming"

Distorted air ripples above them and Tilly pre-emptively tucks her shades back down. "Could be worse. He could be a pyro"

The single hued distortion blooms and fireworks- the best description available - implode beyond them and in the late evening, dusk already settled, it lights up this portion of vegas on the outskirts, inside a construction project. Thus safe from outside views.

"Right? Can't wait to see how long he lasts at the fun things," Amelia says with a waggle of her eyebrows. Her hair is blue tonight, and there's still traces of leather in her attire from her previous engagement which might be making her a little spiky.

"What's he going to do with this, anyway? Besides be incredibly busy at new years and the Fourth. Poor sap, stuck with a silly one. Think we could get at him with the tranqs yet?" She pull up a pair of binoculars to peer closer at the Advanced in question.

"I feel bad you know, for those ones. I mean, there's some shitty end of the stick powers" Which between the both of them, they've seen quite a few. And come across quite a few who just couldn't handle it. "Maybe Linderman will hire him to do the fireworks for the Casino. Mean, shit, between this guy and Benedict, that'd be a fantastic show" and she might actually go see it. "Hey, speaking of Benny. You seen him lately?" Tilly pops her head up again, to peek too and shrugs. "Can you see him?"

"That's true, it is Vegas. If he could make it anywhere, he could make it here." Amelia peers around, hunting out some hint of the target. "Benny? Not for a while. He isn't in any trouble, is— Ha!" She straightens up, pointing toward a hole in what will be a wall one day. "Over there."

"Benny's fine, last I knew. If he wasn't I'm sure he'd be down at the primatech for a tune up and oil change" But Amelia has found he hidey hole and there's a bit of a feral grin on her face, turning to her friend and fellow agent. 'Rock paper scissors?"

"Why do you ask, then? Not getting a crush are we, Till?" Amelia teases as she pulls the binoculars back up to keep an eye on the target. "Oh, you go. You're better with the aiming thing. I'll be right behind you, though. Once I've got a bead on him," she says with a tap to her temple.

"Cheater" Mind you, Cody says the same of her when she uses her own ability on runners when in range and can safely use it. But with a second glance, she's popping around the wall and working her way towards the hole where indeed their Advanced in a hole sticks his own head out. Panicked look on his face - like most Advanced that they inevitably corner and collar - He throws his hand out and Tilly ducks behind a CAT. The man pops back in, but there's a rippling red source of something making it's way toward Amelia. "Heads up!"

"Hell yeah," Amelia says, shameless of her own cheating ways, "but it works out good for you. No firecracker to the face." She creeps closer, too, but before she can get a fix on the man's mind, there's a particular distraction heading her way.

She scrambles out of the way, ducking for cover behind some barrels set out to the side. "Wakes a person up, doesn't it! Hang on…" in her little bit of shelter, she hunts down that new mind, to distract him long enough for Tilly to get a moment.

"So does your hair there ol 'Blue" Tillys narks back, hunkering down and waiting for the okay.

At the edge, it's there. The panicked look also permeating his mind. Running a mile a minute, parsing the locations of the two women and how he can get past them. Like a rabbit, a fine emotional tremor running through him. Amelia's felt this before. A desperate man, who might do stupid things, even as the fireworks implode a good fifty feet behind her.

"That's just what my little Georgie says. I call him the leather aficionado with mommy issues." Amelia goes so far as to fluff her hair, not that Tilly can see. "Now hush up so I can concentrate!" And that she does, forming the thought in the man's mind that it isn't just two women, but a score of armed folk waiting just out of sight in the direction that would make the best escape.

Which makes him bolt. Without thinking further, instinct, he's barreling out of his hole and towards the two company agent, thinking that he can bypass the two women - and they're just women - and not the mass amount of agents elsewhere.

"God you're good" Not knowing what it was that Amelia did, but she did something and the moment the human rabbit comes out of the warren, there's a bark of her gun, and a tranq dart sticking out of the guys arm. It's about 8 more steps before he goes down, like a tree in a forrest and there are no more fireworks coming forth from him.

"hoo boy, Amelia, I caught a big one!" And he is. Fairly hefty. "Must be a two hundred pounder!"

Amelia only pops out of her hiding place when the man goes down, and she lifts her arms in victory before she comes over to administer the black bag over the man's head. "Look at you, gonna get a blue ribbon for this one or I'll be hog tied!" She looks at her watch, then back up at Tilly. "Speaking of, I've left little Georgie hog tied to a bed somewhere."

"You're shitting me" Hands on her hips, Tilly stares at Amelia then shakes her head and gestures to the guy on the ground. "Fine. But you should probably be in a proper outfit and sane hair color before you hit the office. Else Nobara might get jealous" She's already flicking out her phone to call in the containment team to come play fetch.

"Oh, don't worry, I'll be professional again before I make an appearance." Amelia pull out a pair of cuffs to slap on the man for effect rather than out of need. Then she stands up, her hands moving to her hips as she listens to the phone call. "What should we call this one? Sparkles?"

"Nah, already got one like that. How about the Flasher" Handcuffs means even if he wakes up, he'll be easier to maneuver and deal with. "Get your leather doominatrix clad ass going. Before he suffocates from, oh I don't know. Being gagged too long"

"That makes him sound a lot more fun than he is, you know." Amelia looks at her watch again, head tilting to the side. "Haven't lost one yet, I suppose it would be bad form to start now." She gives Tilly a smack on the ass in farewell before she flounces off to wherever she let her car. And her little friend.

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