These are the current and available channels on the mux. Some are faction specific, others are public. Public channels are available for everyone and anyone. Faction specific ones, we ask that only if you are a member of that faction, that you join. If we catch you on the channel of which you are not a member of the faction, we will ask you to turn it off. If there is a channel missing that you feel there's a serious need for, please contact staff or submit a +request and the reason why and we'll see to making a new channel.

Keep in mind that you have no gun to your head to stay in any one channel, and you are welcome to leave a channel or turn it off if you don't like what's being talked about. If something that should be in the mature channel, is being discussed in the Idle Lounge, or any other channel, if there are no staff present, a kind suggestion that perhaps it's better suited for the mature channel - Or game channel for game talk - is a valid suggestion. But if they don't, make note of it and relay to staff. But we do expect that if there is any doubt about where the conversation in question should be, that people will go to the appropriate channel just in case.

Channel Commands

  • To see a list of channels and the protocol for each, type @clist
  • To join a channel, type addcom <alias>=<Channel>
  • To leave a channel forever, type delcom <alias> (also useful for dumping unwanted channel aliases)
  • To toggle a channel on and off, type <alias> off or <alias> on
  • To see a list of all the channels you've joined and their aliases, type comlist
  • To set a comtitle, type comtitle <alias>=<title> (Please keep to a manageable length, or the staff will be forced to change it to something embarrassing)


  • Public - Public channel to converse on, please keep it PG 13 and drama free.
  • Newbie - For the new individuals to the game or those who want to help the newbies.
  • Help - When you have a question, consult this channel and we will do our best to answer.
  • Political - Political talk, goes here.
  • Gaming - Crushing on the latest video game? Nerding out over the latest and greatest toy or who knows what, goes here.
  • Mature - For things PG13+ all the way to R-Rated.

Faction Specific

  • Law - For those involved with the police, FBI and other government affiliated individuals.
  • Linderman - For those who are affiliated with and part of the Linderman faction.
  • Company - For those who are affiliated with and part of the Linderman Faction.
  • Underground - For individuals who are part of the underground.

Faction channels will be updated as more - if they are needed - are added. There will be a staff member at all times, in a channel just in case.

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