Character Page Guidelines

Just a How To for the character page templates here on the wiki. But, first and foremost, information on character pages, as well as in logs you aren't a part of, is all OOC information unless otherwise clearly marked on that page by the player of that character. Never use OOC information as IC knowledge. If you're ever wondering what your character might know about another, just ask!

When you create your character's page, use the character's @name, as it appears on the game. Select Character Page from the Initial Content dropdown menu.

When you've created the character's page, come back and create a redirect. This will make a page that uses the character's name alone to link back to the official char page.

Character Page


The infobox is simple, just a quick glance at the character. Everything should be one to three words, or never more than one line. Keep it simple. Example Below.

Jimmy Roundhouse
Age 45
Gene Status Advanced
Profession Bouncer
Affiliation Linderman Group
Ability Super Strength
Played By Joe Blow


This is for very general information about your character that gives the other players an idea of what your character's about or what they might expect from them.

Devoted cat owner.

Character Information

Here's where we get more detailed. You have the option of copy-pasting information from your app, or giving a shorter version or even bullet points. Make sure you're not adding anything that wasn't in the app, however. It's up to you how much of your app you make public here.

Tall, dark hair and shaped much like a brick wall. There's a scar running across his cheek. Tattoos galore. One is of his childhood pet, a kitten named Mister Scruffy. RIP Scruffy.


Just a place to keep your logs current. Feel free to change the format within the tabs, but keep the months in tabs for cleanliness. It is next to godliness, I hear. For OCs, this is optional, but recommended. For FC's, it's required to keep a current running list of the logs you appear in.

Date Title Who
01/05/1955 I'm a Little Tea Pot Jimmy, Linderman & Timmy

Finishing Touches

If you want to add a picture gallery, do so here but remember, you must upload those pics elsewhere and link to them here. Don't upload a ton of pics to your char page here. If you have more than 5 in the files on your page, some will be deleted.

You can add unique tabs to your page, of course, with the [[tabview]] [[/tabview]] code for a whole new collection of tabs or the [[tab]] [[/tab]] code for adding extra tabs to an established collection. Be careful with stray spaces at the ends of your lines in the tab codes, wiki hates stray spaces.

After hitting save on your page, add tags. Mundane or Advanced, as well as what organization you're in (dashes instead of spaces, such as linderman-group, law-enforcement, etc) or Independent if you're not affiliated with any.

Redirect Page

When you use the redirect button above, it'll take you to the edit page for your character's short-link. This is just the character's name as it appears on the game. For example! Zan's full name is Alexander James Caldecott, but his login name is Zan, so his redirect link is [[[Zan]]], which leads to his full page: [[[charbit:zan]]]. He is free to use Alexander James Caldecott in the title box on his full page, but not as the actual address. Follow me? Hopefully!

Below is what the edit page for the redirects look like:

[[module Redirect destination="charbit:NAME"]]

Replace NAME with your character's login name, so it will read "charbit:bob" or "charbit:sally" in there instead of "charbit:NAME". Save and tada!

And don't forget to add your PB to the Taken Actors list!

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