Jamison Finnegan
Age 33
Gene Status Mundane
Profession Company Agent/Bartender
Affiliation The Company
Ability Negative.
Played By Tom Hardy


  • Southern Boy: He hails from Virginia and you can tell it by the first word.
  • Dishonorable Discharge: Not quite, but pretty close. He was drummed out at VMI in his second year.
  • Bartender: He can pour and chat at the same time. Maybe he's not as dim as he looks.
  • Paper or Plastic? Yes, he'll happily bag and tag you.
  • His full name is Jamison Thaddeus Finnegan, but Jamie or Finn will do.
  • He hails from a renowned family of lawyers, military officers and politicians. His father was a member of the Virginia state legislature; his three older brothers are all lawyers. Think his name is ridiculous? His big brothers are Sterling Jr., Merrill, and Whitney.

Character Information

He's that mix of leanly muscled and baby faced, with short-cropped sandy-brown hair and eyes the color of slate that so often gets called "All American." His oval face is an expressive one, with a forehead prone to furrowing and that will no doubt wrinkle early; his nose is fairly straight with a subtle slant to the right and looks like it may have been broken at least once. Crows feet crinkle in the corners of his eyes when he smiles, and his lips are just a bit fuller than the average man's. His ears stick out just a touch, giving him a sort of earnest countenance.

A couple of inches shy of six feet, he's not quite what one would term "tall," but he has a strong physique that makes him seem a little larger than his 5'10." Broad shoulders taper to a lean, muscled abdomen that looks at home whether wearing a suit and a tie, jeans and a t, or surf shorts and his tats. When he's dressed for success, he looks as clean cut as a Norman Rockwell painting. When he's got his shirt off, a colorful array of tattoos over his shoulders, chest and back give a bit of an edge to those All American looks.


8/23/55 A Matter of Trust Zan This two-member search party doesn't do much searching or partying but more arguing than anything else.
8/26/55 Party Like It's Nineteen-Fifty-Five Amelia, Nobara, Paul, Rylie, Tilly and Zan A Pyrrhic victory as far as Finn is concerned.
8/4/12 When, Not If Nobara and Muni Nobara and Finn have to report to Muni about the problematic climax to their mission.
8/5/12 Boys, Men Bailey and Nobara Nobara checks up on Finn at his other job.
8/7/12 Q and A Muni and Zan There are never enough answers, and Finn's frustration with the mission hits a new peak.


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