Isabelle "Izzy" Paulus
Isabelle "Izzy" Paulus
Age 23
Gene Status Advanced
Profession Research Student/Librarian
Affiliation None
Ability Phasing
Played By Nora Tschirner


  • Librarian! Looking for information? Wanna read books? Here I am!
  • University! Yes, I attend UNLV too. Look me up!
  • Geek? Art? Drama? I do all that stuff.

Character Information

This young woman may almost pass as 'cute', if she were to spend even a little bit of time taking care of her appearance. But as it is, she's as plain-Jane as one can get, It starts with her dark hair, worn in a state of perpetual dishevel, stray bangs and strands always escaping from their intended positions. Her face is thin with a pointed chin, brows never plucked and slightly too thick over green eyes - eyes that are arguably her best features, but unfortunately hidden behind a pair of thick, black-rimmed nerdy glasses. While her nose is unremarkable, her mouth is wide and her lips thin. Her complexion is on the pale side, with a smattering of freckles on her cheeks.

Her build is thin and scrawny, five-foot-five tall with lanky limbs and slender curves. Not that this is obvious, as she favors loose, formless clothes with poorly-coordinated colors. Take the current attire she wears: a gray top that's a size too big for her, over which is a long gray sweater with sleeves that are far too long. A pair of faded jeans trail down to a pair of gray sneakers. If she is eye-catching, it's only because she's about to be arrested by the fashion police.


Date Title Who
05/20/2012 Total Eclipse of the Heart Amelia, Finnegan, Isabelle, Paul, Sibyl & Zan
05/22/2012 Time to switch to decaf Isabelle, Jake, Paul, Rylie & Zan
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MM/DD/YYYY [[[]]]


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