Daniel Linderman
Daniel Linderman
Age 66
Gene Status Advanced
Profession Gentleman Mobster
Affiliation Linderman Group/The Company
Ability Healing
Played By Malcolm McDowell


  • Owns several casinos in Las Vegas, as well as the hotels attached to them
  • Bit of a mobster, that one
  • He was missing in action for several years and only recently has come back into power. He kept his loyal few close, using them as the foundation of his campaign to take back Las Vegas.
  • Linderman doesn't see people. Most likely, those requesting his attention will see his various assistants and thugs.
  • His ties to the mysterious Company are widely unknown, even to those within either organization.


Date Title Who What
25th Second Chances Bruce, Linderman and Rosanna Bruce is given a chance to better his standing in Linderman's eyes.
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