Rosasharn 'Link' Lincoln
Age 28
Gene Status Mundane
Profession Mechanic and Bounty Hunter
Affiliation Law Enforcement
Ability None
Played By Ruby Rose


  • She and her mother run a local mechanics shop (Give Me a Brake) that's been a staple of the area for close to 30 years. It has a good reputation.
  • Parents divorced in her teens, stayed with mom
  • Dad committed suicide sometime soon after the divorce
  • Link turned to trouble, drugs and violence during this time
  • A brush with the law turned her around, she went on to clean up and get a degree in criminal justice
  • Works as a bounty hunter and as a mechanic in her mom's shop.

Character Information

Capping her 5'7" height, is mop of carelessly tousled, glossy raven black hair, bangs slightly longer than the rest, framing a defined feminine face with high cheekbones, a prominent jaw, carefully arched brows, thick jet black lashes and sapphire blue eyes. A slightly crooked nose perhaps gives the impression of being broken at least once. Full lips smeared with a glossy red color and white, even teeth complete her facial features.
Her frame is tan and toned, and somewhat more muscular than most females while remaining distinctly feminine with her defined collar bones, slim shoulders, the curve of her breasts, gentle dip of her waist and flaring of her hips. Her legs are long and athletic looking, toned, her body marred by the nicks and callouses of her trade, on her hands, and by the permanent ink etched into her skin at her shoulder, above her left breast and on her back.
Most days she can be found wearing black paramedic style pants tucked into black combat boots, the pockets of the pants stuffed with a number of things on any given day, such as a wrench, socket or screwdriver. Her shirt is a black tee with the sleeves rolled up, a pack of cigarettes rolled into one. When her shirt lifts, with the movement of her arms, a rose style navel ring peeks out. Occasionally there's a camouflage coat thrown over the ensemble, but more often than not, her arms are bare. No jewelry or other adornments can be seen.


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