Nobara Minawa
Nobara Minawa
Age 28
Gene Status Advanced
Profession Company Agent
Affiliation The Company
Ability Plasma Bombs
Played By Leehom Wang


  • Born on May 21st, 1984. Wood Rat, Gemini.
  • If you've got 'special skills', as it were, don't misbehave on his watch. He takes his job very seriously.
  • Nobara also goes by the name Michiyo, as he sometimes presents himself as female, or in drag garb.
  • Nobara's parents, Haruo and Mei-Lan, currently live in Tokyo. His father is still an active agent of the Company.
  • Takes full advantage of the hedonist pursuits that Las Vegas has to offer. It's as if he was made for the place.
  • He has a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology (Biological concentration/minor) from San Francisco State University.
  • Currently has a residence at Rose Glenn, in Winchester.

Character Information

At over 5'9" and an athletic 155 pounds, Nobara Minawa cuts a handsome figure, though soft in its leanness. Asian ethnicity gives him a middling skin tone, though not pale; his build is strong without being too bulky or too wiry, and he carries himself fluidly, almost always bouncing on his heels, or shifting his otherwise good posture. His voice is smooth, without being too deep- it is more playful than masculine. Overall, his facial features are attractive as either gender, always smiling, and using such androgyny to play along with his heritage. An oval face and clear complexion, dark and expressive almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones, a low-set though straight nose, soft lips. He wears his natural black hair in mid-length hairstyles, never keeping it too short.

He dresses very well for both genders, and his figure tends toward the side of average, slender though it is. As a man, there is favor towards business casual while he is on the job, though punkish casual and comfortable casual works for him as well. Slacks, jeans, leathers, cotton shirts, button-ups, blazers, maintained sneakers, boots- it runs the gamut, though he is always clean and well-groomed. With female street-clothes, there is a reliance on skirts and dresses more often than not, but it is otherwise similar. Colorful and attractive, without being gaudy; wigs and hair extensions also run the gamut, and make-up is more a tool to refine a look than to create one. When in drag, it seems to be the opposite; he goes for gold on far more expensive looks, with even flashier clothing, hair, and make-up.

Nobara also possesses the 'tracker mark', made by the pneumatic isotope injection given by The Company.


* Note: Some logs with this character have not been posted, therefore there are some context gaps in public logs.


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