Amelia Miller
Amelia Miller
Age 28
Gene Status Advanced
Profession Company Agent
Affiliation Company
Ability Telepathy
Played By Alexi Le Trash


  • Company brat. She was literally raised by and in the Company.
  • Specializes in undercover ops.
    • Once posed as a member of La Vida Mala called Ophelia.
    • Knows Kai under the name Amy, who is a local showgirl.
    • Spends time in various BDSM communities under the name Black Rose.
  • Amelia's telepathy will show like this in logs.


Date Title Who What
September 6, 1955 Popsicle Stand Amelia, the Doctor, Finnegan, Nobara, Patrick McGinty and Tilly A negotiation is… attempted.
9th Welcome Home Amelia, Rylie, and Zan After weeks in absence, Rylie is delivered out of Company custody to resume her life and rebuild her memories.
20th Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms Amelia and Finnegan Drinks are had, banter is shared, and Amelia gets what every bartender groupie wishes she could.


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