Paul Lindrum
Paul Lindrum
Age 28
Gene Status Advanced
Profession Acquisitions
Affiliation Crain Corporation
Ability Emotional Projection
Played By Teddy Sears


  • A cog in the Crains' corporate machine. But a well-paid cog.
  • Midwest accent.
  • Stick in the mud.
  • Adopted. Okay with it.

Character Information

Short blond hair combed straight, clear blue eyes, clear complexion, square jaw. In another life, he might have been a surfer, but he'd need a tan for that. And a smile. And a change of outfit; he's wearing a dark jacket, slacks and loafers, a light blue shirt with matching silk tie and handkerchief.


Date Title Who
08/26/1955 Party Like It's Nineteen-Fifty-Five Amelia, Finnegan, Nobara, Paul, Rylie, Tilly & Zan


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