Raleigh Kerrigan

"Art is always criticized and always an outsider gets the blame."

Raleigh Marie Kerrigan
Age 25 years old
Gene Status Advanced
Profession Tattoo Artist
Affiliation None
Ability Cryokinesis
Played By Megan Massacre


Raleigh (pronounced Ray-Lee) is a talented tattoo artist who owns Slingin' Ink, a small tattoo shop. Most of her clients and fan base stems from word of mouth. She is originally from Denver, Colorado by way of Port Alexander, AK. A town of less than a hundred people. She moved to Denver in her teens to attend the Denver School of Arts and then finally to Las Vegas to open up her tattoo shop.


Character Information

Raleigh stands five foot, four inches tall and looks to be in her early- to mid-twenties. She has thick black hair, medium length, which has dark blue tint under the light and frames her angular face. She has a lean and athletic build. Green eyes stare out with a hint of some hidden knowledge. Above her eyes are two thin eyebrows. She has a fairly short and narrow nose, and a mouth that is well shaped, which can look very mean or extremely generous, but always looks sensual and her eyes are kind. An ample pair of breasts rests on her chest. On her right temple, she has a number of small stars tattooed. Some of her visible flesh are covered with various tattoos. Both of her ears are pierced numerous times and she has the middle of her nose and the right side of her lower lip pierced. She has quarter inch fingernails that are painted black.

She is dressed in a tight black fishnet shirt with long sleeves. Under the fishnet shirt is a black spaghetti strap shirt that fits tight against her body, showing off her form. On front of the shirt is a picture of a black cat that has a mouse head in it's mouth with the words 'One Mean Pussy' written above it. She is also wearing a pair of baggy black pants with red stitching that have dozens of silver zippers places all over them and ends at her mid-calf. They are held up by a neon pink belt that has several silver skulls all over it. On her feet are a pair of white ankle socks and black sneakers that have neon pink shoe laces. A silver chain is hooked to one of her front belt loops and disappears into her back pocket.

On her wrists are a matching set of black leather bracelets that have a two rows of half inch spikes. Her fingers have three or four rings on each of them of various shapes and sizes. She has a fuzzy hot pink choker that have a single row of silver square studs and a small silver razor blade that hangs from the front of the choker.




Date Title Who Summary
15th Bang Bang Bailey, Ian, Nobara, Raleigh, and Ricky Can't this city go a night without shots being fired?
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