Rylie Abrams
Rylie Abrams
Age 22
Gene Status Advanced
Profession Mayor's PA & party DJ
Affiliation None
Ability Power Amplification
Played By Jennifer Lawrence


  • Rylie works in the Mayor's office as his personal assistant. She's a familiar face to anyone who pays attention. Some tabloids are gutsy enough to claim extramarital activities between them, but while the public may believe, those closest to them know it's rubbish.
  • But in a more fun matter, she's a well known DJ at parties around Vegas. Not at the big casinos, but the more private, crazier gatherings that go on.

Character Information

First things first, she's young and blonde and certainly well put together. Curves that sit well on her tall figure. Hazel eyes and full lips that sneak into a smile often enough. She dresses almost always in skirts, pencil for business, something flowier or shorter for fun, and she likes her high heels as well.


Rylie has people. She loves people! Beyond this tab is a list of who she likes and probably why! (Also, people she doesn't like, because they're mean.) An endless work in progress!


Date Title Who What
9th Welcome Home Amelia, Rylie, and Zan After weeks in absence, Rylie is delivered out of Company custody to resume her life and rebuild her memories.
12th Thrill Rides Rylie and Zan A spontaneous trip to the desert allows for some flying.
17th The Rhythm of a Memory Rylie and Zan Rylie unlocks a door and finds some of her memories.
20th Giant Leap for Zankind Rylie and Zan The relationship wobbles, but makes a solid comeback.


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