Shay Morgan
Shay Morgan
Age 22
Gene Status Advanced
Profession Street Performer
Affiliation Linderman
Ability Friction Manipulation
Played By Pixie Lott


Shay is part of a street performance group known as Urban Guerrillaz. Her "codename" in the group is Cipher. She stands out as the girl who does magic and seemingly impossible feats during the magic/parkour/dance performance. The show is quite spontaneous, often moving and using different landmarks around the Strip and nearby sidestreets. They don't have a formal schedule yet.

Linderman Group: Feel free to pull Shay in to do stuff. She Owes him, after all.

Character Information

Shay's got the fresh out of college look going on most of the time, and why not, considering she's of that age. With a decent height and build for modeling potential, her appeal originates from innate, effusive charm and physical fitness enhanced by the fantasy of the blond beauty. Long light blond hair sweeps down and shines around her bright hazel-green eyes. She's aware of her appearance and concerned enough about being feminine that she's rarely out and about without at least a "five-minute face". She has a dimpled smile that gives her a youth and optimism not necessarily fitting with the many different styles she might be clothed in, nor might it serve her if she were trying to be serious. She loves to dress in splashes of color and pattern, and is all about accessories. Particularly shiny ball chains. In even closer inspection, she is not without flaws; the small nicks and scars here and there suggest a life lived in some riskier, rough-and-tumble ways.


Date Title Who What
06/04/2012 Ezquites Paul & Shay Four minutes and twenty-three seconds later…
06/06/2012 Government Bailout Rylie, Shay & Zan A friend in need is a friend in… need…


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