Terri Willett
Terri Willett
Age 36
Gene Status Mundane
Profession Detective
Affiliation Law Enforcement
Ability None
Played By Poppy Montgomery

Character Information

Terri is a mundane detective, who seems to always get saddled with the strange cases that make no sense. She's got her thumb on the underbelly of the city, particularly the Advanced underbelly, and because of this, she's often stuck trying to explain and close a case with information that no one would believe. This means she's been passed over for promotions and sometimes, on occasion looked at weird. But she does, because if she doesn't, who else would?

She stands tall with a mass of blond hair, the rich shade of gold one finds in old paintings mixed with a pale, almost white along with a hint of red, streaked together, each color blending into the next where it hangs down her back when not pulled up. Her rounded face holds defined cheeks that are at contrast with a stubborn jaw. Her skin maintains a light tan from her outdoor activities that contrasts with the unique blue-green of her eyes. An elegant nose sits able pouty red lips that finishes off her features. Makeup may be worn at times, but seems to highlight the girl-next-door quality she possess: glossy rose lipstick upon her lips, kohl eyeliner that draws attention to her eyes, and highlighting her cheekbones is an almost chaste blush, pink blossoming into rose. Curvy, and yet trim with an athletic build, she shows a certain vigor that only the healthy can hold.

Generally, her clothing consists of business casual outfits, pairing slacks with shirts and a jacket as needed. When on duty, she wears her badge on her belt, along with her service gun and handcuffs.


Adele Willett: Mother. Mundane. Has worked her butt off to raise her daughters and give them what she could. She's worked a variety of odd jobs over the years from waitress, secretary, child care, and others. Terri helps her out where she can. Still lives in the same house that Terri grew up in.

Hannah Willet Davidson: Sister. Mundane. 31. Married with twin 5yr old sons. Went to school and finished as a vet tech. She works in the clinic co-owned with husband in the suburbs of LV.

Will Davidson: Brother-in-Law. Mundane. Veterinarian. Owns his own small clinic. A good man happily married to Terri's sister. Caring father.

Aiden and Caden Davidson: Nephews. Mundane. The joy of Terri's life. She loves them to death and spends as much time as she can with them. She is the Aunt who takes them to the park, brings them fishing, and not scared to get dirty.


Date Title Who Summary
26th It's Our Case Terri and Tilly Terri's not loosing a case to a different government official. It's far worse. She has to share it.
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