Tobie Presley
Tobie Presley
Age 19
Gene Status Advanced
Profession College Student
Affiliation None
Ability Chemical Generation
Played By Lily Allen


  • Tobie was in school to become a vet
  • Unfortunately, she is currently missing

Character Information

Tobie is a sliver of a thing. She's short and thin and looks like it's been a while since she's slept. Or eaten. But those who know her know this is just how the girl looks. She could be rather pretty under all that, by the looks of things. Her hair is black and long, but scraggly and unkempt. She tends to toss it up, possibly with pencils, and let it do its own thing. Her skin is pale, in line with her overall frail look, and her eyes are wide and a soft brown in color. Her posture is awful, her shoulders hunched when she stands and her back in a slouch when she sits. She seems to be trying to curl in on herself at times. Shy, perhaps. Her voice is soft and a bit high in pitch, although not obnoxiously so. It embodies her timidity, in volume and in her stilted sentences.


Date Title Who What
1st Party Favors Lea, Nicholas, Ophelia, Oz, Rylie, Terri, Thea, Tobie and Zan A certain gang decides to take out an annoyance and find more than they bargained for. But the more the merrier?
8 th I Will Speak Daggers to Her I Nicholas, Rylie, Thea, Tobie and Zan Some of the captives encounter an unusual source of trouble. And get rid of it.
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