Zan Caldecott
Alexander "Zan" Caldecott
Age 20
Gene Status Advanced
Profession Student at UNLV
Affiliation None
Ability Solar Powered Flight
Played By Brett Dier


  • Born August 13, 1993.
  • Film student at UNLV, hoping to be a screenwriter one day. He's recently been granted funds to produce his first movie.
  • Mayor's youngest son, though he doesn't like to rely on his family legacy and almost never drops names.
  • Might be picky about his food. Or that nuance might be of some other reason.

Character Information

Zan stands at an even six feet tall. He's lean built, muscular but not bulky. He moves with an easy, laid back grace, confidence in himself that doesn't usually cross into cockiness.
Zan has lighter brown hair, typically kept short and clean cut. He's got blue eyes and a still-young usually clean-shaven face. He's also got a hashmark-like scar on the back of his neck.



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