Company Policies

Policies & Rules

While there are many company policies, each location likely having their own house rules, the Las Vegas operation adheres to the following. If you are a company agent, please take note. You will be expected to follow them.

  • One of them, one of us. You will be partnered almost exclusively in pairs with one Mundane, and one Advanced. There may on occasion be an exception to this depending upon assignments and incidences that come up.
  • All company agents will carry a handgun, and a tranquilizer gun. It's up to the agents discretion which will be used at any given time, but be prepared to reap the consequences should you use either.
  • What happens in the Company, stays in the company. We are a secret organization. No one should know about us. Primatech Paper is the front, and the only front. Do not get caught by the authorities. You will not like the consequences.
  • All Advanced agents have been injected with the isotope used to track advanced individuals. No exceptions. Mundane agents can volunteer to be tagged, for their safety as well, but it is not required.
  • Retired Company agents can do so, with the knowledge that should they divulge any of their actions or activities, there will be consequences. Those who are considered too high a risk to retire have either found their memories severely lacking - and on occasion replaced with something else should the right person be around - or, as some rumors have it, have just never been found again.
  • Not all Company agents are Primatech employee's. Some have cover jobs in the government, as well as more mundane jobs. All the better to keep an eye on the advanced population in Vegas.

Security Clearance Levels

Not everyone has the clearance level for all things company. For obvious reasons. Clearance levels increase with time and as such, so do specific levels of the the company buildings below their fronts. When you create a company character, you will be informed of your clearance level. Should during the course of RP, you end up in the need to know, your level will be adjusted and made note of. If you have questions not answered by the table below, please contact staff.


Level Clearance Example
Level 1 Basic knowledge and clearance. Individuals who work the front as a legitimate job and have no knowledge of what goes on beyond the norm. To individuals with this clearance, this really is just a paper company.
Level 2 Entry level Company workers, lackeys, assistants to those of lower level clearance or even front workers in the know. They know this is the company, and are the first line of defense between those who don't and those who do and keep the front working. They have access to the warehouse and offices, but not to the back rooms and lower levels.
Level 3 This is the clearance of your average agent, scientist and medical profession in the Las Vegas office and other offices throughout the country and world. They have access to all the files that are not top secret, access to all the facilities found in Primatech paper except for the bottom floor where the more dangerous advanced individuals who are under observation are kept.
Level 4 High level officials and agents within the company, they have access to all the floors, including the bottom observation floor. It's a rare individual who will have this, and usually a senior agent at the least. Occasionally through actions and investigations, it won't be uncommon to momentarily gain this level of clearance as an agent.
Level 5 Top secret, hush hush. This is the clearance level that very few agents or even people have. Those with this clearance tend to not be found at the Primatech Facility but are located elsewhere. A few of the scientists and doctors retain this due to the nature of Level 5 as both a security clearance and as the location of the most dangerous of individuals, been they advanced or mundane. This, is a rumor, to those who are agents. To achieve level 5 clearance means you are moving up in the company. Or perhaps, moving into level 5 yourself.

Level 5

Level 5 in the theme and game refer's to not just a security clearance level, but also known as the location to where advanced individuals bagged and tagged and deemed far too dangerous to be re-intergrated into society or even brought into the company fold as an agent, are disappeared to. A rumor, and what seems to be nothing more - to most - is in fact a very real thing.

Those with the appropriate clearance level know of it's location, and those who have visited it, don't speak of it, even usually to those who share this same clearance. Beware company agents, of Level 5.

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