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Where: A Diner

When: August 22, 2012; Early Afternoon

What: Just what should they expect for this thing, anyway?

It's a little past the lunch rush, but still early enough to qualify as the intended meal. And it's about the only time Zan could find in the day to even try to catch up with a couple of people. Interestingly enough, his brother had received the first calling invitation with background noise implying that the younger of the Caldecott boys was between classes. And Raleigh was party to the second, that one partially muffled by traffic. Plans were set for both to meet him at a diner not far from the DA's office while the afternoon was still very young.

He's already there when the two arrive, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans today and parked at a booth. He's obviously between classes, or possibly skipping one to focus on another. He's got a couple of books out, taking up table space, a notebook with his typical chicken-scratch notes that seem only half legible at a glance. His camera sits on the table as well, turned off and closest to the window. Not taking chances with it falling or worse. The eraser end of a pencil taps against the notebook while his eyes seem to bore into the pages of one textbook. Homework while he waits.

Timothy comes in the door, looking, as he usually does when he's been in the office, a little bit harried and a lot not all the way present. His mind is clearly on his work, for all that he hasn't brought it with him, and he moves over to join his brother at the table, with a nod of greeting. "Afternoon," he offers.

Raleigh moves into the place after finishing up with her last appointment. She looks around for a moment before she heads off towards an empty table to get herself a late lunch. Under one harm, she has her sketchbook handy so she can work on her design for her next appointment after her lunch break. She makes herself comfortable as she waits for the waitress to come over and take her order. As she waits for the waitress, she starts working on the design.

"Hey," Zan replies without actually looking up. As Timothy slides into the booth, he makes a show of moving his books aside, a long practiced ritual that never seems to help the lack of space on the table top. A moment or two more passes before he relents the work and drops his pencil into the bindings of the book. The cover is folded over to close the text before it's set aside completely.

The younger Caldecott looks up as he pulls his pack closer, and like his older brother, the midnight oil was likely burned last night. He, too, looks tired and distracted. "Sorry to call you away, got an acquaintance who's hopefully —" He raises a hand and makes a smallish wave to catch Raleigh's attention. "You ever been to any conferences? They anything like those benefits Dad hosts?"

"Conferences?" Timothy questions, a little bit surprised, and then he thinks for a long moment, and then his face gets the court-neutrality that his brother's all too familiar with, statement that whatever Tim's answer to come on the question is, it's the final answer not to be argued with. "No." Then he frowns. "Sorry. Lawyers tend for the lecture series, and sometimes some panel type discussions hosted at various universities. Wasn't ever much of one for the things outside the field." At least he sounds genuinely apologetic.

Raleigh finally looks up at the waitress as she arrives to take her order with a warm smile. "Hey. Can I get a burger, fries and Dr. Pepper?" She offers as her order which the waitress writes down before heading off to deliver the order and to get the drink. Raleigh returns her attention to the drawing at hand, not noticing Zan or his guest at the moment.

"Guess I'll treat it like one of Dad's things." Zan shrugs, unconcerned. "Black tie thing." He rubs the back of his head, fingers raking through his hair. He shakes his head as his hand lowers again and a glance ticks off toward Raleigh. As if just remembering he'd tried catching her attention. A sugar packet is picked up, and after a quick look to see if anyone's watching — Timothy aside, that is — he tosses the little pack at the tattooed woman.

Tim shakes his head a moment. "It depends on the field, the scope," he informs his younger brother. "It's not going to be black tie, necessarily, unless there's a banquet or gala while you're there, but it'll be business-formal." The older Caldecott seems more concerned with getting the attention of the waitress, which he does relatively easily. A quick question from her, and Timothy nods. "Yes, the usual, but, coke instead of water. And his," a gesture to Zan, "is on my bill, please."

Raleigh smiles up at the waitress as she drops off drink before she moves off to take care of Tim. Raleigh returns to her drawing just as she is assaulted by a flying sugar packet. This causes her to look up and search for the source, finally spotting Zan. She offers a smirk and holds up the packet for him as if asking if it's his. "Are you stalking me or something?" She asks with a soft chuckle before she picks up her soda and takes a drink.

"You didn't get my message," Zan counters with a question, though he offers an apologetic shrug along with it. It was safe to assume, since Raleigh had shown up at this particular diner. He breaks off from talking to her to place his order with the waitress, a cheeseburger and a Coke. Then, as she moves off to place orders, he looks toward the tattoo artist again, tipping his head in invitation to join the booth.

"It's a tech conference," the younger Caldecott goes on to explain. "Figured it's probably rubbing elbows with some high end people, so black tie might be the better option. Better overdressed than under, right? Can always take the tie off to look more casual."

Raleigh smirks as she shakes her head. "No. I didn't get any message." She says with a shrug before she takes another drink from her soda as Zan places his order. At the invitation, she shrugs and gathers up her things and moves over to join the table, setting her things down before she sets her soda down on the table, glancing towards Tim then to Zan.

"Your secretary sucks," Zan points out when Raleigh joins the booth. He helps make a bit more room by stuffing his books into his backpack, the camera going in last of all. He glances toward Tim as well, as he tugs the zipper closed, then looks at Raleigh again and shrugs. "This is my brother. Timothy. Tim, this is Raleigh. She does tattooing and… such. Anyway." He addresses the artist now. "I was wondering if you found anything out about that tech conference. I couldn't find much of anything useful out myself."

Raleigh chuckles with a smirk. "I am my secretary." She grins and looks over to Tim as the introductions are made. "Nice to meet you." She says before she looks back to Zan and shakes her head. "No. I was out most of the day yesterday and went to sleep when I got home. Today, I've had a bunch of appointments, so I was going to do some research on the conference tonight." She says as she takes another sip from her soda.

"Nice to meet you, Raleigh," Tim says in return, nodding, but for now this isn't his conversation so much, and he pulls out his phonean iPhoneas it buzzes. Then abruptly sets it down on the table, face down, ignoring it.

Zan glances at Tim, brows ticking upward when the phone comes out. "Is it Mom, or Dad," he asks, only half joking. Then to Raleigh, "Oh, you're… Sorry. Today's a busy class day. I stayed up most of the night trying to learn anything about our host. But all I could find on the conference is that it seems pretty high end stuff." High end as in government or laboratory class.

Raleigh chuckles softly at Zan's comment to Tim, but remains silent since it's not her business. She raises an eyebrow and looks to Zan as he mentions the type of conference they were invited to. It's definitely not the type of thing she'd normally be invited to. She's mostly invited to tattoo conventions. She tilts her head slightly as she looks to Zan. "Why would they invite me? And for free?"

Timothy shakes his head at Zan a few times. "It's Madison, actually. I'll call her back though," he explains, with a bit of a shrug. His food comes, a hot dog and french fries and a soda, and Tim turns to pay attention to that.

"Shouldn't she be in school," Zan wonders aloud, glancing toward his brother's phone. And why would she be calling the eldest brother anyway? He shakes his head and looks at Raleigh, offering up a shrug for an answer. "Maybe they have new techniques or equipment for your line of work? And likewise, why would they invite me? I'm a college student, hell, a film student for that matter. Doesn't seem quite like the locale for someone like me either."

Raleigh smiles as her food arrives along with the others, offering a thanks before she takes the ketchup and puts a little on her plate to dunk the fries in. "Well, in either case, I'm kinda curious about this conference. Maybe they want us to talk about our respective fields or something." She offers with a shrug as she gets her burger ready to eat.

"Me too." Though for a second, Zan seems a little apprehensive. A glance ticks toward his older brother again. He begins to settle back into his seat as the food arrives, pausing to dig out his own phone. A breath is let out with a shake of his head, resigned, though the phone is pushed back into the pocket it came from. Then he wraps his hands around his burger to focus on lunch.

Timothy shrugs his shoulders, belatedly, at Zan's question about their sister. "I'm sure it'll be fine," he offers, to one of them or perhaps both of the younger people that he's at the table with. Tim gives his phone a look, taps out a text message.

Raleigh's eyes moves between the two as they speak, finishing with her burger, she adds the finishing touches by adding a few fries into the burger before she replaces the top bun and picks it up to take a bite. She nods in approval as she chews and washes it down with her soda. "So, is Tim going to be going to this conference with us?" She asks Zan as Tim types out the text message on his phone.

A look ticks toward Tim while Zan mulls over his mouthful of burger. "Don't know. Guess it depends on if the pass is Guest plus one, or if he gets an invite of his own. As for why he's here, I asked him to meet me here too since our schedules almost never match. Needed brotherly advice on how to present myself at this thing."

"Not my thing," Timothy says, quickly. "The DA's office keeps me busy, and even when I'm not there I'm still working," he explains further, beginning to pick at his french fries, and offers Raleigh a shrug and a bit of a smile. Phone buzzes again, cutting off whatever the elder Caldecott was going to say next.

Raleigh takes a few more bites of the burger as the others speak, nodding her head slightly as she listens. "That's cool. At least, now, if I ever get in trouble, I'll know someone in the DA's office to help bail me out." She says with a playful smirk on her lips as she looks to Tim before she looks back to Zan. "Since I won't know anyone else there most likely, you wanna meet up at the conference or something?"

One shoulder rises upward, as Zan's taken another too-big bite of burger while Tim and Raleigh exchange words. "I guess," he answers after his mouthful has been mostly managed. The rest is gracelessly hidden behind his burger, gaze kept on his plate. "If you want to, we can meet there. No telling who's going to be at that thing, though."

Raleigh nods her head as she smiles at Zan. "Trust me. The people I know don't usually go to conferences about nonotech. So I highly doubt I'll know anyone who is there." She says before she picks up a fry and dips it into the ketchup before she eats it. "Have you remembered where you saw that one guy from?"

His burger isn't very interesting, but Zan studies it carefully. "Think I've seen him around campus," he answers, casually offhanded. "Recruiter for some company or another. Or something. Or I've seen someone that looks like him, somewhere." He shrugs, fairly dismissive of the stranger from the bus.

Raleigh thinks for a few moments as she wonders if the company is trying to recruit them for something or whatever company the man works for. "Well, if he is a recruiter, I've already got a job that I like. I don't think I need another one." She says before she picks up her burger again and takes a bite.

The elder Caldecott listens to the conversation without butting in, sipping his soda and texting further, before looking up, but Tim addresses Raleigh, not Zan. "So you tell them that," he offers. "Firmly rather than politely, if you have to." There's an odd hint to his tone that he has experience, perhaps.

Zan pauses in taking another bite off his burger to look up at Tim, almost incredulous. But instead of saying anything, he shakes his head and turns away to drag his backpack up on his shoulder. "I need to make my next class," he explains as he climbs out of the booth, the last of his burger still in hand. "Thanks for lunch, Tim. Raleigh, I'll meet you outside the conference."

Raleigh looks to Tim and nods her head once. "I'm going to. I do it at the conference if they approach us there. Might as well use the pass they gave me. Maybe they'll have something cool there." She says with a smile before she looks to Zan as he excuses himself. "Thanks. It was nice seeing you again and I'll see you at the conference."

Timothy shoots his brother a look in response. "You're welcome, Zan," he says nonetheless, then pauses, then doesn't actually say anything. Then there's a nod, to Raleigh, and Tim's phone buzzes, again, but it's a call, and he answers it. "Sorry," he offers her, pursing his lips. "Tim—" pause. "You did what? Okay. Yeah." Cash is dug out and left on the table to cover the bill and tip (and Raleigh's lunch too), as Timothy gets up. "Okay Maddie. Yeah. Fifteen minutes." Zan is the next one to receive an apologetic look from Timothy, but the older Caldecott wastes no time in heading for the door this time.

The look is returned, though it's anyone's guess what Zan's thinking. Muscles tighten in his jaw after a moment and his eyes tick over to Raleigh. He gives her a nod before following his brother out, the remainder of his burger getting tossed into a waste bin in passing, and while the older Caldecott turns one way, he goes the other without another word for his brother.

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