Crain Corporation

Finding a foothold in Vegas with the sudden absence and lessening of the Linderman Group's influence on Vegas, the Crain Corporation originally of Los Angeles made the bold move to Vegas and started horning in on the territory four years ago. Run by Celia Crain and her son Gordon Crain, they are much like the Linderman group with their rumored back room dealings, less than savory activities but on the front, a successful corporation that's known to savagely devour ailing companies, cannibalize them and sell their parts off to turn a massive profit.

They took advantage of the hole created by the disappearance, marking territory, forging alliances with those who thought and still do think, that Linderman's reign is over and saw a future with the well connected Crain Corporation. While Linderman may still own over half the town of Las Vegas, Celia Crain and her son have seen to it that they own the other half and with the re-emergence of her old rival, she won't be just handing it back to him.

Chain of Command
Position Name
President Celia Crain
Vice-President Gordon Crain

Members of the Crain Corporation

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