Da Bing -- Currently Closed!

Chains and padlocks are currently holding Da Bing closed, lights are off, and employees are left to assume they need to find another job.

Da Bing, such a cliche name, for a pretty cliche place, after all it is a strip club. As one enters, they can see two solid looking bouncers, and a few more out on the floor. There is several stages in the expansive building, not to mention, a balcony encompassing the whole thing, where VIP members, and employees, can watch the ongoings from above. Every half hour or so, a bouncer makes his way up from the stair case to do the rounds, and ensure that nothing unusual is happening in the private rooms and lounges. If one thing can be decided, it is that the girls here are treated well, with respect, and few ever worry about a drunk patron trying to rough them up.

Stages,they stand out, because of the lights, the poles, and the walkways. The girls seem to come out of a back area, where security watches, and they even have a PIN identifier to get in. The four main stages circle around the bar, ensuring no one is ever far away from the goodies, and have stairs so amateur dancers can be invited up with ease. A few smaller platforms are built in large circular tables around the establishment, with recessed lighting to ensure maximum quality of enjoyment. Course, rumors abound that with enough money, one can get more then a strip tease in a VIP Room, but these are after all, just rumors, and given the fact security seems to frown on this occurring in general. Speaking of security? Look carefully, there is cameras spread through out this place, and it seems security hire goes armed, and legally so, they entertain a lot of Casino Executives and the occasional big wig or star.

Liquor, it's here in the plenty, a full sized bar, with several scantily clad females working it, and with a back room that is often closed which stores liquor. Every half hour one of the girls puts a bottle between her cleavage and lets patrons drink out of with a straw. A nice touch, and all manner of classy, right? Drink specials seem to be going at some point or another, when ever an alcohol sponsor springs for a free case of this or that, making the place a decent dive for the drunks out there, if they can afford cover charge and drink limits. Three minimum, pretty steep, but it helps keep out the lowlifes.

Course, rumors abound of the owner, Topper Nash, whom is scene some times entertaining guests in the VIP, a lot of foreigners, and more then one or two suspected local gang leaders. But no one is ever certain, after all, with the smoke, the noise, and the flashing lights and pulsing music, it isn't clear just what he does here. He owns it, he takes his cut of the action, he's friendly with clients, and tries to keep the girls out of trouble, but he rarely gets involved directly with the scene. When he's around, he's often watching from the Balcony, as if looking for the next girl to hire or the like. Indeed, every Friday night, he supports Amateur night, giving out a fifty dollar cash prize, along with a free night of drinks. It isn't much, but it keeps people coming.

Important Events


  • Seized by the Federal Government.
  • Formerly owned by Topper
  • Has a bouncer named Mimi
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