Da Bing Raid

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Where: Da Bing

When: April 19, 2012

What: Officers searching Da Bing find more than they were looking for.

Three hours isn't that uncommon an amount of time that one spends in places on the strip. Even in Da Bing where ordinarily ladies in scant amounts of clothing dance too and fro, tempting the customers with goods that they won't get to touch. Usually.

Today though, three hours in, they've only scraped the the surface of Da Bing. The owner already down at the station and sitting in a room, waiting to be questioned, it's a madhouse here. Employee's sequestered off to the side who were present, being questioned by cops, camera bulbs flash as pictures are taken of the place and even more cops are combing through the back office. Two and a half hours ago, specialists had to be called in to deal with a door that they couldn't get through conventionally.

That didn't bode well for Topper.

Watling's beside Terri, on the phone with his wife. "Yeah. No. No. Just put aside a plate. I'll see you then" His thumb jabs at a button and cuts off the line. "She was expecting me home tonight. Not happy. But you know…" THat's the life of a detective. He's about to ask Terri something when the both of them are interrupted by a shout from the back room - The office.

"Detective! You're going to want to come and see this!" One of the techs is poking his head out the door, waving the both of them towards the office.

Three hours, and while things turn a little madhouse, Terri seems calm and collected. She might mentally have her fingers crossed that her hunch has paid off so the Captain doesn't wring her neck or anything. At least there's some excitement with the door they had to call in specialists in to deal with. Half listening to Watling, she glances to him as he hangs up, "Sorry, but.." Before she might say anything further, there comes the shout from the back which has her already moving towards the Office, "What's up?" Weaving her way about the tables, steps take her into the back room to where the office might be.

"Don't be. Not your fault. She prefers that I'm a detective instead of a beat cop" means less chance of flat out getting shot. The shout call his attention too and he lets Terri go first as they meander to the office.

Inside, tools of the trade of breaking in have been scattered about a designated area, but the door is open, some finesse taken and those hours to crack it. Only two people have gone in further, and it'll take them down a set of stairs that circle around to directly beneath the club. In here, a safe room it looks like, being constructed in secret. There will be no permits found registered at City Hall for this little pet project. Gun, in boxes with their lids cracked open, in an abundance that are not personal use and likely, not to be containing any permits.

Watling doesn't go for those boxes, instead he's off to a door cracked open on the other side, gloves on his hand and peering in. The low long whistle he gives means there's something else. "Hey Willett, we might wanna call in DEA not to mention the ATF for those gun. I got drugs in here"

Looking about at the tools that are laid out, Terri shakes her head, dismissing them as they go down the stairs to see what's been found. The fact that the safe room is being constructed makes a brow go upwards, as do the crates of guns. "Well damn.." But it's Watling's own whistle that gains her attention, leaving her to snort, "Really, now?" A peek inside will leave her likely whistling as well, though she does wonder, "Street drugs, or you think we'll find anything more towards bio stuff as well?" It'll be for CSI to track down and identify, no doubt.

'We've found nothing to indicate any biological weapons" Pipes up one of the tech's running around. "Nope" Agree's Watling, who's picking up one of the boxes, opening it to poke around. "But.. winner winner chicken dinner we got some speed" He points out, furrowed brows as he puts it down to look at others. "Military. Looks like our boy here was playing fast and loose with Uncle Sam. This isn't going to bode well for him" He looks at Terri, an approving look. "Looks like your gonna have a feather in your cap with this catch Willett"

"That's good then." It was a worry, and even if some might be disappointed in not finding what they were really hoping for, the amount of stuff here, still means a win for the LVPD on keeping it all off the streets. "Drugs and guns.. shit.. " Shaking her head, she glances around, poking in a box here or there as well, though with Watling's comment, she flashes him a quick smile, "Perhaps. Or at least will get me off the Captain's shit-list."

'Not for long" He snorts. "You're gonna want to get on the horn with Nellis too. They're going to be interested in this. THey're going to want in on this" He winces as he puts stuff down, ready to leave it for the evidence teams to come through. "This is going to be one muddy pot of soup. ATF, DEA, Military, LVMPD. Shit Willett"

"I know, I know. Something else will put me there." Terri knows it's a fact of life. "I'll give 'em a call now.." The answer is given, though she'll wait till they're upstairs before doing so. Another quiet laugh, and she quips back to the man, "When I decide to do something, I go all out?"

"with guns blazing Willett, with guns blazing. I'll got interview some of the employee's, see who we need to bring in. Good luck. Let me know if you need to take over any calls" For now, he's letting his partner take the lead on this, given that she was the one who brought it in. THis will be a feather in her cap. Guns, drugs, military connections? All under a strip club in Vegas. The only thing missing and the very thing that secured them this warrant, is any biological weapons. "You think this guys the perp though? For the meter maid?"

"I'll handle the calls, but if they give me lip.." Terri promises to pass them over to Watling! With all the evidence here, she seems amazed the man had the balls to set up something like this, and then go spouting off as he did. When asked, she considers for a moment, "If he is, then he's got a bio-lab somewhere's that's not here, Watling. " What does her gut tell her? She's honestly not quite certain on that anymore.

"Maybe it's in a RV, driving around in the desert" He jokes, waving her off. "Go, get your calls. I got stuff covered" Even as he's peeling off his gloves and heading back for the stairs. It's going to be a long night, and lots of evidence to be cataloged. What is known, is that Da Bings? Is going to be closed indefinitely.

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