Definition Of Active

The definition of active as it pertains to the game is as follows:

  • You must have one visible scene at least once every three weeks for an Original Character.
  • You must have one visible scene at least once every two weeks, for a Feature Character.
  • Logging in and sitting in the idle lounge does not count towards being active. You must have gone on the grid, done a scene.
  • If you have gone on vacation, it is expected you will have dropped a note to staff or on the BB's so that we know and can count you as on vacation.
  • Unexpected absences will be treated like inactive. Since we won't be deleting characters, they will go into the inactive pile and when you return, you can claim your OC's. FC's will require a conversation with the Wizzen if they have not been claimed by someone else in your absence.
  • FC's that have been removed for inactivity will be held in limbo for 6 weeks and if they have not been reclaimed by the player, will be put back into circulation for adoption.
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