Deserted Highway

The sun beats down on this lone stretch of highway out in the Nevada Desert. You can make out the yellow dividing line the asphalt where it's not covered by drifting sand. Overhead, there's the piercing cry of some flying scavenger circling in anticipation of a feast off in the distance. A dirt road barely seen unless you are standing here seems to lead off toward it.

The only respite from the heat and sun is the bus shelter to the side of the road. here you find a scuffed and cracked blue bench anchored into cement, a flickering light set in the ceiling that hums when it's on. A schedule listing the times when the bus will be passing by and the routes is screwed into the wall behind cracked plexiglass but you can still easily read it.

You can hear the silver and blue vehicle coming down the road…Which route will you take?



  • When you first go on the grid, this is where you will pop out.
  • There are multiple exits here for other locations in the city.
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