Drama is something that will remain IC at all times.

That is the only place for such a thing. It should never been in the idle lounge, the various public channels at any point. Check it at the door or keep it for In Character. At the same time, we realize that asking you to do this, is akin to asking and expecting a pig to grow wings and fly. So we'll say this. If you have an issue with someone , please bring it up up kindly and in private with the individual with whom you are having the issue and behave like the adults you are. You do not need to be airing this stuff in the public channels or rooms and making your fellow players uncomfortable. This is highly frowned upon and may get you in trouble. If this cannot be resolved as such, and Staff is called in or steps in, things will not end well and you will not like it if Staff has to become involve.

We are adults and it should go without saying that as such, we should all mind our P&Q's. That applies to you the player, us the staff and anyone who's shadow should cross the threshold. While you may have one opinion on things, please understand and realize that other players who are sharing in this experience with you, do as well and while they may vastly differ from yours and you may not agree, you don't have to agree. Just acknowledge that it is just that, a different opinion and try to all get along.

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