+Event Protocol

Some quick guidelines re: +events.

1) Anyone can make them, just so long as it's for an event and not to set as a reminder for that scene you gotta do with joe whomever. In other words, you need to have talked with staff regarding any plot you want to run so we have a heads up and we can give the thumbs up or thumbs down. (see Stories) Then, you'll be able to use the +event. One off scene that you want to run but would like to have up on the +event? Hit us up so we can thumb up or thumb down.

2) The events are on a first come, first serve basis. If you cannot be on time for the scene - by On Time we mean there at the time the scene is set to start - then please do not sign up. If you don't know if you'll be able to attend or not, please do not sign up. Only sign up when you know for sure, that you can attend. If you've signed up, and your availability changes, please remove yourself from the +event.

3) If you know you are going to be late and are signed up, please contact the individual running the event and let them know. The individual running the event will determine if it's possible for you to slip in into the event or whether it would be a hardship and disrupt RP. They have the right to say yes or no. Please respect that. Some scenes just can't fit in latecomers. If you are not present in the Event location by start time, you will be marked as late and your spot will be opened up for other players. So please be on time.

4) If at the start of an event, there is an open spot, whomever is on the mux at the time and is interested, should contact the individual running the event. An open spot is defined as the maximum players set for that event was not filled to capacity or when the time for the event has started and a player is late, has not shown up or pulled out.

5) It is not the event runners responsibility to ensure that you are on time and in place by the time the event starts. It is the responsibility of you the player to be aware of the time, the place and the date. Their responsibility is to ensuring you are supplied with the proper event time and place.

6) Event Runners, if you must cancel the event or change the date/time, then please give as much lead time as possible and contact all players involved by either @mail or +bb where appropriate. RL happens, we understand and we hope that other players would understand. Contact all parties afterward, to reschedule if applicable.

7) Event Runners are responsible for publishing the logs of the event, unless someone else volunteers to do so.

8) Event Runners have the right to refuse an individual to participate in their event. Be it that the character in question isn't a good fit for the event in question, or they do not feel comfortable with that player in the event. In either instance, the runner shall contact the player by private means and discuss it like adults. We cannot and will not force people to RP with others when they do not want to, but we expect that you the player and the runner will be adults in this situation. This should only be an option exercised sparingly and not regularly. If this option is regularly abused, we will have discussions with the individuals in question.

9) Have fun. Seriously. Players be respectful of the individual running the event, it's not easy and runners, be respectful of your players who have taken the time to show up and be on time. But above all, have fun.

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