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Where: Rundown apartment complex in Las Vegas

When: November 18, 2012; Evening

What: Their target is located, but things are interrupted before any action can be taken.

This, is a shitty part of Vegas. Where no tourist find their way, and the glitz and glamor is far less obvious. Outside, when both Nobara and Zan pull up, it's a fairly run down apartment building, likely occupied by those who work multiple jobs and even then, aren't splurging on expensive things. Crumbling brick, barr'd windows and sickly looking landscaping that maybe once, long ago, held promise. It's a dive, and little surprise. The place where many try to eke out a living in Vegas and aspire to live somewhere better. Or just to live.

Apartment 412, in this six floor place, built around a courtyard that holds a pool. Even this too looks like it's seen better days but still gets used. The inside of this place, with it's stairs - no elevator guys, so sorry - and railings that face out onto the other places are little one or two bedroom affairs. No luxury here.

They took the company car. It's a Nissan, of course. Though blessedly, not black- beige instead, a plainclothes sort of car. Not Nobara's, judging by how he keeps fidgeting with the mirrors the whole way to the apartment building. Or that could be the fact this is not his usual partnership. A little bit of everything.

"Don't say or do anything you wouldn't usually do." Is the agent's last note before he parks in the lot and they remove themselves to start into the building- and up a few flights of stairs. "And whatever you do, no letting on that I'm an armed special agent. Capiche?" Is the first note once they are inside the building, Nobara pausing and hanging back to hush this at Zan.

For Zan, this sort of thing could happen every day. It could, for Zan — in all honesty — be an every day thing. He's neither fidgety nor finding things the least bit unusual, simply enjoying the ride while watching the world out the windows. "Maybe we should've dressed up for this," he muses aloud as they pass from finer to rougher parts of the neighborhood. He didn't. As usual he's in jeans and a t-shirt, not even a jacket with him.

"Got it," the mayor's son answers as he climbs out of the car. He follows behind Nobara, giving the agent a curious look. "You're an armed special agent," he asks, feigning disbelief. "It'll be fine, Nobara. Quit worrying, let's get this done."

Dressing up for something would have made them stand out. That's why Nobara is in a similarly simple getup, save for a sport jacket's presence. "That's the stuff. I'll make a man outta you yet." Nobara starts up the stairwell again, footsteps light, movements practiced. He does this a lot, the stairs.

When they reach the fourth floor, he is not so quick to charge about again, taking his time in ascertaining the state of the door, and if there is nobody about. Barring strangers, Nobara flicks open the hall door to the floor, making sure it shuts behind Zan. He moves again after a short, tense pause, padding down the floor towards where the numbers reach 12.

Nobara will only wait until Zan catches up before he raps upon the door, sharp and staccato.

"Sound like my dad," Zan mutters once Nobara's a few steps ahead. He frowns faintly, then falls in after the agent. He's not playing the covert ops game so strictly, but he does glance over his shoulder a time or two. Maybe just enough paranoia in him to not feel too comfortable following the agent's lead.

The door opens a crack after a few locks are undone, a night chain preventing it from opening further. Blonde hair, blue eyes, pert nose peer out from the small opening and looking at the two men. "Melody's a floor down. Careful, she charges triple for two people" It's the blonde, that both of them at their respective times, have had a run in with. The door closes again, locks thrown.

They must look like they're up for a good time. Nobara's expression is unchanged from the initial setting of tilted smile, and he doesn't chance a look back to Zan. Rather, he takes mental notes on that blue-eyed face. It certainly is her. He keeps his smile even as the locks sound in the frame. Ah, yes. Well.

"Not the first time a girl has locked a door on my face." Ahem. Nobara lifts his hand to knock again, this time at a much less rapid pace. More polite, less jaunty.

Another time, Zan might have risen to some reply to the woman, or at least shaken his head and rolled his eyes. As it is, the familiar face of the alleged catalyst has him tensing. He yet tries to play by the rules Nobara's already laid down, letting the agent continue to set the pace. And instead of beating on the door himself, the Caldecott boy takes a few steps away from the door, then returns to wait just off to the side of it instead.

Click, click, unlock, the same crack of the door and blue eyes looking out at the two. "uhh" Confusion now. "Can I help you?"

"We're here about your boss." Presumably, the one at the restaurant, but you never know what might come up. "We're conducting a private investigation." While true, it is also false- the best lie, Nobara finds, is the one that does have some truth to it, embellished with something new. "So yeah, we know we don't look like gumshoes." No noir stuff in this day and age.

"We were wondering if we could have a- private word with you."

Any discontent that had shown on Zan's face before is masked with professionalism. All those political events of his dad's coming in handy again. He folds his arms across his chest and turns when the door is opened, saying nothing to back up Nobara's claim. But then, who would question it?

"Can I see some ID please?" She's a smart girl and look where she lives. She doesn't recognize either person, despite having weeks earlier accused Nobara of following her.

And Nobara uses that to his advantage- or attempts to.

"You don't remember me, do you?" He laughs, cants his head charmingly, one hand rubbing the line of his jaw. "You called me out once. At a supermarket. My girlfriend had to save my skin?" Aw, yes. That. He even includes that.

Eyes move from Nobara to the woman and back again. Zan can't help but frown a little, like he's been left out of a joke. Or he's not liking the pace of things. His feet shuffle as his weight shifts, turning to more fully face the door. And the woman behind it.

"You can talk to me through the door. That's about as private as it gets around here. The walls aren't exactly sound proof. What do you want to know about my boss" She looks to zan and his frown, giving him one in turn. The door she's holding onto creaks and she still looks nervous.

"It's a complicated matter. But, ah-" Nobara casts a glance over his shoulder, and back again, looking her in the eyes this time, and leaning in closer to the doorway and the open crack she provides for this. "My friend and I are trying to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. It may or may not be your boss, and that's what we're looking at." He even digs into his front jeans pocket to pull out a Nevada license- fake information, but it is a good photo and real enough. "You can copy this down if you want to."

"There's been a problem with… someone taking things that don't belong to them."

When frowned at, Zan stares back at the woman. Not holding onto any professionalism right now. He doesn't offer any such information, but shifts his gaze to let it rest on Nobara when the fake license comes out. "It's a big problem," he adds, returning his attention to the woman.

"Sorry, I'm a waitress. I know nothing about my boss taking shit that doesn't belong to him. I work the front, he manages everything else. If you want to know more, you're probably better off talking with the dishwashers and the bus boys than me. Or even the chefs" Clueless, this woman is clueless.

If she is, clueless, well. Nobara can fix that. Give him a moment.

"It's just our luck, you might be able to help us anyway. We're in a bit of a spot too." Hm. Nobara lifts his hand to the crack in the door, and before Zan even knows it, there comes the lightshow. It's more like E.T. than Jubilee, though. Hey- he told Zan not to say anything about armed agent- this wasn't in that playbook.

"Like I said. Complicated." Nobara says, as the end of a finger lightens up, dull off-white like a bulb.

That's more than the mayor's son was expecting, Nobara to go all out with the demonstrations. His jaw clenches, muscles flexing slightly when the glowing begins. His gaze flicks between the two, looking for reactions from both parties involved. Perhaps. Or mustering some rule breaking.

Taking a cue from Nobara, Zan takes a couple of steps forward. He doesn't exactly press his face into the opening at the door nor does he push past Nobara. He does, however, speak up a little more and with less tact than the agent. "Long story short, you have a talent that screwed up our talents and now you need to fix it."


Eyes widen at the sight of what's happening with Nobara's hand. Not the scared oh my god what are you doing you freak kind of look. Nope. In Nobara's line of work, it's the I know what that is, not surprised, but….

Then Zan's speaking up in a less than friendly way. "Shit" And the door is closing. Not for good though, she's opening it again to reach out and drag Nobara in, then reach for zan and do the same, crowding them into her small - really small - apartment, looking left than right before slamming the door closed behind her. She flips around, back to the door, looking between the two.


For the most part, Nobara allows himself to be manhandled into her apartment. Zan is bustled in after him, and it takes a few seconds of shifting around so that they aren't running one another over in this woman's hurry to get them inside. Nobara finally fixes her with a raised eyebrow when she slams the door shut, looking between them.

"Well now. If I'd known I'd have skipped the foreplay."

Hands are pushed away once he's been dragged inside, then Zan brushes off his shirt like it might have been mussed. "Can we do this my way now," he asks as he shoots a look at Nobara. "Because obviously the dancing around certain topics isn't getting us anywhere."

"Zan Caldecott," he says next, turning to the woman. "Your little stunt has really messed up the order of things, my ability's out there somewhere, his— " He nods toward Nobara. "Is somewhere else. And there's a few others you've messed up too."

"Shit" This seems to be the only word in her vocabulary as she darts from one side of the clothing strewn apartment - otherwise it seems clean actually - to the other, wringing her hands. "Shit. I am so sorry. I don't.. I don't know what the hell got into me" A guy. Likely, if the meeting with Zan was any clue. "I haven't.. I haven't done anything in ages. Oh my god, I'm such a fuckwit"

"I didn't want her shutting us out and calling the cops, thanks. I'd rather play it safe." Nobara gives Zan a little scowl from slightly below, but leaves it at that. There's clearly something at odds between these two strangers.

"Point is, you need to make it right." This sounds sort of like a threat, in that vague way he manages to word passive aggressive things.

"You think," Zan asks of the woman's self directed insult. He shakes his head at Nobara's comments, returning scowl for scowl. At odds might be putting it nicely. "She doesn't just need to make it right. She will make it right." There's no passive aggressive anything from the younger man.

"Pardon me?" Zan's 'you think' getting an incredulous look from the blonde who is maybe a handful of years older and closer in age with Nobara. "I don't know how to make anything right. It's not like what I do comes with a manual or that it even works on demand." She snaps off at the Mayors son, still wringing her wrists turning three shades of red.

Nobara gives her a bit of a look like he might be apologizing for Zan. A little.

"He's just mad. So am I, I'm just better at keeping it." Yes. "You'll need to learn how, then. It is in your best interest, trust me. And for the people that ended up with different ones. I could make bombs. You don't want that running around." Even if Bailey seems capable of holding that fort for the time being.

"And there's sort of a manual. But it's not here. And it's not a manual. I know people who can teach you. If that is what it takes."

Zan's brows lift toward his hairline when he's challenged by the woman. He nearly speaks, but thanks to Nobara's stepping in again, the likely hasty and angry response is withheld. In fact, he actually appears fine with the Agent explaining for him, and while the older man talks, he takes the opportunity to step away and collect himself again.

There's a knock on the door. Then another. Whatever she was going to say to the pair, it dies on her lips and a glance at the door. "You gotta go. That's my boyfriend and he's not going to like finding me in my apartment with two other guys as it is" She's hurrying to the door, gesturing for them to come over. "I'll… I'll figure something out okay. But I've never really run across people after this shit has happened/

Boyfriend huh? Nobara looks somewhere between unimpressed and thoughtful, taking a quick look around before she gestures them towards the door. He braces a hand on the frame before anything happens moving forward, looking over to the young woman with a mildly suspicious look. It passes.

"I'd like you to think about coming with me for help." He phrases it nicely enough. "Maybe because they weren't as dependent on them. We-" Nobara looks at Zan. "-were very attached to ours."

"Better figure it out fast," Zan says as he looks at the door. Those knocks on the other side. "He the same one that shoved you in the club?" He turns to face the door, though one final look is cast to the woman. Then he focuses on the door and the fellow outside, in as much as he tries to look outside without opening the door any.

The fellow on the other side is indeed that guy and he doesn't look so thrilled to see two men in her apartment as she opens it. "Nope, she's down a floor. Like I said, charges triple. Sorry for the confusion. Guys are always getting the floor wrong" Do not talk about the elephant in the room please. She's pointing to the door and the hulk of a boyfriend is eyeballing Nobara and Zan.
"You heard her, babe. She was nice enough to let us in outta the hall, we better go." This does from Nobara, as she opens the door to let them out, and they are met by mister Shoves-a-lot, in all his tall, dark splendor. There's not really a question about Nobara, however, when the visible sway in his hip takes immediate, practiced precedent, and his arm is linking up under Zan's to all but drag him out with, into the hall.

"'Scuse me, big boy." If the boyfriend had some suspicions, perhaps this bit of wrist flipping and hip popping from Nobara can dissuade anything more.

Eye for an eye, almost literally, Zan looks at the boyfriend. No doubt, he remembers that guy, too, and seems even less impressed or intimidated than he had in the club. He pulls away from Nobara's grasp without giving the a look, and doesn't let himself be dragged off this time. A finger lifts to point, as he turns briefly, at the woman while he moves freely into the hall. The boyfriend is looked at again as he's moved past, a small frown coming into play.

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