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Do you have a PRP request? Have some idea's for staff? Plots you would like to see but not run? Toss them up here.
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We will occasionally put things here about ongoing or upcoming plotness.
624by pipsqkspipsqks
19 Nov 2012 01:16Jump!
A place for plot ideas/brainstorming
A place for plot-related questions and theories.
Character Creation
Here you can mingle, toss up character ideas and work with each other to create PC hooks.
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...and brainstorming. We encourage the players to help each other out!
Out Of Character
Discussion Forum
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Discuss game-related matters! But OOCly!
57by WrathnessWrathness
04 Oct 2012 21:09Jump!
For things not game related, ad's for other games and general tom foolery.
24by pipsqkspipsqks
01 Nov 2012 20:05Jump!

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