Four Floors High

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Where: Enterprise

When: April 23rd, 2012

What: Decosta and Jake unwittingly aid in the capture of an Advanced, for the Company.

Everywhere in vegas, things are always being built. The land so very flat here, it's not hard to see when larger buildings beyond the two floor houses you might find, are being built. This particular part of town, Enterprise, is starting to fill out a bit more. Subdivisions in the distance will start encroaching soon as Vegas beings it's metropolitan sprawl, claiming inch by inch of the Nevada desert more and more each year.

Today, for some, it's just another work week and work day. For Jake, this means working on a building that will eventually be a five story building, likely to house medical offices and other businesses that will cater to this end of town. When everything fills up. A crane works at lifting up steel beams that will be needed, hard hats dotting each head, trucks pulling in and dust kicked up in the absence of any rain to keep it all down or someone with a hose to spray it down.

For Decosta, it means another day in Vegas looking for something more permanent than one off gigs, protecting celebrities to meander into town, or those who think they are, even the occasional high roller. One who's taken off for home, and those who were hired are collecting their pay from the organizer at Pearlies and have now been sent on their merry way.

Jake says "DOING GOOD! DOING GOOD! BRING IT IN!" Jake yells, though it's impossible for the crane operator to hear him over the roaring whirr of the engine. Instead, he just follows Jake's gestures as the worker stands perching in the skeleton of the fourth floor of the building, guiding the bundle of beams towards a small group of workers, reaching out to snag it when it gets close enough."

The afternoon after an important gig, one protecting a diplomat who wanted to see the sights of Las Vegas during his off time. He's hungry so he's come to Pearlies in an effort to get something half decent to eat. It's the first time in ages that he's really sought out food and he's looking forward to it.

The ground rumbles. Earthquakes are not an uncommon occurrence given proximity to fault lines and California. Little shakes now and then are the bread and butter of the earths crust. So when the world around them gives it's little shimmy not unalike that of some bellydancer trying to make the coins on her hips ring out a little, both parties can feel it. Jake in the feel of iron girders beneath his feet that reverberate with the complaint from the earth. Decosta in the rattle of his cutlery that dance on the table and the liquid in his drink of choice as it ripples.

It rolls across the landscape, much like the dark skinned man who is running across the parking lot of Pearlies. Arms held close, feet in casual shoes striking the pavement as he seems to will every part of his being into moving faster. Decosta is treated to this view, as well as Jake from on high when the man seems to be heading straight for the construction site.

In his wake, and trying to overtake him - and failing to do so - is a blonde haired woman, shade perched on her nose and hell bent for leather - or in this case, for the runner. Familiar to Decosta, not so to Jake. Bulletproof vest wrapped around her torso, kept there with long strips of velcro, US MARSHAL written in white wording, cheeks pink with exertion, gun out and down. In the distance, dust and sirens.

The whirr of the engine is briefly drowned out by surprised cries, and the working ants covering the building scramble for support. Jake grabs hold of a nearby beam, involuntarily glancing at the dangerous ground below. Oh god, don't fall… which gives him the glimpse of the pair running across the parking lot. A small curiosity, overshadowed by NOT DYING RIGHT NOW KTHX

Decosta looks up calmly having sensed the people approaching long before they came onto the scene. He finishes his apple pie and coffee which he decided to drink before it spilt due to the disturbance. He dips into his pocket and pulls out a twenty and places it on the table. He's looks up quickly to see who is chasing after the individual and notices that it is his 'dance' partner. He quickly makes his way to the door and starts to run towards the two on an intercept path.

The whirr of the engine is briefly drowned out by surprised cries from the workers, and the working ants covering the building stop what they're doing to grab supports and ride out the small quake. Jake grabs hold of a nearby beam, involuntarily glancing at the ground below, which gives him the glimpse of the pair running across the parking lot. A small curiosity, though he's distracted a little by the experience of being in a half-built building in an earthquake, four stories off the ground. He doesn't know if he'll ever get used to that.

It's easy enough to catch up to Tilly, not so easy to catch up to the man who she's chasing, as he ducks under the fencing that encircles the site, one corner of the chain link having come loose, the tarp protecting what's inside from view flapping in his wake. It gives Tilly and Decosta a few moments to close down the gap between them and the quarry but not that much and from beside tilly.

For jake and the gang though, it's even more intense, kicking up a notch or two. The man scrambles through the fencing, pausing to look and see where to go. Up seems to be the answer, and with that, he's beginning the process of going high. Jake can feel the earthquake intensifying, just a fraction more, and lasting longer, far longer, than they normally do. Some men even snap their harnesses to the steel supports.

The irritated noises from the workers grow with the intensity of the earthquake, and everyone starts clinging to their harnesses/supports with /both/ hands. Jake in particular is hugging his support beam like it's that antenna thing Luke was clinging to at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. Even then, he has just enough wherewithal to spot the group running into the site, and /especially/ the guy climbing the build. "MITCH!" he yells down, trying to get the attention of the foreman, "MITCH! IDIOTS ON SITE!"

Decosta sighs as he approaches the beams and ponders whether to go up, he decides against it and just waits at the bottom watching the individual climb. As far as he can see the guy can't go anywhere but up. Instead he just keeps an eye out for his movements. He routinely looks around at Tilly to see what her game plan is.

Game plan is to get inside the construction site first, which when she has to pull up at the fence and notices her tag-a-long that is Decosta. She doesn't let him go first, slipping in ahead of him. "US MARSHAL" She bellows, ensuring she has footing and her finger off the trigger so she can look around and see if she can locate the perp in question. There's no objections to Decosta tagging along though at this rate, whether they catch the guy or not, who knows. Citizens arrest right?

Mitch, when called down to, is already approaching the newcomers, yelling - politely - for them to get their asses off the site. Which leaves Tilly lifting the shield off her chest and shoving it in his face, even as sirens still wail in the distance with the promise of back up and Decosta eyeing the best way to get up. Because that's where the black guy is going. Up, using whatever he can to get up and the getting is good. Like a monkey almost, legs and arms wrapping around surfaces and gripping with toes to heft himself up and up to the fourth floor, even as the shockwaves dissipate and everyone is left clinging to beams and no real reason to do so anymore.

As the guy hauls himself up to the fourth floor, he'll find himself on the receiving end of glares from several large, irritated construction workers. "You can't be up here!" one of them yells, advancing on him, "This is a construction site! Get your ass over here before you get hurt!" Must be a common thing, having iditos wander onto their site, since two of the workers reach for the man to try and grab him by his arms.

Decosta eyes the new arrival and pulls out his concealed High Powered Browning and follows Tilly in, he doesn't say anything to Jake and completely ignores the request to get off the site. He can sense Tilly and everyone around him. As he gets under the fence he watches the spectacle that is occuring above and starts to climb up moving one storey at a time.

Desperation makes you do stupid things. Like go up four floors and try to tackle the construction workers who are trying subdue you. It was easier to run away when one is on the ground. Less so up in the air and with an elbow to the middle of the one worker, he knocks the man off balance and send shim sailing down, to the next floor where his harness keeps him from falling further. He and another are wrestling, him trying to get away from the others, heading fro Jake, even as that very act buys Decosta time to get up to the floor where the hanging worker is… hanging.

As soon as one worker goes tumbling, every worker on the floor is suddenly throwing themselves at the wrestling pair with shouts of anger. "Get him down!" "Grab him!" "MotherFUCKER!" Jake has recovered and is crouched down like a linebacker ready to take a hit, swaying from side to side to catch them when they get close.

Decosta is scrambling up the ladders and cranes getting closer to the action. He thinks about leaving the worker hanging and looks at him briefly before contiuning upwards. The worker is safe all harnessed up as he goes higher to help subdue the escaping man.

Whoever this guy is, he's wiley, and is working his way around the level, avoiding workers who are unfortunately for the most of them, tethered and can only go so far. From below, Tilly'd dealt with the foreman and is moving rapidly, keeping an eye on the fracas above her, trusting that Decosta will scare the guy back down. Oblivious to Jake up above and the guy who's now within range of the construction worker. Decosta too can see a path, if he dares to use it, to get to the other side and potentially cut off the guy if the construction workers don't manage to stop him.

Jake, being one of the stupid young guys who just doesn't think at times, hasn't yet harnessed himself in. So as the perp gets closer, Jake throws himself at him, aiming to tackle the guy around the middle and add himself to the bundle of bodies struggling precariously on the open-air, unfinished floor.

Decosta does take the path and he always aims his gun a few yards from where he thinks the perp is going and aims it at one of the girders in the perps likely path. He continues to try and cut him off, "Hey you" he shouts, "Slow down, we're nothereto hurt youbut you're endangering people here

The runner looks like he might yell something to Decosta, but whatever he's about to say is cut off by Jake as the man body slams him. Decosta having been the perfect distraction There's a bounce off a girder and down they tumble to the second floor, stopped by long by huge sheets of MDF laid out to make it easer for those on the lower floors to move around. Equipment clatters and the guy beside jake is still, eyes closed, but still breathing.

Jake lays still among the broken fiberboard, on his back and eyes wide. As the dust settles, his legs and arms are curled up, hands in claws, and it looks like the fall knocked the breath out of them. A low groan starts in his throat, and his limbs relax to slowly flop down beside him. He sits up, rubbing at his bare head (his hard hat fell off), and looks around. He's a little dazed after that fall.

Decosta looks around and starts to move down towards the two keeping his gun trained on the two individuals, "What's going on here he asks?". He looks around for Tilly, "Who are you two?" he asks as he gets closer to them.

And they're down. Shouts down to the foreman are bringing Tilly up, the sounds of sirens firmly entrenched as they pull up outside the site and one pulls up inside. Tilly's already on her phone and upon spotting the two on the floor, she's already confirming that they caught the guy. Stab of the phone with her thumb, she's putting it away, her own gun back up and out, badge flashed.

"I need everyone to back off. US Marshal" There's a raise of brows to Decosta before she shuffles closer across the MDF sheets, gun trained on her guy and not on Jake. "Hey there bub. You okay?" And her own perp, gets a bit of a gentle kick to the knee with her foot to see if he's conscious. The groan is indication enough that he's coming to and the gun goes away, getting down to the business of getting him flipped over and handcuffed.

"Hey Decosta, nice seeing you again. You always chase after perps for ladies?" There's a gesture for him to check on Jake.

"The fuck am I?" Jake asks with a pained snarl on his face, "I fucking work here. Who the fuck are—" He looks up, and catches sight of a gun pointed at him. His eyes widen, face pales, and Jake jerks back a foot amongst the broken wood. "JESUS! Don't shoot!"

Tilly gets a baffled look when she pulls out her badge, but Jake starts to rise a little stiffly to his feet, keeping a wary eye on Decosta's gun. "Me? Yeah, I'm fine. I mean um…I think I mighta fucked up my leg, but I'll be alright." Jake belatedly rubs at his leg, watching Tilly handcuff the guy. "Who the fuck is he, anyways?"

Decosta keeps his gun trained on Jake as he doesn't know what Jake's status is. He nods to Tilly, "I tend to help US Marshals out". He keeps his cool, "What did he do?". He makes his way over the MDF. When Jake says who he is, he lowers it a tad but keeps it steady just in case.

"If I told you two, I'd have to kill you. Sorry guys. You get my endearing gratitude for throwing yourself at him, and for playing monkey bars with him" Zipties make their way around the guys wrists as a few men are coming up via the freight elevator and making their way carefully across the makeshift flooring to the small group. She's passing him over to them when they do arrive, wiping sweat off her forehead in the Nevada heat.

"Well" She scrapes her teeth across her lower lip, observing the carting away of the man who has stopped protesting. Back to the elevator they go and soon enough out of sight. "That's my exercise for the day. Good luck to you two. Foreman, thank you for your co-operation" And she's soon following suit. Little to no explanation.

Jake drops his hands down over his groin when Decosta lowers his gun. "C'mon man, point that somewhere else! I told you, I work here!" Seems the other construction workers aren't terribly happy to see some random guy off the street pointing a gun at one of their coworkers either. A group of the workers are surrounding Tilly and Decosta, and the latter is getting murderous looks from under at least a half dozen hard hats.

"What happened?"

"I think they were chasing a bad guy?"

"Why's he pointing a gun at Jake?"

"Dunno, I don't think he's a cop."

"Somebody better get that gun away from him, before he hurts somebody…"

Mitch watches the perp get hauled away, scratching under his hard hat in bewilderment. He doesn't know what to do with that. But the group of angry-looking workers, that's something he knows how to deal with. "Hey hey, back off everybody! Sir…" Mitch puts up both hands calmingly, like one would approach any gun-wielding maniac, "Please put the gun down. There's nobody who's gonna hurt you here…"

Decosta raises an eyebrow but he's used to people not talking so he holsters his gun and looks around at the people leading the individual away. He closes his eyes and smiles to himself, "You could try" as he re opens them and looks at each individual around him. "Back away and I'll put it away".

Everyone visibly relaxes when Decosta holsters his gun. The workers don't seem to want to move away. There's even the threatening popping of knuckles behind him. But Mitch frowns and cusses out the crowd, until they start to filter unhappily away, getting back to work. Jake's converged on by his friends, checking to see if he's alright. Jake shrugs, rubbing his leg and asking for his hat.

"Alright, they're leaving. Now," The huge, bearded foreman glares at Decosta, and thrusts a finger towards the ladder down, "Get the fuck off my site."

Decosta walks up to Jake and pats him on the cheek and replies with "Sure I get off your site", he turns towards the ladder and starts to head down

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