Fun At Lake Mead

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Where: Lake Mead

When: April 07, 2012

What: A planned hike and picnic at Lake Mead turns strange as Terri and Jason gets involved in a retrieval by the US Marshal, Tilly.

A day down at the lake. What better way to spend a day off? If there's any other way, Terri wouldn't know of it right now. With the promise of a short hike to be followed by some time in the water, the pair have hiked along a path to a look-out point, and are heading back down so they might enjoy a picnic before heading into the water. "Thanks for the suggesting we come out there today. I haven't been out this way in some time.." Dressed in shorts and tshirt in which a bikini can be spied beneath, her feet are currently covered with broken-in boots.

Jason is in a muscle t-shirt and hiking shorts, and he had a backpack slung over one shoulder, but tht is about it. He is feeling great, better than he has in a long while. "Well m ind you the water is still likely to be on the chilly side. It is only gone April and despite this being the desert, it's still going to be cold. Still bonus for me with that top you are wearing, so I am already out ahead on this date."

Laughing, Terri reaches over to punch his shoulder lightly with a fist at his comment, "You are such a /guy/ sometimes.." Not that she hasn't had fun enjoying the view of his tanned muscles, mind you. "Don't mind the water being cool. It'll feel great after the hike. Swim for a little, then lay out on the beach.." Yes, a great ending to a day off for her! "So, how's school and all going?" She questions as they walk side by side down the trail.

Jason merely grins like a kid with his mouth full of his favorite candy before he follows her lead, first after taking out yet another high protein energy bar. "You wouldn't have me any other away. I mean part of you likes a young buck like me with my jaw hanging open and panting after your twenty-nine year old body."

"Hey! Hey! Don't you run away from me! OH no you don't!" Tilly's voice can be heard clear across the rocky land that comprises the reddish orange landscape. Where the voice is coming from, who knows, but it's there, and it's pissed.

What can be seen is a man, jeans, short sleeve cotton shirt with dark hair, scrambling like a goat down a rocky outcropping, not far from Jason and Terri. A panicked look in his face, he's nimble in his maneuvering of the rocks.

"Jesus, he went over the side, why do they run, really. Why don't they just stop when we tell them to!"

"I'm glad you say my body is that old, even if my head is almost ten years older than that." Terri answers, laughing as she scampers over a rock, only to pause as she hears the shout. Pausing, she turns about to see where it's coming from to spy the man going over the rocks. "What the fuck?" It almost sounds like her a few times over the years yelling at a perp.

Jason chuckles and he says "I will always call you a lier, even if you gave me your birth certificate. You are a cop after all, you know how to make fake documents." At the commotion however Jason grows serious. In a second he has his smart phone out. "Should I call 911? That guy is going to get himself killed."

Runner. He pauses at seeing the two of them, swallowing hard. Back up to the outcropping he'd hopped over, as if trying to decide something.

"Hey you!? Whatcha running from?" Terri calls out, stepping forwards a little, though she shakes her head to Jason, "Hold that thought." She might not have badge or gun with her, she still has that cop attitude as she looks towards the runner, trying to figure out what's going on. Following his gaze up to the outcropping, she looks back to him, "Need help?"

Jason still has his cell phone out just in case, but he hangs back and supports Terri for now. She is the professional here, and Jason is not a macho man to get in her way when she is in her element.

The man doesn't seem to comprehend whatever is coming out of Terri's mouth, but he's moving towards her, rapid fire speaking, foreign words that maybe have a basis in some european country, but english it is, not. He reaches out, grabbing Terri's hand, panicking, pointing up towards the outcropping.


A dart sinks into his bicep and he looks down to it.


Another sinks lower, somewhere on him that Terri can't see and he starts to sink.

Jason can see, someone at the top of the outcropping, sun leaving their face a obscured, but with a gun pointing down towards the ground held in both hands even as someone else is coming swiftly down the path they were on, on foot. "Got him!" Not quite crowing, but satisfaction in her voice. The voice from just before.

Quick is the study of the man given as he heads in their direction by Terri, no doubt looking for weapons he might have on him anywhere's. The language is not recognized, and she soon says, "Police. I am with the police." Surely 'police' will get through in some languages, right? When her hand is grabbed, she tries to tell him to calm down, only to blink in surprise as she follows his gaze to the tranq dart in his arm, "What the fuck?" As the sound of another comes to her, she tries to keep him up, only to loose that battle as he starts to sink, "Make the call, Jason.." Who the fuck uses tranq darts on people?!? As the voice comes to her, she calls out, "I'm with the Las Vegas Police Department here.. what the FUCK is going on?!"

Jason sees the woman with the gun in her hand and Jason cries out as he moves for cover. "Gun! GUN!" He then is on the phone, calling 911. "Yes officer needs assistance in Lake Meed. This phone has GPS, lock in on its signal and send help. There is a woman here with a gun."

"I'm catching a runner" Down goes the man in question, and she tucks away her gun, starting to do the hop down the outcropping that he had, even as her partner is huffing it up and coming upon Terri and Jason. Out comes a badge, the silver circle with the star inside, US Marshall scrawled across it. From looks, an authentic thing.

"We've been chasing him for a half house. Wiley little bugger. You know how fast he is? Fast, that's what he is" Talking while crawling down and finally on level ground with them. From in the distance, the wail of sirens are already making their way here as Tilly offers her badge out - Silver star again - and looks to Terri. "I showed you mine, you show me yours and tell your husband to stop cowering?"

"A runner, hmm?" Terri questions the puffing woman that appears, giving the badge flashed a good look as she stands over the downed man. "And just what is he running for?" The question is asked as she hears the wail of sirens in the distance. So she lied, her badge to be buried in the small backpack she carried as well. "Going for it.." She warns, keeping movements light and relaxed, even as she's alert to either of the unknown people as she shrugs one shoulder strap off so she might pull her bag to one side and fish out her wallet with her ID and all in it, including her badge. Once it's pulled out, she shows it to the Marshall, though she actually flushes a touch, "Not husband, friend."

Jason growls low and he steps up and he talks with the 911 operator. "Still here, girl with a gun says she is a US Marshall. Detective Willett is verifying. Yes I will hold." Jason then gives a glare at the supposed Marshall. "Not cowering. Only an idiot stands out in the open when there are weapons being fired, and since when did the Marshalls use tranq guns?"

"They're testing out a more.. non lethal, lower collateral casualty rate weapon. I unfortunately, got selected for the damn thing. Tricky as hell I tell you" To Jason, tapping the one gun on her, the other is clearly a weapon. Terri's badge is taken in hand, studied then passed back over. "Us Marshal Marshal, that's my partner, Marshal Kepner" The jean and polo wearing man in a vest much like Tilly's, fires off a salute and a 'Ma'am' To Terri. It's Tilly's turn to brandish her ID for Terri.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you why he's running, US Marshal business, but I can say that you've done a great service by keeping him still enough that I could get him down" She flashes a look to Jason while he's on the phone and the sirens grow ever so closer. Her partner is stooping to take out the darts, toss them in a bag and take vitals.

A name is given aloud so Jason might repeat it, for in this day and age, Terri's learned to be cautious even in the best of times. "Marshalls. You may wish to in the future, have someone around who speaks his language. The man obviously did not understand English, and it wasn't Spanish he was speaking either." The badge is handed back in exchange for her own, a step taken away once Kepner reaches the man and begins to check him over. A look given to Jason then, and she says, "If they check out, let the operator know that all is well, and sorry for the call. "

Jason nods to Terri and then after a moment he goes. "I am sorry operator. I know I know but better to be safe that sorry yes? Well if I am naking a false report there is a police officer to arrest me here. Yes I go about in my free time making this shit up, do I sound that dumb? Goodbye now." Jason looks angry and disgusted now. "Bitch."

Names check out, to the best that anyone on the other end of the phone can determine, and Tilly just shrugs, lifting her shoulders and hands, "We do. Just, you know, short fat bald guys, they don't run good over long distances. Kepner and I" She reaches down, clapping a hand on his shoulder. "We were bred for this stuff. Gets the heart pumping and all that." Speaking of short fat bald guys. The wailing sirens come around the corner, a SUV built to take the off roads, light on the the top of the passenger side wailing and spinning. Stops when the guy inside it makes it.

'Speaking of, There's Robert. You'll like Robert. He's a hoot. Cooped up in a car with him for an hour. Best hour of my life" Sarcasm. He looks like a hoot.

'He's here, radio ahead, tell them we need medical to take a look at him" Kepner's getting ready to try and hoist him - with Robert - while Tilly looks to Jason and then Terri. "Sorry we interrupted your friday afternoon. Wasn't our intention"

Shifting closer to Jason, Terri reaches out to touch his arm lightly as he hangs up, gaze kept on the group as Tilly continues to talk up a storm. Most talking she's ever heard a Mashall do. With the off-road SUV arriving up the trail, she glances to them, then watches further as Robert gets out to help with the down and out captive. "It's alright." A smile is given then as she seems to relax, though anyone who truly knew her, would likely know that gleam in her eyes. Something odd has just caught her attention.

Jason merely stands there now and does his best to look meancing and unfriendly. He has good practice at it on the football field that at times make linebackers think twice about messing with him.

It'll be over soon enough. The man eased into the caged back of the SUV, Kepner getting in the back with him. Tilly takes over the drivers seat, as the 'translator' eases into the side seat. Within five minutes, they're finding a way to turn around, to take off and leave Jason and Terri in it's wake with their bikes.

And one less scared European gentleman on the run.

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