Each page, be it character or location or whatnot, should not have more than 5 attached files on the page. You can upload pictures elsewhere and link to them from here for more extended galleries, but keep the attached files at no more than 5. We will randomly delete things if we notice more than that on a page, so be ye warned.

Flickr makes it very easy to link to a gallery from there, and I'll give instructions on how to do so. I'm not sure if other online galleries do the same, bu if anyone knows a way, send Wrath or Humility an @mail with the steps and we'll add them!


1. Set up a Flickr account.

2. Upload photos to your account.

3. Organize your photos into 'sets'. At the top, there are a series of tabs. Use the 'Organize and Create' tab and find 'Your Sets' on the drop down menu. This page will show you any sets you've already created and has a link at the top called create a new set. (It is in the Tip just under the tabs). Name your new set and drag pictures from the bottom into the set and save.

4. Make a gallery on your page. The code to do so is as follows:

[[module FlickrGallery userName="YourFlickrUserName" photosetId="TheSetID#"]]

Fill in your flickr user name within the first set of quotes and the set ID within the second. You can find the set ID by going to your photostream, clicking on the You tab and finding the Your Sets link on the drop down menu. Click on a set. In the address for that set, there's a long-ass number at the end. Long. Like 72157629729032567.

You can edit your set at any time on Flickr and it will automatically update what's on your page here. Good luck! Let Wrath know if you have any questions!

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