General Rules

A very quick rundown of our rules. Some of these will be expanded on in other newsfiles, but below is a reference list. Please read all the newsfiles for a full understanding of our rules.

General Rules

1. Be respectful. Respect each other, respect the staff and their decisions, respect each other's RP and experience here.

2. This is officially a Cooperative Non-Consent game. Basically what this means is the actions your character takes will often have consequences, for good or bad. We expect the players to understand and accept that consequences can and will happen. If you break the law, you just might go to jail. If you punch someone, you'll probably get punched back. If you try to kill someone, they can try to kill you right back. And so on. However. We encourage players to discuss among themselves (or ask a Wiz/Storyteller) a result that is acceptable to those involved. Comprise is key, as is open discussion. We expect warnings to be given before extreme actions (maiming, killing, etc) are taken so the player is aware and can opt to take a less fatal course of action (or not, if they so choose). Feel free to pause any scene and request a GM if the players can't come to an agreement or if you're feeling railroaded, we will get one to you as soon as possible.

3. Ability or Skill upgrades must be applied for before they're implemented into play. You should RP learning, practicing, attempting to learn, etc both before you request an upgrade and for the length of time the staff gives you once (if) it's accepted. We may as for logs.

4. Part of that whole respect thing we mentioned above, be sure to page everyone in a scene before you pop into the room. They may not be able to take another body, might be close to the end of a scene or maybe it's a private discussion they don't want interrupted. Whatever the case, ask first. Please note, if you're having a scene in a public area, people are more likely to be able to stumble in and we do expect these scenes to be more open to people joining in. If you don't want others joining in for whatever reason, move things to a private room or to an off-grid room.

5. While in a scene, please stick to a pose order as much as possible. It gives everyone a chance to respond to what's going on and helps not leave someone in the dust. If someone isn't taking their turn, page or remind them OOCly, don't just hop over them. On the same vein, if you're going to be AFK for a time, let the people in the scene know if you can. Some scenes may have an alternate pose order (such as the rule of three), but this is mostly for large social scenes like a party or the like. There is a +po command that will show you the pose order and you can set it to prompt you when it's your turn with +po/prompt.

6. No powergaming or twinking out. You only have control over your own character and any NPCs you might have (when appropriate), you cannot pose how other characters act, feel, think, etc without their permission. Also, no one is all powerful, so don't RP as such. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Sometimes you get punched. In a semi-related note, always give the other players something to respond to in your pose. If you're just nodding or the pose is all in your character's head, well, there's not much to RP with there.

7. Understand that this game will include violence and dark subject matter, but no one is obligated to play out scenes they're uncomfortable with. You can request a fade to black at any time and either the Storyteller will let everyone involved know the outcome of the scene, or if it's a non-GM'd scene, the players are expected to hash out an outcome amongst themselves. No one should ever feel pressured to play out things they don't want to. This doesn't mean, however, that nothing bad will ever happen to your character, it just won't have to happen on screen necessarily. That being said, if you're uncomfortable with violence or whatever you may be uncomfortable with, it may behoove you to ask the Storyteller if those things will be involved in their scenes before you volunteer. Also, Storytellers are expected to give a warning if their scenes are expected to be violent, dark or have a high risk factor.

8. You are expected to remain active while having a character on this game, particularly an FC. If you're going to be gone for long periods of time, let the staff know. If you go inactive, it is possible your FC will be taken from you. We understand that things happen beyond our control often (internet goes down, power goes out, real life happens…), so there is a wait period before an FC goes back into the available list. But do try to get ahold of staff or someone on the game as soon as possible, if you can at all.

Important Note

And a Note: I wasn't sure where to put this, BUT. If you come to find that your login isn't working, it means that your bit was sitting unapproved for too long without frequent logging on. We clear these so names/PBs aren't being sat on. Once you're approved, the bit shall remain forever~

Truth and Consequences

As said, a lot of the rules are covered on their own pages, and below are the consequences of breaking our rules. (See: Drama, Harassment, Tinysex… be sure to read over everything on the Newsfiles page.)

  • Warning, once. Only once. We feel that we are all grown ups and know very well what we are doing at any given time.
  • Much like the penalty box in hockey, we too have one called the "sin bin". As with baiting and trolling, those caught offending will spend a cool down period in the 'Sin bin' and will remain there till they have spoken with staff regarding their behavior. You will be unable to page anyone except staff, leave the room or teleport home. The amount of time in there will be discussed between you and staff.
  • Suspension. The most that we will suspend at any given time is two weeks. During your suspension time, your character will be placed in the sin bin and you will be @newpassed. For your sake and for ours. When your suspension time is up, if you're willing to come back, you will be e-mailed the password, and can log in where you will talk with staff if you have not already and will be deposited back on the grid. If you do not receive an email, feel free to log in as a tourist and ask after the duration of your suspension.
  • The last, is one that we hope to never have to do and that is to ban you. You will be tossed into the sin bin, where you will speak with staff. Your characters will be removed, @newpassed and put on the shelf so to speak and your IP will be banned. If you get this far, it means you've done something pretty darn bad. This is a last resort.

Please, behave like adults and do not make us do something silly like have to dump you in the sin bin for a day. It's not fun for you and it's not fun for us. We're all adults, let's behave like adults.

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