Getting The Warrant


Where: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

When: April 17, 2012

What: After doing some investigating, a warrant comes through to do a search on Topper Nash's club.



The call reverberating through the detectives room, the bald and solid man in a white button down and tan slacks standing at the glassed in door to his office.

"My office"

With that, he turns in the doorway, heading back in. An asian man is inside, leather folio in hand and waiting as well as a tall man in an expensive suit and a face fit for a GQ ad. The ADA. Terri knows who that is. Watling sits at his desk across from her, looking over his shoulder to the office then up to Terri. "Good luck in there Tee" Everyone knows that when she goes in there, shit tends to be heaped upon her shoulders. Deserved or not.

At the call of her name, there's an instant sense of 'at attention' to come to Terri who sits up a little straighter in her chair as she turns, "Sir?" When directions are given to his office, she replies, "Right away, sir." As for the wish of good luck from Watling, she sighs, "Right. Jinx me, hmm?" A tease offered as she rises and heads towards the Captain's office, spying the ADA in there already. "Shit." The word is murmured beneath her breath, yet a composed expression is soon laid over her face as she steps inside, "You called, sir?" A hand moves to close the door behind her, thus shutting out some of the quieter conversation to come.

Captain Hale is leaning over his desk, the sheer bulk of him that is mostly muscle taking up a large portion of the space behind him, palms planted on either corner. "Rovida's here" A gesture to the ADA. Not that names are necessary, Terri's met him on more than one occasion but usually just in passing.

"Detective Willett. We hear you might have a suspect in the meter maid murder"

Turning to the ADA, Terri offers a nod and quiet word of greeting to the man before she looks back to her Captain. the question puts her in a spot, though she recovers quick enough. "I believe so, based on several facts, sir. Not only the interview that I had with him the night of the incident, but also a report of conversations he's had with another witness, Ms. Heather Granger, whom Mr. Rovida may know, works in his office."

"Enough you think that a judge would issue a search warrant based on Ms Granger's statements?" The shoulders of his expensive suit bunch up as he crosses his arms across his chest. Stuart - the assistant - is looking to terri, waiting and listening even as the desk creaks as Bernad straightens up. " Do you think he might really be the killer? This …. Topper Nash?"

"I believe so. Beyond his conspiracy theories, he has also spoken about bio-warfare, and how easy it might be to take the city down. How he would be the only one to know how to cure everyone. There's enough between the conversations to suggest he might be the sort of personality that would cause such an incident to create the panic he wishes. He was a Ranger with an honorable discharge, and member of the French Foreign Legion for four years up until three months ago. His knowledge of biowarfore is questionable, as is his actions." She glances between the men, "He has not only asked me for copies of the tox report, but he has also attempted to get them through Ms. Granger. "

Rovida turns to Bernard, nods his head and unwinds his arms. "Judge has issued a warrant to search Mr. Nash's home and business at your earliest convenience. We have enough to look, Lets hope that Detective Willett's investigation turns up something, or we're to look very stupid. Vice is going to toss someone at you, to cover their ass with his strip club"
To someone who knows Terri very well, they might catch the note of surprise that crosses her face at what is said. Otherwise, she seems fairly composed overall. "I'm ready to go as soon as we can get everyone gathered then, Captain, Mr. Rovida." More than ready, though she does well to hold back that expression.

Bernard looks a little less than amused, looking to Willett then back to the ADA. "We'll get on it, keep you informed. You're dismissed Willett" And with that, it's Terri's cue to get out of his office, because there's other things to talk about. Stuart walks her out, closing the door behind him as they do, with a polite "Good luck Detective" To her, even as he's taking up his seat at his desk outside the captains office.

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