Harassment. There's many kinds of it. Be it emotional, sexual, physical or textual, we here at Heroes: Sin City will be sporting a Zero Tolerance policy towards harassment. Everyone has the right to play here, like anywhere else, free from harassment. Period.

If you are being harassed, we ask that you try and deal with between yourselves first. This means as well that when someone asks that you not page them or contact them oocly anymore, that you do just that. No paging them back an affirmative, or that you respect their wishes, it means that you do not reply and you carry on with your day.

If the harassment does not stop or you feel you cannot discuss it calmly with the individual in question, you are encouraged to contact staff regarding the incident. We ask that you log the incident and email it to us (moc.liamg|ytic.nis.seoreh#moc.liamg|ytic.nis.seoreh) Unedited. Because like in real life, we will approach the situation as innocent till proven guilty. If the log is edited in any way, we will consider it invalid. We don't care if you are conversing with someone else while it is happening, we only care that we are able to see the incident in question.

We will not deal with any contact that may happen off game as we have no control over that, and hope that both parties would be smart enough to refrain from doing so.

Consequences for harassment can include the following (these are stated on the General Rules page, but this is a serious matter, so repeating here):

  • Warning, once. Only once. We feel that we are all grown ups and know very well what we are doing at any given time.
  • Much like the penalty box in hockey, we too have one called the "sin bin". As with baiting and trolling, those caught offending will spend a cool down period in the 'Sin bin' and will remain there till they have spoken with staff regarding their behavior. You will be unable to page anyone except staff, leave the room or teleport home. The amount of time in there will be discussed between you and staff.
  • Suspension. The most that we will suspend at any given time is two weeks. During your suspension time, your character will be placed in the sin bin and you will be @newpassed. For your sake and for ours. When your suspension time is up, if you're willing to come back, you will be mailed the password, and can log in where you will talk with staff if you have not already and will be deposited back on the grid.
  • The last, is one that we hope to never have to do and that is to ban you. You will be tossed into the sin bin, where you will speak with staff. Your characters will be removed, @newpassed and put on the shelf so to speak and your IP will be banned. If you get this far, it means you've done something pretty darn bad. This is a last resort.

Please, behave like adults and do not make us do something silly like have to dump you in the sin bin for a day. It's not fun for you and it's not fun for us. We're all adults, lets behave like one.

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