He Was Supposed To Fly

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Where: North Las Vegas

When: November 4, 2012; 9 pm

What: The Agents come to call on their favorite trouble maker only to find out that he's not the rogue flyer. This time.

Cellphones are great ways to connect with people. Like, when you have been told to go have a chat with a certain someone about a certain something. In this case, Nobara and Tilly, were directed by Muni to have a discussion with Zan.

So the message that arrived on his phone with instructions to meet at a parking garage, top floor nine at night in some quiet part of the city likely was a surprise. But there, on the top floor, open air above and leaning against a black chevy Camaro with it's white racing stripes is Tilly. Shades up, leather jacket to ward against the desert cool and with Nobara. The butt of her gun seen in the holster under her arms and her badge clipped to her belt.

"I tell you. Fall. My favourite season. Not too hot during the day, it's not too cold at night. The tourist are gone and the hooker are wearing just a little more clothes at night now that you wonder wether they really are one, or just college girls going out to the clubs"

"Oh, I can tell alright. All in the eyes, and the walk." Nobara stands with his arms crossed, his own leather jacket freshly shined, one hand holding onto his phone to type out a brief message into the ether. For the sake of avoiding her space, he doesn't lean against the car, preferring instead to shift his weight almost impatiently from boot to boot. "Plus if I'm wondering I usually just …ask. But I don't know how into the fling scene you are." He laughs, the noise a fluttery, passive one.

A call, especially from Those People was not expected in the slightest. And more than enough to make Zan worry. Why anyone would be asking to meet with him…

Suffice it to say, the mayor's son made the extra effort to appear a minute or two before the appointed time. Without a jacket, but in a long sleeved layered under a short sleeved, backpack as always hanging from his shoulders. He steps out of the stairwell that leads up from the lower floors and gives the top level of the parking garage a once over before he starts across the open air surface.

"Fling scene?" Obviously, not that very. But here comes who they're looking for and she pushes away from her car, gesturing for Zan to mosey his way here, heading to the wall that comes up to thigh and looking out over the city. "How do Mister Caldecott. Behaving" Do we need to bring you in, in other words. "You've met Nobby here"

There is an obvious bit of animosity there, when Nobara half-ignores Zan in the same breath as following Tilly over to the view. Yes, they've met. He all but keeps his nose at the phone until Tilly starts speaking again, and he tucks it down the front of his jacket, dark eyes flicking up to finally look Zan over.

"Yeah, he has."

"Of course," Zan answers to the first as he stops before the two agents. Then to the second, "We're acquainted." He doesn't look toward Nobara, though he's not outwardly ignoring the man either. One hand tucks into a hip pocket while he keeps his attention on Tilly. "To what do I owe the pleasure of this meeting? Odd place for a social call."

"Oh you owe a lot. See there's this thing where, you are supposed to keep a low profile. And by low profile, we mean not zooming through the night over the city, lit up like a north star there paco. Catch my drift?" Her hand rests on the butt of her holstered gun as she leans against the half wall.

"I'm surprised there wasn't an official inquiry with the Department of Defense. Unmanned drones, yeah, yeah." If Zan wasn't sure what this was before, he knows now. Nobara idly wanders away from the wall, arms crossing back over his chest. "She's right. That's some low profile. I wish more people knew what that meant." He looks back to Zan now, waiting for the boy's answer.

"Wait. What?" Zan looks between the two agents, incredulity etching itself into his expression. He shakes his head, taking the second or two to return more evenly once he begins speaking again. "I have been keeping a low profile. You two are nuts if you think I want to go back into that hole just for some joy ride. Whatever you saw, or think you saw, it wasn't me."

"What was it they called it? A training exercise? Man, we're so good at spinning stuff to the public. They really don't pay that department enough for the bullshit they feed the public" Tilly muses to Nobara as if Zan wasn't there. And then she's reaching out, and with her body weight, pushing the college kid over the side of the parking structure.

"So what was it? Your evil clone? The One-Armed Man?" Nobara is looking briefly away when Tilly acts- if he knew this was going down, it becomes hard to tell either way. He tenses up when she pushes him towards the edge of the rooftop, trotting quickly back by the time physics likely starts winning this one.

"I don't know," turns out to be about all Zan has time to say. Speculation, what could be a nudge in the right direction, is turned into an effort to stop Tilly from pushing him over the lip of the roof. And it might have been a successful attempt on his part if not for that thigh-high wall being not high enough to catch. Hands grasp at the air and the wall that's just out of reach. There's even the instinctual grasp at his ability, despite it being gone; anything in hopes of keeping him from finding that pavement the hard way.

It doesn't come. There's no tell-tale glow, no abrupt stop just before the Caldecott boy hits the ground. And he does. Hit the ground. With the sort of sickening crunch that says more than just a botched attempt at flying went wrong.

"They always claim it wasn't them" Tilly tutt tutts confidant that Zan will be fine. He flies, he glows. She doesn't look down, expecting him to pop up and be pissed.

But there's that thud and the smarmy smile is wiped clean off her face just like a memory with the Haitian and she's suddenly almost half over herself, looking over at the body of the Mayors son with eyes wide. "Fuck" An understatement.

"Tilly!" Nobara's voice cracks slightly, despite himself. He wasn't prepared for this, and from the sound of it, his heart practically explodes out of his throat. There is a spark of hot light from under his cuffs and collar, residual popping from what he was used to, manifesting as a lingering shine instead, which crawls awkwardly up his neck. The younger agent is already darting away from the edge of the roof, breaking into a run towards the stairwell to the bottom floor. He nearly falls down the stairs twice, going much too quickly downhill.

"I thought he'd Fly! He's supposed to fly!" Tilly shoots back, moving quickly behind the asian, digging out her phone to call for help. "How was I supposed to know he couldn't!" Other than he told them that it wasn't him. It takes a minute or two for the pair of them to make it all the way down those six levels and toward Zan though, where he lays and Tilly is skidding to a stop and kneeling beside him, checking for a pulse. "Please please please please please" She doesn't want to tell Muni that she killed the Mayors son.

There may be some groaning, or a faint but very pained sound. It's hard to say. Zan certainly isn't moving in any obvious manner, nor is he trying to. Shallow breaths give some indication that he's alive, however, as does his pulse.

"Couldn't you do it closer to the ground!?" Nobara comes up alongside her, half-tempted to defend Zan's prone form from any more abrupt Tilly experiments. He doesn't, but it's there behind his eyes. "Zan- Zan- if you can hear me, don't try to move." His hands move down to hold the younger man's head and neck still so that he doesn't regardless, looking down on him from kneeling there above his head.

"You never listened to me before but you gotta listen now. Just concentrate on me." Alternatively, how much you probably hate me.

"He was SUPPOSED to FLY" Tilly half hisses out, settling her hands on the prone form, shutting her eyes and concentrating. This was not how she did this. Not in circumstances like this. She normally had forewarning and time to prepare. Have a goat nearby.

Wounds disappear, first from the extremities and then working their way in. The sounds of bones realigning, pulling back into place, organs sealing up and becoming whole, bruised and tender tissue returning to normal. A reversal in slower motion than the impact, of wounds endured by a six story fall with a little force added.

Thank god, that Tilly was the one who did it.

Zan remains almost entirely motionless while Tilly does what she does best. There's no protest to Nobara's attempts to help and no snarky comments offered to the pair. His breathing steadies as the damage is fixed, slowly becoming more normal along with everything else. Eventually he even opens his eyes, after first squeezing them closed. "What the hell," he mutters.

Well, he didn't. Nobara waits, stone-faced until Zan cracks his eyelids open again.

"Don't move." He doesn't offer any sort of explanation as of yet, nor does he question anything — the panic that was there hasn't left him though. He holds Zan's head with one hand, examining one of the boy's arms where he saw visible damage, prodding it gently to make certain there's nothing left there, as a gauge for how much Tilly is able to do. The big things, he supposes. For now.

"You'll be alright, just relax."

Tilly can take it all. Just don't expect Tilly to take anything for the next few weeks. She has finite limits, recharge times. Burnout can occur if she's not careful. She's also holding it all in and will need to divest herself of the empathically held injuries unless she intends to take his place.

But she pulls away, standing up with a wobble, backing away from Zan and towards a wall so she can bend over and empty her stomach. Zan, it seems, is 100 percent.

Once Zan's sure of himself, the memory of falling and hitting the ground isn't as easily taken as his physical injuries, he brushes Nobara's hands away and pushes himself upright. Sitting on his knees, a glance ticks toward Tilly as she throws up, then turns to Nobara. He doesn't say anything, but his expression might speak volumes of distrust and confusion.

Being sick is a small price to pay. The poor goat that she meets later, too. Nobara allows himself to be shrugged off, but he doesn't quite let up. He's still there, holding onto Zan's shoulder when he sits on his knees. There's a bit of the grip meant to hold him down, too, though it is halfhearted. What isn't, however, is the apologetic look Zan gets when Nobara sees that fresh distrust. The last thing this needed.

"She thought you'd be fine. That you'd fly —" The agent's breath leaves him now, apparently having been held during the last few gulps of air. "What happened?" Why didn't you?

"So she pushes me off a roof?" Zan doesn't raise his voice, there's no need to, anger carrying well enough without the extra volume. He shrugs away from Nobara's grasp. "I can't fly. Something… happened. It's gone." He pushes his hands into his head, fingers curling into his hair.

"There seems to be an epidemic" Smart ass reply from Tilly who is wiping her mouth on her sleeve, straightening up and then gesturing up, towards the top level and where her car is parked. "We need to go Nobara. You can talk with him tomorrow. Find out what happened" Given that Nobara is in the same circumstance. "I can't stay kid. Maybe I'll explain it another day, but Nobara needs to drive me somewhere"

Nobara doesn't let go of Zan's shoulder until after Tilly issues a remark about the epidemic. He gives a squeeze and moves his hand away; his middle finger and thumb pin together as if he is moving to create one of those telltale bits of plasma, but when his fingers snap all that comes is that mote of light from the skin on his pads. It's not what Zan knows, and quite possibly all the explanation- paired with Nobara's sudden grim glare- that tells a story without having to actually tell it. Enough of one. For now.

"We'll see each other again. I'm sorry." Either Zan will find him, or he'll find Zan. But it is bound to be a bad day tomorrow, too. The younger agent lifts up onto his feet, though stays to make sure the other young man can do the same, still.

Despite looking like he's not sure if he should be hurt or not, his movements are easy enough that he isn't still injured but there's a marked uncertainty, Zan stands as well. From Nobara to Tilly, his gaze flicks. No word of thanks or further questions, he probably doesn't care to deal with the agents further at this point. At least not tonight. He turns away from the pair without another word to start for home or somewhere more welcoming than the parking garage proved to be.

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