Hurricane Leaves New York City Devastated

Hurricane Sandy has left, but it's wake has left the city of New York devastated and trying to recover.

From flooded subway tunnels that leave the Civil Corps of Engineers working day and night to figure out how to pump water out, many boroughs without electricity and the New York City Marathon canceled, many were unprepared for what they had been warned would be a hard storm. But businesses are starting to open when they have electricity, gas stations as well though those at the pump have to endure the six dollars per gallon price tag. That's if you can find a gas station that is capable of pumping gas.

And amidst all this, environmental experts and scientists have been appearing on television and in major newspapers stating that we should be prepared for more storms of this nature, indicating that the severity of the storm and how far north that the Hurricane went, was in direct relation to global warming. Some others have posited that it is only the first of many indications of the end of the Mayan Calendar, which tells us that the end of the world is swiftly approaching on December 21st, 2012.

Either way, New York has a long recovery ahead of it, and the people of New York are no stranger to adversity and overcoming it.

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