I Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny


Where: Nothing Bundt Cake

When: April 15, 2012

What: Something goes a little wrong with Chester, which creates intense awkwardness.

Chester has had a hankering for something sweet or, you know… something. So he's come here. And there he is, eating a donut, standing close to the counter. After swallowing another bite, he turns to the pretty shop assistant he's been chatting with, and continues, "…so, I have wondered… is that thing about cops loving donuts true? Can you, with your professional experience, either confirm or deny that?"

"I can neither confirm or deny" The pixie haired woman with round cheeks answers, pushing a cup of coffee over the counter towards him with a smile. She lets her fingers linger on the cup before pulling them back. "But I can say that Cody's donuts beat out any of the ones you'll find in like Krispy Kreme or even Dunkin Donuts"

Chester takes the coffee and smirks slightly towards the woman. "I will have to remember that. He subconsciously lets his fingers linger on the cup before pulling them back. "But I can say that Cody's donuts beat out any of the ones you'll find in like Krispy Kreme or even Dunkin Donuts." He blinks for a moment and then shakes his head. "Wow. Deja Vu."

"Oh, you remember saying this to me before?" There's a few other customers in the shop, but most are content already with their consuming of pastries and other foods. Both elbows on the counter supporting her chin, she keeps smiling up at him.

Chester shakes his head. "It's… weird, actually. I'm… it's like…" He scratches his head. "You know, when I was trying to remember your sentence… the memory was so vivid it's as if I've went through the same experience twice. It's the sort of thing that doesn't happen often, happened only three times to me. Once when I was seven, once when I was fifteen, and a few seconds ago." He furrows his brow for a moment, then bursts into laughter.

"Ah well, now I have this piece of information burned into my mind forever. I guess if I'm ever kidnapped by aliens and I need to give them a reason to spare Earth, I can just direct them to Cody's donuts. They beat out any of the ones you'll find in like Krispy Kreme or even dunkin Donuts." He taps the side of his skull with his hand. "Way to go, Cindy. Now that sentence is stuck in my head. Like one of those earworms. You know, those catchy tunes you can't get rid of."

Pixie hair blinks at Chester at his slight ramble. As if this charming gentleman has suddenly taken a left instead of going straight. Which is what she does, straighten up. "Sounds… interesting? Lets not direct any aliens to here? Unless you think it would make them stop overtaking planet earth?"

Chester blinks. Then laughs. "Oh, sorry. It's what my uncle Charlie used to say. You know, whenever we told him any little piece of trivia, he would reply with this little alien joke. Funny I just thought of that. I haven't seen uncle Charlie years… maybe I should give him a call once I'm out of here." He takes another bite of his donut, and starts chewing thoughtfully.

"Oh!" Oh, well, that makes… maybe a bit more sense. "You want anything else?" She inquires, even as someone is coming into the shop and heading for the counter. "Another donut or something to go?" She blinks, waiting for him, fingers tapping on the counter in anticipation of filling the order.

Chester gulps down his donut and continues, serious. "You know, if I hadn't spaced out for a moment and gone in a weirdo rant, there, I'd have asked for your telephone number to go. But since you look like the serious kind of girl who doesn't give her number to the first weirdo who starts rambling about aliens, earworms, and an uncle he has not seen in fifteen years, three months, two days, four hours, twenty-five minutes and fifty-eight seconds, I guess I'll play it safe and ask for a BLT sandwich to go." He takes a sip of coffee as he glances at Pixie Hair.

What was a charming kind of guy is quickly turning, into a not so charming and very awkward guy. "Uh, it's a bakery…" Not a cafe and she's looking at Chester like he grew four sets of horns. He nailed that nail of the head. Weirdo. "Listen, I have to go and take care of this other customer. You, you have a good day okay?" Even as she's edging back towards the cash register and the waiting customer.

Chester nods and stares down at his coffee so hard one might expect it to spontaneously explode. "I… I will, thanks. I will try to. Probably." He pauses for a moment. And blushes slightly. Then harder. "Man. I'm never going to live this down.", he mutters to himself. "Literally."
She doesn't hear him, or maybe she does and just ignore. Irregardless, Cody's employee is busy at the cash register, taking the next customers order and leaving Chester there, looking awkward.

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