I'm Not Talking About The Thermostat


Where: Crain Coporation

When: August 7th 2012

What: Nicholas does his job when a twitchy person who knows a little too much, shows up on the Crain Corporations doorstep.

Crain Corporation can be an interesting place to work at times. Particularly if one is working security. There gets to be all kinds of people who pop up in the Crain Corps main building in. Some good, some bad. Some questionable. Which is what the tall blonde man who refused to give his name, but demanded to see Gordon or Celia Crain. The flash of a badge, stating FBI - Joshua Stater - ended up getting him into a private room in the bowels of security's division located in the basement, and a call to Nicholas that the too cool for school dude, was sketchy. Credentials were being run, but he was still insisting on seeing Gordon or Cordelia Crain

Nicholas watches through the two-way mirror outside the private room for a few minutes, sizing the blonde man up and trying to get a read for him before walking into the room, closing the door behind him. This drill is old school to him after years with Interpol and depending on the man's actual work, be it FBI, he likely may know the routine as well. "Hullo there, Mr… Stater, is it? While we're verifying your cedentials, would you mind tellingme what the urgency is to speak to the Crains?"

Nicholas moves into the room and Stater stands, almost by Rote. It falters when he see's who it is that's entered. Namely Nicholas. And that it's not one of the two that he wants to deal with. It doesn't faze him beyond that, and in fact, seems to do quite the opposite, nostrils flaring.

"Mister Mc Flannery. It's a little hot in here"

"I'll have someone look into that for you. I am sure it is just a thermostat problem." Nicholas leans back against the wall, keeping the other man in his sights easily and also keeping the door to his side, just in case. "If I'm supposed to be impressed, I'm not. Not that hard to google a company before you try to break into it. Now, if you really are FBI, then either you have a warrant of some kind to be here or you're just fishing and hoping. I need more information before you even get a whiff of Crain cologne."

"I'm not talking about the thermostat Nicholas." There's a smile on his face. "I want to talk to the Crains. You'll ensure that, or I will make public, what Gordon Crain, really is, and what you are. To everyone" Stater smiles, running his fingers over the top of the table like it's a piano and sings quietly under his breath. "Goodness gracious great balls of fire"

Nicholas nods his head, the not-so-subtle hints do not get missed. "I see. So, we want to play thatgame, do we? You do understand that you are in the bowels of one of the most secure building in the United States? And if you know anything about Gordon Crain, then you know that thereis a good chance that such talk will lead to your body never being found? I'll make the call, since you asked so fucking nicely, but you need to start appreciating your own position here, suit." Nicholas pulls an old-style flip phone out of his pocket and flicks it open.

"which is why I won't meet him here. This was what I wanted. To get his attention. Or his mothers. I want him to meet me at the Montecito, lounge, tomorrow at 7" He reaches into his briefcase, pulling out a file, places it just so on the table. Across the top, labeled neatly is Gordon Crains name. "Then we can discuss"

"Well, you're apparently not stupid, at least. Though meeting with Gordon voluntarily still isn't what I would call a smart move. I'll do what I can to make it happen. Tomorrow at 7, Montecito Lounge." Nicholas opens the door with a twist of the knob and a shove to make the door slam against the wall behind it. "Now, if you woild kindly get the fuck out of my building, that would be brilliant."

"Such a firey temper" he shakes his head, but Stater gathers his things - leaving the file - and heads for the door, walking past him. "A pleasure to meet you in person Mister McFlannery" There's a shoving aside of his own collar, flashing Nicholas his neck before he's walking down the hall fast as can be.

Nicholas may be tempted to follow him, but probably wise not to, as he see's on Staters neck, what is also on his.

Double hash marks.

Nicholas moves to the table to pick up the file and flip it open while grumbling under his breath. "God, I really hate this job some days. Since when do suits get to do any damned thing they please?" He lets the other security people keep an eye on Stater leaving and sits down in the chair to go over the file in full.

It's a file, of Gordon. Some parts redacted, but most of it visible. Age, height, estimated weight, etc etc, a file number taking up the right hand corner. he's labeled as an Advanced. It's the second page that's more intriguing.

The second page is a write up on Gordon, and after a glance, it's not hard to figure it out. Not when Nicholas is more or less the same as his boss, only Nicholas wields fire. Gordon, it seems, wields weakness's. Or so says whomever wrote up this file.

Only one thing to do with information this important and dangerous! He closes the file and marches directly to his office where he quickly scans the files to his computer, then copies them to his personal thumbdrive. After copying them, he deletes the files on his computer, then the temp files from the scans and clears his Recycle Bin, just in case. A little leverage goes a long way and these files will make nice addition to the others he's gathered in the past and hidden away for a rainy day or a dead day.

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