I Will Speak Daggers To Her II

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Where: ???

When: May 08, 2012; Just After

What: Planned or not, the group finds they have little choice but to make a mad dash of an escape. Or die trying.

The gas coming from the pores in Tobie's skin does a good job of marking her exact moment of death. Breathable adrenaline stops pumping into the room, but what's there lingers like fog, making it difficult to see clearly and — no doubt, starting to seep under the door.

The door several members of La Vida Mala stand behind right at this moment.

The drug helps to stir Terri into surprisingly sudden wakefulness, something none of them have had since they arrived here. But with what she's waking up to, it is, perhaps, less than ideal.

Rylie brings her hands up over her mouth, not so much to stop herself from breathing in the gas, but over the shock of seeing someone killed right in front of her. And possibly to stop herself from screaming. As shocking as it may be, even she realizes making a lot of noise would not be good for them right now. "What did you do?" she stammers out in a whisper. This wasn't the side she'd expected the killing to start from.

Exhilarated from the rush of action, the adrenaline cloud just fuels Nicholas even more. Although he hadd hoped to make it out of here without resorting to his own considerable firepower, tactically, there is no real choice. With their main weapon of suppression offof the board, the game has changed now and with it, the rules. "I did what I had to do. Now I suggest you move to the other side of the room." Nicholas' words come out with a gruff whisper, trying to keep them from travelling to the other side of the doorway. He takes a moment to look at Zan, then to Rylie and finally to the rousing Terri. He keeps looking at terri, then to the body on the floor, guiding her eyes in that direction, then pointing to the door.

It might be the second time seeing a dead body there in front of him, but it marks the first Zan's actually witness killed. It stuns him almost as much as the expelling gas coming from poor Tobie, halting all capacity for function. As if in slow motion, his gaze pans from the dead girl and swirling fog to Nicholas, accusatory, afraid, and a whole slew of other things. He almost forgets that there's anything else to be worried about for a moment. Rylie's stumbled upon question snaps him out of it and he gives himself a rough shake.

"Out," he decides, giving the gas a weird look. What happened to the older man only moments before when Tobie touched him is all too fresh in his mind. "We need to get out. Now." He turns for the door first, giving it a look and wondering just how nearby the other Vida Mala mongrels are lurking, then slants a look upward. The question is plain in his hesitation — Up, or through the door — And a second ticks by before he stretches with an arm overhead to push aside a ceiling tile.

Snapping awake as she does leaves that feeling of fight or flight pounding through her body with the rush of adrenaline that does more than clear the mind of the haze of drugs. Sitting up, she looks about, taking in what's going on. Hearing the stammered whisper of Rylie's she turns to where the girl is looking to see Nicholas awake, and… another person on the ground. "What the hell?" Her own question is voice not quite a whisper, some marked confusion to show as she pushes to her feet, sliding up the wall to look about further through the strange fog, trying to figure out what it is exactly. So many questions running through a brain that's been jumpstarted from sleep. "Out. Up." She is catching on, nodding to Zan's assessment. "Rylie.. was looking earlier.. what.." She passed out before hearing what was discovered up there. Quick thinker on her feet now. "Hey.." She peers at the girl, "She was at the rave.. I remember her.. had drugs.. "

"Oh my god," Rylie says, her voice shaky as she looks over at Nicholas. "You didn't have to kill her," she adds, which likely only proves that this sort of business is not at all a thing she's used to. The adrenaline doesn't help in calming her down.

When Terri speaks up, she nods a few times. "Didn't see a way out, but there's storage up there." And however many other rooms this ceiling connects to. But the younger woman has to turn away from the dead body before long, so she decides to look Zan's way. "You okay to give a leg up?" She's not planning on lingering down here.

There's a pound on the door from the other side, and a shout that follows, if muffled. "Tobie! Come on!"

"No. She /was/ a drug. I detoxed her." Nicholas grins to himself at the morbid turn of phrase but follows Zan's movements at the ceiling tiles, thinking a good Plan A at least. Plan B is always there if necessary. "Hurry up, get the girls up first, then you Zan. I'll take the rear. Quickly!" Nic turns back to motion Terri to him. "Go, luv. Get movin'"

A look is cast back at Nicholas, though unreadable one can bet that Zan is a lot more cautious of the man than before. Less trusting. He turns to Rylie after nudging the ceiling panel partly aside and laces his fingers together to form a step and braces it against a thigh and slightly bent knee. "I'm okay for getting us the hell out of here," he answers. His injuries, tolerated and even ignored for now, for the need to escape, he gives Rylie an encouraging nod and just a hint of a grin. "We'll find a way out."

"Forget it for now, let's concentrate on getting out of here. If we're going to do this, we do it now." Terri does state as to the case of the dead girl, already moving over where Zan stands, nudging Rylie ahead since she's been up before. She'll even help Zan get the other up above. She seems prepared to also take her turn to get Zan up second, but knowing he will argue, she just heads up when it's her turn. From above, she will offer a hand down to Zan once Nicholas helps boost him upwards, then does the same to give Nicholas a helping hand from above once he's left below by himself. In her head, she's going over the layout of the place that she knows, not yet glancing at where they find themselves just yet.

"Forget it. Yeah, that's easy," Rylie mutters to herself as she puts a foot in Zan's hands and braces on his shoulders before pushing herself up. With their help, she pulls herself up onto the ceiling and turns to help Terri up, too.

Up above, it's darker, but less empty. Boxes line the long walls that make up the hallways on either side of the room, and they can see how their new floor is cut up into these tiles. There are wide breaks that mark the walls of the various rooms along this hall.

And up here, it's easier to hear music playing from somewhere below, a distant, muffled sound, and far too upbeat for their current predicament. More worrisome, though, is the sound of the door handle turning and the slow push of it over the carpet.

Nicholas looks up at Terri's hand and reaches for it, gripping her wrist, but as she starts to pull him up, he lets go. "Get them out of here, Terri. That's your thing. more than mine." And he closes the ceiling tile before any of the three can argue with him, then turns to the opening door with a smile on his face that could make a lion nervous. No witnesses to see his hands begin to glow as he prepares to give the diversion of a lifetime.

Once the girls are up, Zan follows. He turns without really considering their new surroundings to first help Nicholas up. The thought vanishes along with the room they'd escaped from as the tile is replaced. There's little time for lingering. The door was opening just as he was clambering into the ceiling and he turns. "C'mon," he prompts, extending a hand to Rylie, the other motioning for Terri. "We need to go."

"Later, Rylie." That's said as she heads up above, helping Zan first before things change. "Nic.. we got unfinished business." That's all Terri will say to the man before he moves the tile back in place, turning to Rylie and Zan both as it seems Nicholas makes the decision to make the stand and offer some distractions, "Come, the exit is this way.." They'll have to figure out where exactly the hallways and rooms run, and hope that they can make it to the exit before being discovered.

Rylie nods to Terri, but even with agreeing to put it of until later, she's clearly not happy. But with a glance to Zan, she reaches out to take his hand. When they touch just now, he can feel something strange. Something like a static shock shoots from her hand and through him, like she'd been rubbing her feet on the carpet. But, as nothing follows but an odd sort of energy boost, it's easy enough to shrug off. Especially as there's some running away to be doing. Rylie tugs on his hand as she starts after Terri, trusting the cop's intuition to get them out safely.

When the door opens, Thea and a new face for Nicholas, Oz, come into view. The gas seeps out the new openings, following the group upward and billowing over the two gang members just as they notice the dead body laying on the floor. The shouting that follows comes in Spanish, but there are echoes of it down the hall by other voices.

Nicholas' smile turns darker as the door opens and Thea and Oz take a step into the room. While they may notice the dead body on the floor, what they are really about to notice is softball-sized ball of fire that is thrown at the center of Oz' mass. Nic takes a step back and his hands come together again, another ball of yellow fire growing and swirling in between his hands, ready to be launched through the open doorway.

The unexpected bite, shock-like it might be, causes Zan to stop despite his haste to be out of the place. He looks down at his hand and Rylie's, wondering. Strange. The tug that follows pulls him out of any half formed questions and the whole instance is shrugged off as he falls into motion of following the cop. It probably was just static anyway, unsurprising being in a dry environment. "How far do you think we have to go," he asks, keeping his voice low.

"Not too far." If Terri realizes there's anything going on between the two, it doesn't stop her from trying to figure out where the exit is. "Going to have to drop down in a room here. The exit should be out the door.." Crouching, she tries her best to move a tile quietly as possible so she might peek inside to make sure there's no one in there - wouldn't do to escape only to be caught by a silly mistake. "No one's here.." The tile is moved back further, and she motions the pair forwards, "There's a desk under here. I can help lower you to it. Just be careful."

Seeing the attack coming his way, Oz turns to shove Thea out of the way. The fireball hits him, the explosion knocking him back out of the doorway and against the wall behind him. However, he straightens up from the wall, his skin having taken on a metallic sheen. When he steps away from the wall, he leaves a sizeable dent behind him when he charges in toward Nicholas.

It's the fact that Zan pauses that makes Rylie look back at him. But not to urge him on, but to stare for a moment. "Oh… god, I'm sorry," she whispers, but explanations will have to wait. When Terri announces their way out, she pulls Zan along again. "Not far, apparently." She takes the first drop down, kicking off her shoes to leave up in the ceiling. No use making a lot of noise with her high heels and draw their attention. The door open stands open, as if this room was quickly abandoned. They can hear the music clearer at this end of the hall, which makes Rylie make a face. Not her style, apparently. But she turns to help the others down as quietly as they can manage.

The Irishman lets the next fireball go, aiming it through the doorway and down the hall to cause as much possible chaos as he can and to bring as many of the gang to the cell. He glances down at the body of Tobie, eyes keenly taking in the detail of her hands. It hasn't been long since she died and the body maintains some biological functions minutes after it expires, so maybe.. It's a long shot, but he grabs the body by the collar and with an arm around her waist, he grabs the dead girl's wrist in his other hand and swings both her hands in the direction of the charging Oz, aiming for any exposed flesh, especially non-steel flesh with the hopes that enough of the goo remins to affect the big thug.

The apology from Rylie only gains a cursory shrug, Zan's already dismissed whatever it was that had passed. He snatches the shoes left behind before lowering himself through the hole, hanging onto the lip of the ceiling for as long as possible so he doesn't have far to drop. While waiting for Terri to join them, he moves toward the open door, cautious as a cat in a dog yard. While keeping as much cover as he can, he hopes to snatch a look out in the hallway, assessing.

"Wait for me." Terri does tell themboth before they might go snooping doorwards. She's the one with the training, after all! After they both get down, she follows suit, letting herself down lightly to land on her desktop, then hop down to the floor. Frowning at Zan as he goes peeking out without waiting, she shakes her head, then moves forwards so she might tap him on the shoulder and then have a peek herself. "The door is right over there." She will tell them both. If noone is spied, then it might be time for them to make a rush for the exit. Slowly, that is.

And to prove that the young never listen, Rylie follows Zan along, but not to peek out herself. "Zan… Look, something is about to happen to you and I'm really sorry. I didn't know, or I wouldn't have— " She cuts off to look back as Terri makes her way down, too, lips pressing shut. She steps back as the other comes over to have her own look.

What the pair sees is a mess of smoke from down the hall where their room was, and Thea running in their direction. But she isn't the only one. The hallway is all but empty, with gangsters popping their heads into the rooms along this hall, but given that the exit is their only hope for escape, there's little choice in the matter.

Unfortunately for Nicholas, by the time he hauls Tobie's body up and gets her pointed in Oz's direction, there isn't an inch of non-steel skin on the man. And whatever sentimentality others in the gang might feel over this frail creature, he doesn't seem to, as he takes the moment to grab Nicholas' face and swing the side of his head against the wall. It hurts. Things bleed and Nicholas feels the dizzing effects of a too-hard blow to the head. As for Tobie's body, Oz just kicks it out of the way.

Nicholas is shaken from the slamming blow into the wall, his nose maybe broken and possible some teeth shattered as well. Blood runs down into his right eyes from a rip to the flesh on his forehead and while he may have some trouble standing and seeing, he takes in a deep breath, trying to draw the last vestiges of the adrenal cloud into his system. Metal. Metal hurts, but metal also has another very interesting trait. It also conducts heat, and usually with a good degree of efficiency. He's never tried anything like this before, but if ever there was a time…this is it. Nicholas turns from the wall and dpushes off, this time charging Oz and jumping onto his back, his hands moving to either side of the gangster's head and glowing brightly, forming one of his fireballs in the only space between his hands….Oz's metal head.

It's too late for Zan to heed Terri's instructions, he's already gotten a good look outside. But whatever nervous fear he'd picked up from that look melts toward confusion with Rylie's apology. "What," is about all he has time to ask before she's clamming up and Terri's speaking. His eyes tick her way then back to the doorway. "Hallway's filling up," he whispers, hastily. "Think we can make a run for it in all the confusion." It's partly voiced as a question, mostly as a statement. There aren't any other choices.

Having spied a letter opener on the desk, Terri swipes it up in her hand before heading for the door. With the hallway filling up, she nods to Zan's idea and then tells them both. "Go out the door, I'll bring up the rear. Once outside, try and wait for me, but if you see a way to leave, then take it and don't look back, alright?" That said, she urges them out the door, though upon seeing Thea, she hisses and tells them to hurry even more, hoping to get out before the woman might notice them joining the gangers.

Rylie grabs onto Zan's hand again, that buzz of energy coursing through him again, but seeming to find no where to go just yet. "Okay, Terri. Just don't… you know, don't be a hero. Just get out." Cops. She's the first to slip out into the corridor, but she isn't any good at pretending like she should be there, and her dash down the hall is the first thing to draw the searchers attention. But for the others, it seems to mean run or get shot, as guns come up and start to fire.

The next fireball to form forms not inside the man's head, but right up against it, pushing Nicholas hand outward to fit the shape between it and the hard place next to him. It does heat up Oz's metal body, though, which becomes a problem for Nicholas, too. Attached to the gangster's back, he can first see the metal turning red hot and then feel it burning against him where he's pressed against the metal. And when it blows, it knocks Oz to the side, but takes Nicholas along for the ride. The room is well and truly aflame now, with even its originator sporting a few burns. But worse, he's got a hot, metal man on top of him, keeping him pinned.

"Night night, motherfucker," Oz says just as he picks up Nick's head and slams it back against the floor. Lights out.

And in the hall, behind their trigger happy hosts, the trio sees fresh flames and black smoke coming along the hall.

A look falls onto Rylie when she takes his hand again, Zan's brows lifting slightly. But there's still no time to give thought to it, or to what she was trying to say before. He's close behind when they take to the halls, staying less than a half step behind. He ducks, dodging and weaving, when gunfire opens up from behind. "Run," he urges, not bothering to look behind but keeping his sights on the door. "Keep low and run.

"Fuck. fuckfuckfuck." Terri si muttering as the shots ring out, and the smell of smoke rises from the hall behind. The fact that there is a fire, does not phase her. But worry has her glance behind her, all the while trying to push Rylie and Zan forwards. "Shit.. Nicholas.. " Ways and means back around to help him? Not entirely sure there. And if anyone dares to suggest she might be crying as she heads for the exit, she'd probably deny it. "There's the door.. there." She points.

Bullets fly, one zips right past Zan's ear, a too close for comfort, really. But worse, it zips past him and through Rylie's arm. Not being terribly good at ducking and running, she ends up letting out a cry and stumbling over her own feet. But at least she hits the door when she falls over. She's just too surprised and in too much pain to open it.

Terri, too, feels the metal rip into her, through a shoulder from behind as she pushes the other two along. The door's there, but the gang is closing in fast on the three of them. And no sign of Nicholas through the smoke. But where there's smoke, there's a pyrokinetic.

It's almost enough to make him puke, but Zan's stomach contents, few as they are, stay put. Even when blood spatters against him and the walls. He nearly runs into the door himself when Rylie tumbles. He half turns to face the gunmen and put himself between them and the girl while reaching behind him with one hand, finding the doorknob to work it open. "Get ready to run," he says over his shoulder as his fingers wrap around the handle. "Just a little further." Then he'll do what he can to carry her and himself onward.

Feeling the moment the bullet hits her shoulder, Terri cries out in pain, stumbling forwards as well. One arm goes numb, hte other reaching to try and push the two out before her. "Gotta get Nicholas.. gotta close this door on them.." There might be other exits, but hopefully they aren't so easy to get to! Focus. Must keep focus.

Rylie needs the help from Zan to keep going, but she doesn't put too much of her weight on him, considering. But she doesn't remember to move until he's got the door open and is helping her through. She doesn't have time to register that Terri is about to leave them before a pair of dark-suited, sunglassed men with guns of their own slip in around her and Zan.

They fire over Terri's shoulders at first, but she'll find a hand on her arm pulling her out while his partner continues to fire. "Marshal, we have the detective…" he says, a finger pressed up against his ear.

But, even as the three find themselves outside and apparently safe, Zan proves the fun for the day isn't exactly over yet. The mayor's son starts to glow, a warm light forming around him. And Rylie watches as he lifts off the ground. When next he looks her way, instead of being tucked next to him, she's well below him. A quick look around has him up around roof level in the space of a fingersnap. And climbing.

Help he does. Zan twists around as the door swings open to grab Rylie beneath the arms and carry her outside. Even better that help is out there and waiting for them. He has probably never felt so relieved to be outdoors again, let alone see the supposed Secret Service swoop in to help save the day. It takes a moment for it all to register, only to be shoved aside when another twist comes their way. "Something is about to happen" may be an understatement by the look of shock that rolls into the boy's expression. It only deepens when he finds himself rising, climbing higher and higher, unsure or maybe unable to get it to stop.

"Get her out of here" Gunfire can be heard from her end, as Tilly is aiding and abetting in the retrieval of someone or something. "Find the Mayors son, his god damned mistress and get them secured. I've located my target and will rendevous the moment I have them"

Which means Zan and Rylie, Terri, perhaps even Nicholas, was not the intended target for this raid. Not that they can hear Tilly. Somewhere, in the bowels of the warehouse, SHe's squeezing off shots and yelling at someone to fall back.

Terri might feel relief at some point as they all stumble out and instantly find that they have backup. Turning around to head back in, the hand on her shoulder has her wincing, but she struggles against it, "There's another one inside. Nicholas McFlannery. Head of Security for Crain. He made the distraction for me to get them out. Someone has /got/ to go back in for him." And yet words might well fade as she gets distracted by the glowing.. flying.. Zan. Maybe it's blood loss, though she knows better.

"Roger that, Mama bear," says the other man when he backs out of the building as well, shutting the door behind him, "Thing One and Thing Two in the box." His partner nods to Terri, taking in her words before he replies to her, "Don't worry, Detective. We're on a raid. If he's in there, we'll get him. Better if you get clear, ma'am."

Out with the cars the authorities came in, there sits an ambulance — just in case. And a pair of EMTs running their direction. Of course, everyone out here stops when they notice Zan, handing coming up to shade eyes as they watch him fly upward.

"Uuh. Mama Bear, we have a situation. Thing One is… airborne? Instructions?" He's assuming shooting down the Mayor's son is not the right action to take. And Rylie looks up, too, breathing out a short laugh. "Well. I'll be damned," she says, mostly to herself, but when she goes on, it's to shout upward, "Just concentrate! Zan!" She looks back to the feds for a moment. "You guys got a megaphone?"

Flailing. That could best describe what Zan does next. As if the air were water or a more viscous substance. "Superman made it look so easy," he mutters to himself after a second or so, going still again. He looks downward trying to determine what's being shouted up at him. And what's going to happen once his feet do actually touch the ground. That thought forms a pit in his stomach. He twists again, turning, trying to manipulate himself to orient the climb downward rather than upward.

"Are you shitting me Papa Bear?" What do you do to a flying man? "Just.. shit. Just… get a ladder?" Not that that will help. "Little busy right now Papa Bear. I'm busy dealing with Baby Bear. Just get them secure" More gunfire pops and then there's bangs, doors being slammed shut. "Baby Bear secure, falling back. Fix your issue, we're coming out"

There's a moment that Terri might struggle, but then she nods to the man once she hears there's others there and Nicholas might well be saved. "Alright." Still doesn't keep her from looking up at Zan, shaking her head in disbelief. Shit if she knows how to get him down. "Someone shoulda tied a freaking rope to his foot like a balloon." As if anyone knew he'd be floating up, right? She'll move back once the man in black does, dripping blood from the gunshot in her shoulder.

It's the EMTs that recover first, and they come to the two women to get them to stop bleeding first, before getting them back to the ambulance. It's difficult to guide Rylie, she's a little worried about how bad a new flyer's first landing might be. In the end, the two of them are left sitting on the back of the open ambulance, in view of the action, but not right in it.

"Where the fuck am I supposed to get a ladder out here in the middle of nowhere?" He lets out a sigh and the pair trudge back to their car. To find something to help with. Or at least look busy when Tilly gets back. The partner does find a megaphone, and comes closer again to call up to him more effectively. "Miss Abrams said if you concentrate— right, like that, I guess…" Because suddenly…

Zan is heading down.

He almost can't believe that it's working. Zan lets out a whoop, relieved all over again that he's managed to go toward the ground again. The thought of landing must hit him almost as hard as the ground will. As it draws closer, it's easy to see he's not fully in control of flying, instinct guiding as much as pure luck in attempts. He panics trying to find those brakes, arms coming up and out to stop his face from hitting the ground first.

Terri is easily guided to the ambulance, though she is still seriously watching Zan as he starts to come down. Finally does she tear her gaze away, looking to the warehouse, then back to Zan, then over to the guy in black that told her that things would be alright for Nicholas. Still worried about him, it seems.

There's no sound of gunfire coming from Tilly's gun as she and what seems to be Ophelia are emerging from the building, though the latter is not under duress or arrest, or even have any form of restraint on her. The opposite actually as Tilly's covering the other woman's exit and heading towards the ambulance with the Vida Mala woman, even as others are moving in to cover her.

"Got what we came for. Everyone else can go in now." And then she's looking up, pushing shades off her face once they're safely back, looking up. Up at Zan. Terri knows who this woman is, she's seen her in the middle of the desert shooting tranqs.

The fed sighs as he notes Zan's uncontrolled descent and tosses the megaphone aside to step in front of Zan's way. It isn't a fun collision for either of them, but better than Zan kissing the desert. The fed rolls them both along, burning of the momentum. And they even survive. Zan's a little worse off than he was at the beginning of this, which wasn't so great, either. But he, too, gets wheeled off toward the ambulance in short order. They should have brought more than one.

When Ophelia comes running out of the building, she runs behind that line of cars to take cover. And as the pair of women pass by, the authorities invade the building. There's a lot of shooting from inside. But the red headed gangster leans against the side of the ambulance, leaning over to catch her breath. "You couldn't have brought my gun with you?" She says to Tilly. Her voice, as the trio would notice, is noticeably different now.

"Look out!" It's the last thing Zan manages before he crashes into the Fed. When he finally comes to a stop, he doesn't bother trying to get up right away, mind blown from the turn of events and everything starting to hurt in full force as the adrenaline leaves him. Besides new injuries added to reawakened ones from the hard landing. He makes some effort to help with carrying himself to the ambulance, once he's up again.

It's movement near the warehouse that gains Terri's attention again away from the now rolling fed and Zan. Tilly is spied, then… Ophelia? She's slipping from the back of the ambulance, frowning as she watches both women head for the parked cars. "What the fuck.." Still, she's a cop, and well understands 'undercover agents'. "There's still someone inside, and well /you/ likely know it." That directed to Ophelia who would have known there were /four/ prisoners held inside. There are words moer she wants to say, but bites them off before she gets herself in trouble.

"You know what. You can whine about me not bringing your gun, the next time that you're blowing your damned cover and you're need me to extract your ass out of death valley" Tilly snaps back, gun up and keeping an eye on the warehouse. When Terri starts yapping like a little dog about Nicholas, she's looking at Ophelia as if expecting an answer. "I saw no other guy in there Tinkerbell. Only the agent here. If he's in there still, then we'll get him out" Unless Ophelia says different. Like.. is he still there?

Ophelia barks out a laugh at Tilly's reply. "Yeah? I'll remember that next time I got four civves about to get brutally murdered for fun," she says, reaching over to level a punch at Tilly's arm. Of course, Terri gets her attention and she turns her way. "He's gone. Tried to get the cavalry here in time, didn't. Sorry." She doesn't exactly shrug him off, but she is pretty blase about it. And probably not all that sorry. She turns from the group, moving to the front to slide into the ambulance's driver's seat. That's reassuring.

When Zan gets to them as well, Rylie gets out of the way so they can actually get him laying down on the stretcher inside, but she climbs in after them, settling herself down in a side seat. They string him up to some oxygen, which helps, and Rylie reaches over to take his hand while they add some serious painkillers before they start the work to keep him in one piece until they get to a hospital.

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