Icon Protocol

  • Every character, or official NPC is entitled to log icon. Unofficial NPC's are not.
  • When you're approved, you're allowed to submit up to 3 picture links for your log icon, but only one will be used.
  • You can request an icon change every 6 months from your last Icon. No sooner. Please submit up to three image links, once again, and one will be selected from there, that best fits the template.
    • If you are picking up an FC or Adoptable that already has an icon, but this is the first you, the player, have had the character, you can request a new icon upon approval. Even if the last one made is less than 6 months old at the time.
  • Your character name, the one that is at the head of your page and your log in bit, will be the name displayed on the icon.
  • Staff reserve the right to veto a picture if we deem it inappropriate for the log icon.
  • If you do not submit a picture, staff will choose one that best fits the template for you.
  • Special log icons may be may at staff's discretion with regarding to plots. Key word: Staff's discretion.


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